Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill : An Iconic Image Of Hope

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This amazing image was rather prophetically created some months ago by Steorn for their False Idols Campaign.  With the current disastrous events in the Gulf Of Mexico where over 70 Million litres of oil has now spilled into the pristine waters, this image now takes on new meaning. The spill may not be fully contained until AUGUST!

The image reminds us of how we have allowed ourselves to become slaves to the oil oligarchy and that NOW IS THE TIME to invest in our own future by exploring alternative non-polluting / zero-point energy technologies. We have been conditioned to think that burning oil is the absolute pinnacle of energy technology development. We have not needed oil for many decades. Research and development into ZERO EMISSIONS / NON-POLLUTING alternatives has been suppressed in favor of profiteering.

Don't be a passenger. Get involved in changing the future. Engineer oil out of our lives.



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