ORBO Field Trial Reported in The Irish Times

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Today the Irish Times has reported on the recent field trial of Steorn's ORBO USB 'PowerCube' at Slattery's Pub, Dublin.

The ORBO PowerCube sitting behind the bar at Slattery's Pub, Dublin

Last week the alleged never-die battery known as the Orbo PowerCube briefly appeared behind the bar in Slattery’s pub on Grand Canal Street, where patrons were treated to what is believed to be one in a series of low key field-tests.

“Soon after I got there a bit of ceremonial music came on and they brought out this silver box. The manager [of Slattery’s] got up on a step ladder and plonked it down on a shelf. It was a four by four-inch box with the Orbo logo on it,” said patron Aidan Sullivan who was present for the field-test.
Phones Being Charged by ORBO at Slatterys
“The manager produced a mobile phone and connected it to the box, which appeared to be charging it,” he added.

On the pub’s Facebook page, Slattery’s representative describes the Orbo as “a battery and then a perpetual motion motor that continually recharges the battery,” adding that “the motor never dies and does not need external power source.”

In theory, this technology is powered by interacting magnetic fields which feed a battery which then has the ability to charge electronic devices indefinitely without ever needing to be charged itself – a feat that would defy the laws of thermodynamics.

However, Slattery’s appear to be taking it with a pinch of salt, writing on Facebook: “I heard if you plug an Orbo into another Orbo it can mend holes in the o zone [sic] layer.”

Those looking to get their hands on one of these devices will have to exercise perpetual patience. Steorn chief executive Shaun McCarthy told The Irish Times: “We are not offering any Orbo products for sale, we are just doing some basic field trials.”

In addition, Mr McCarthy said the company is not publicising the locations of the field trial units


Update: ORBO PowerCube Has Left Slatterys

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Steorn's ORBO PowerCube has left Slatterys, presumably reclaimed by Steorn after its brief encounter with the patrons and staff of Slat's'. Slatterys seemed a little disappointed that the device had been reclaimed so soon - here's waht they said on their Facebook Page.

'The device is no longer here. A little too much attention for a quiet field test. I may have gone over the top posting about it so my bad. I'm hoping that we can get her back under more strict media conditions but Slattery's Pub not exactly a quiet pub hence the perfect place to display it.' -Slatterys

The PowerCube was left at Slatterys Pub in Dublin over the weekend and while it was there, it got a lot of attention. In it's brief spell sitting behind the bar it successfully charged numerous customers and staff smartphones, including HTC's, Samsung and iPhones and had people perplexed and amazed.

Sadly,it has now gone, but we have had a tantalising taste of what is to come from Steorn in 2015 and beyond.  To the already convinced it's a revolution-in-a-cube, but many questions remain for the sceptical out there as one would expect.

There is no word yet on the price and availability of this 'must have' gadget, but we hope to get more information soon to share.


ORBO Update From Slatterys - Still Charging Phones!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy's local is Slattery's Pub in Grand Canal St, Dublin.  Slattery's has been the venue for the very first impromptu field-testing of the device - A Free Energy USB charger.  The Orbo 'PowerCube' has been sitting on a shelf behind the bar for the last few days and staff have been offering to charge customers smartphones for them when they come into the pub.

11th May 2015 - Here's the latest update from Slattery's on how it's all going.

#‎ORBO‬ "We plugged in our 15% Samsung note 4 this morning at 12.40. You can see it charging. I was not in this morning but Michael carried out the task. Steph who came in after needed the phone so used it for various reasons. By 2.40pm the battery was at 30%. So it had been charged this morning. 

We are downloading data from the diagnostics on the back so I'm sure I'll be able to share what we learn from it. I'll be in at 5pm to run another charge and will report."

The 'PowerCube' sitting in it's 'nest' behind the bar at Slattery's.

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WOW! Orbo Successfully Charging Mobile Phones

Saturday, May 9, 2015

As many of you know already, the Orbo 'PowerCube' (USB Free Energy Charger) was left at Slatterys pub in Dublin for 'field Testing'.

I am happy to report that the results are nothing short of astounding. See below..

"We had many people in that sat down in groups and had come to see Orbo in action. She didn't disappoint. She charged many phones, iPhone and Samsung types some HTC. The recharge speeds were more or less normal if you used normal plug source"

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Orbo Field Test FREE ENERGY - Charges Device!

Field Test of Orbo Last Night - Charges Device!

Please bear in mind that this is not a proper demo, or a technical evaluation, just a field test in the pub. You can just see the battery indicator spring into life, changing from a solid block to the lighting symbol as the guy in the video zooms in on the screen. The video is from a mobile phone and it is not expected to be professional quality.

No-one is pretending that this is in any way a credible test or scientific However, it is the very first time a commercial overunity device made for the home market has ever been shown in action.

The Orbo 'PowerCube' is an overunity USB charger for charging your electrical devices such as mobile phones and laptops which has no conventional means of power.

"The future is green" - as can be heard on the video.

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Steorn - 'A Pub Lunch'...err...Launch

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Steorn have always been mischievous, ever since I first encountered them in 2006. 

They do very unconventional things that a lot of the time people find perplexing. They have frequently poked fun at themselves - one time choosing to launch a new technology on April 1st. And if anyone knows how the claims appear to the general public, then it is surely Steorn themselves.  They know only too well how they are perceived, they know that what they are claiming is not just thought of as being difficult, but damned impossible! And who says so?  Almost everyone in the universe apparently.

Yesterday was no exception in terms of their unconventional approach - choosing to conduct a world-first demonstration of what hails to be a paradigm-shifting technology in a Dublin pub (as you do). But it is this seemingly utter disregard for the enforced 'rules' of convention that makes them so enigmatic and exciting.

PowerCube -  APub lunch...erm..launch

So no surprises today when I discovered their website is not down, but rather removed, leaving a single white page with a few lines of html.

Sceptics will no doubt jump on this and proclaim they have up and left the their offices, and indeed the country, leaving nothing but a swinging lightbulb and flaking paint. I suspect the real reason has more to do with re-branding and a marketing strategy that is almost anti-marketing in it's approach.

Only a couple of months ago Steorn engaged with a social media company to produce 'marketing material', such as a logo for their new Orbo 'PowerCube' and one cannot help thinking that that's not all they engaged them for.

If people are looking for Steorn to obey the rules of convention then they are in for a shock. No matter what you think of them they are always refreshing in their approach.

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Steorn Orbo 'Power Cube' Demo - From Friday at Slattery's Pub, Dublin

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So you invent a perpetual motion machine of the first kind.  Where do you choose to demo it first?  The National Physics Laboratory, The CERN facility?  The Smithsonian?

Nope. Slattery's Pub, Dublin of course. No joke.

So if you are new to all this, here's a brief recap...

Perpetual Commotion

Dublin based technology company Steorn are no strangers to controversy. In 2006 they announced to the world that they had discovered a way of utilizing the magnetic fields of certain magnets (Neodymium magnets) to provide a GAIN of energy. The name of this technology - ORBO.

Naturally, the scientific world scoffed at the very idea of perpetual motion as has been the case for several centuries.  The problem being that the Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created, but that it can only change form - one of the fundamental principles of physics that this device defies.

Later in 2007 a prototype was to demonstrated at Kinetica art gallery in London. The demo failed before it started due to technical problems.  The company later successfully demonstrated another prototype  pulse-motor variant at The Waterways museum in Dublin, but generally speaking they have been working behind closed doors since 2009.

With not much visible on the surface, all bets were off until Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy gradually began drip-feeding the odd nugget of information here and there for the last year through his personal Facebook page (documented in previous blogposts here).

ORBO - 'Power Cube'
Power Cube

In only the last few days we've seen the first photos of what looks like the Steorn 'Power Cube'.  As yet no official specifications have been released, nor does anything appear on the firm's official website, but the device is rumoured to have a number of USB ports from which you can plug in your household electronic devices such as mobile phones and have them magically charged - all without any need for the power company's involvement. It's difficult to get a gauge for the size, but perhaps 20-30 cm sqaure would be an approximation?

The post on Slattery's Facebook page.

Yesterday a post appeared on the Facebook page of Slattery's pub (screen-capture above). Among other things, it said -  "Come down to Slattery's Pub this week and witness this Black Beauty charge ppl phones or laptops without ever needing a recharge or external power source. Orbo's Power Cube is real magic. It twists the above laws inside out."

If you are in the Dublin area you can go along and see the device in person - maybe even get your phone charged for free.
Address is: Slattery's Pub, 62 Grand Canal Street, Dublin

Close up of Logo and what appears to be an LED panel?

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