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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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A Boycott Of Logic

Monday, June 28, 2010

So BP will be out of business next week then? No? Why not?  Are you perhaps thinking that the boycott of BP products and brands is about as pointless as asking Kim Jong Il to do standup comedy?  Me too.

The Boycott BP Facebook Group now has an amazing 725,000 members all solemnly pledging to kick BP’s oil soaked ass into the middle of next week. There is absolutely no doubt that the whole thing has been an ecological disaster of massive proportions, that BPs slimy limey ass does indeed need to feel the weight of a hefty boot and I have about as much sympathy for them as I do for drunk people who enter lion enclosures whispering “here kitty kitty”.

But here’s the problem in the thinking.

So we all get together and boycott BP, then go a quarter of a mile down the road to fill up at an Exxon outlet instead. Because hey, we still need to drive our cars, right? That’ll teach the oil companies. We’ll show em!  If you mess with us, we’ll get tough and fill up with gas somewhere else.

Spotted the deliberate mistake yet?

Exactly.  What use is a boycott of ONE oil company?  Next year it will be a different oil spill in another ecologically sensitive area with a different oil company in the firing line. Then presumably, we’ll have the Boycott ExXon Facebook Group and we’ll all be lining up to post another 5 million pictures of oil covered wildlife and black beaches. Will we consume any less oil?  I think you know the answer to this one.

If serious change is to come and these types of disasters are to be consigned to history then we need to move our collective stunted thinking from the use of oil altogether and move it towards clean energy technologies.

 If even half the amount of money spent on the cleanup so far was spent in research and development we’d have several new zero emissions / non-polluting prototypes within 18 months or less.

Less whingeing and more focus on R&D please, otherwise I will mobilise the waiting hoards with an aggressive bumper sticker campaign.


SKDBLite: The energy revolution starts here!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SKDB Lite is a free knowledge sharing and technology development community created by Steorn for all electronic and electrical engineers interested in magnetics.

The SKDB Lite offers engineers and developers the opportunity to:

  • review magnetics and engineering e-Learning content
  • experience the power of the SKDB package as a development and collaboration platform
  • expand and develop the community's collective knowledge of magnetics
  • promote further research and development in all fields of magnetics and permanent magnet materials
  • create an environment where people with a common interest can share ideas
Steorn will support the development and advancement of the SKDB Lite by adding new e-Learning content and support documents on a regular basis and by contributing to relevant discussions. 

An upgrade path will be available for users wishing to purchase full membership of the SKDB. SKDB (launched in March) is the sole medium for the dissemination of Steorn's Orbo technology and its future enhancements.

Click here to get started.


Steorn SKDBLite Now Open

SKDBLite is a FREE "Lite" version of the SKDB environment for the engineering of Orbo technology and discussion of magnetic and related disciplines.

Get Involved.


Steorn Article In Irish Business Post

Monday, June 7, 2010

Article From Irish Business Post

Steorn, the Dublin firm that claims to have created free energy, expects to take in more than €2 million this year from people paying to use its technology.

Sean McCarthy, chief executive of Steorn, said he expected at least 5,000 people to pay a licence fee of €419 to use the so called Orbo technology this year. The income from Steorn’s ‘developer forum’ would help it to break even this year, he said.

In 2006 the company claimed that its Orbo device could generate free power by using magnetism to multiply energy. However, a public demonstration of the technology the following year failed and its claims have been widely criticised by the scientific community, as the first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

McCarthy said that about 7,000 people saw the Orbo device in action during a display in Dublin earlier this year, and it had attracted a million visitors online.

The firm opened its developer forum on April 1, a date McCarthy said was ‘‘tongue in cheek, classic Steorn’’.

He insisted last week that the system worked and had attracted interest from around the world. ‘‘We have had 15,000 pre-applications for developers’ licences; 50 per cent of those might not be real, but we are very happy with the progress," he said.

McCarthy said that the first uses of the technology were likely to be in basic applications, such as heaters. ‘‘That’s the easiest way to use excess energy. But in 18 months to two years, we expect to see it in things like chargers for mobile phones," he said.

McCarthy said he expected that Steorn would be ‘‘getting stick continually’’ over its free energy claims. ‘‘If I was watching it and wasn’t involved, I’d be saying the same things," he said. ‘‘It is a difficult thing for rational people to accept and, when something is vague, it is seen as some kind of fraud.

There is no rule book for something like this."

He said that the company would publish details of the technology behind the Orbo system on its website this week.

‘‘It is classical scientific and engineering content about magnetism and fundamental physics," he said. ‘‘It shows that what’s inside this is real."

Steorn’s latest accounts show a loss of about €3 million in 2008, bringing its accumulated losses to €12.4 million.

McCarthy said the firm should break even or make a modest profit this year, and had the support of its shareholders.

The firm has raised €16 million in funding, with all the backing coming from private investors, rather than institutions.

The company has 18 staff, down from a high of 22.

‘‘We had to take a little bit of pain, but we were lucky - we have raised a fair chunk of money and we got the money we needed when it was available," he said.

Article reproduced from here.


Excerpt From: Charlie Skelton's Bilderblog

Saturday, June 5, 2010

But the good news is that not everyone has dodged the cameras (John Elkann, the heir to Fiat, was spotted by the German blog Schall und Rauch looking particularly dapper this year). And the even better news – the very best news – is that the press seems, finally, to have woken up to Bilderberg.

We have had camera crews from Spanish TV and Spanish newspapers both local and national (Javier from El Mundo is currently up a tree with a camera). French journalists, Portuguese documentary makers and al-Jazeera are picking up the story. Russia Today has sent a film crew.

We've had articles in the Independent and the Times, and on the Today programme on Radio 4. Daniel Estulin has been doing interview after interview. He's getting quotes from inside the meeting. The veil of secrecy is looking decidedly tatty. It might be time to bin it.

And yet the veil of ignorance is still holding up pretty well. As Ivan says, handing me a leaflet from the Anwok collective, "it is difficult to talk about the Bilderberg agenda if people don't even know about the group".

I know what he means – I've spoken to countless news agencies and outlets in the last few weeks, and the most common response, from journalists, editors and commissioners, is: "I'm sorry, the Bilderberg what?"

But seriously, if you work on the foreign desk of a major news corporation and you're at the "Bilderberg what?" level of political awareness, you need to think about getting a different job. Take a sabbatical. Take up carpentry, or read a book. It's like calling yourself a porn star and not knowing the reverse cowgirl. "The reverse what...?"

Get with the programme. Shimmy up a pine tree. Take a leaflet. Resign. You're not helping anyone.

Read the full article...


Secretive Bilderberg Club Ready For Protests

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Splash! Could that be the sound of Lord Mandelson hitting one of the Dolce hotel’s four pools? Or Robert Zoellick of the World Bank? Paul Volcker of the US Economic Recovery Advisory Board? Or merely the euro taking another dive?

That is the thing about the Bilderberg group’s top secret meetings: you never know quite what is going on behind the police checkpoints. 

Across the world, secretaries to the rich and the powerful have blocked out the next three days in their bosses’ calendars for their annual gathering, this time at the Dolce in Sitges, one of Spain’s most exclusive resorts. 

Normally, every minute of their working lives is accounted for but, each year, a couple of hundred of the world’s financial elite and the more business-friendly members of the political class disappear from view; supposedly to save the planet from the dangers of parochialism, the nationalist genie. 

It is all terribly confidential — breathe a word about it and you’re out of the club — but the Bilderberg watcher Daniel Estulin claims to have a copy of the agenda. The big question this time around is whether the euro will survive. “They are afraid that the countries in trouble will leave and the euro will fall apart,” said Mr Estulin. “The biggest nightmare is if EU members return to nationally orientated policies.” 



Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill : An Iconic Image Of Hope

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This amazing image was rather prophetically created some months ago by Steorn for their False Idols Campaign.  With the current disastrous events in the Gulf Of Mexico where over 70 Million litres of oil has now spilled into the pristine waters, this image now takes on new meaning. The spill may not be fully contained until AUGUST!

The image reminds us of how we have allowed ourselves to become slaves to the oil oligarchy and that NOW IS THE TIME to invest in our own future by exploring alternative non-polluting / zero-point energy technologies. We have been conditioned to think that burning oil is the absolute pinnacle of energy technology development. We have not needed oil for many decades. Research and development into ZERO EMISSIONS / NON-POLLUTING alternatives has been suppressed in favor of profiteering.

Don't be a passenger. Get involved in changing the future. Engineer oil out of our lives.



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