eCat Test: Mainstream *FINALLY* Break 9 Months Of Silence

Friday, October 7, 2011

The eCat Test Seems to Have Been A Big Success. UK based Are The First To Break Their Establishment Chains
Andrea Rossi Talks To Journalists Outside The 1MW Plant
Soon after Wired published their article, SlashDot followed and then many more lesser known blogs and sites. The LARGE global controlled media and science journals still refuse to submit to the growing pressure to report these events - similar to how the Chinese media block anything relating to the events in Tiananmen Square.

The full results and details are currently under embargo for the benefit of NY Teknik and FOCUS.IT who were present at the test.

Representing FOCUS Magazine was Raymond Zreick - here is a selection of his Tweets from the last 24 hours.

Raymond Zreick - TWITTER FEED
Raymond Zreick is a senior editor at FOCUS Magazine (Italy).

"we couldn't take pictures of the open cell. and they didn't show us directly the secret reactor"

"we'll be able to take pictures of all the components BUT the SMALL black box with the so called secret ingredient"

"when the device will be cooler (the steam temerature's been measured to be over 110°C), it will be OPENED for us!"

"e-cat worked on self-substained mode from 14.58 untill 19. at 19 started the cooling down"

"the steam was always kept above 110 degrees" 

"from 15 to 19 the difference in average temperature was 5 ° C (water inlet and outlet water), for 0.6 cubic meters / hour"

"among the guests there are Levi, Stremmenos and Ferrari (alma mater di bologna), Focardi and other physicists from different companies"

Note: The small BLACK Box that he is referring to is presumably the reactor core which contains the secret catalyst.

TV Cameras Film Inside The 1MW Plant
Daniele Passerini - TWITTER FEED

Daniele Passerini is a blogger and personal friend of Prof Giuseppe Levi

"@ All I see someone who continues to judge that is thought to be rather than what it is. Meanwhile, Bologna and Uppsala go forward, confident and even more convinced today than yesterday"
"The E-Cat warms, but the party is just beginning. It's a metaphor, of course, here it's over an hour and a half in advance and we're all leaving. I put my bike in between myself and a maximum of 3 hours I'll be home. Good evening to all"
"Over the next few days (but already starting tomorrow) will be released so much material produced here today that all the skeptics of the world are likely to go seriously overdose!"

Looking Inside The 1MW eCat Plant

Mainstream Coverage's article was cautious, but also very optimistic.  It seems they are preparing themselves for the reality of the eCat being a genuine hope for the future. Why Wired talked to Steven Krivit is a mystery. "According to my analysis, his claim has no scientific credibility," Krivit told The device he claimed to heat a factory in Bondeno seems to exist only on paper." - WTF?

In attendance At The Test

Mats Lewan (NY Teknik) Chats With Raymond Zreick (FOCUS)
Approx thirty scientists and engineers from various countries including Christos Stremmenos, Defkalion (Board Member), Prof Giuseppe Levi and Prof Loris Ferrari from the University of Bologna along with Dr. Sergio Focardi. The media representative in attendance were Mats Lewan of  NyTeknik, Mauricio Melis from Radio 24, Irene Zreick and Raymond Zreick f rom, Radio Città del Capo

Very interesting in it's own right was that there were representatives from Confindustria present at the test. According to Wikipedia - "Confindustria is the Italian employers' federation, founded in 1910. It groups together more than 113,000 voluntary member companies, accounting for nearly 4,200,000 individuals. It aims to help Italy's economic growth, assisting, in doing so, its members. It is a member of the International Organization of Employers (IOE)." - If the eCat goes on to change large portions of the energy, create jobs and create new industry then it makes perfect sense for these guys to be present.
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