Final ORBO PowerCube Designs

Friday, June 26, 2015

Love it or hate it, these two designs represent the final choice of logo to go on the front of Steorn's revolutionary free energy device.

The ORBO PowerCube is a USB charging station with a difference. It's powered by no conceivable or identifiable power source. I guess you could say its powered by the universe. The idea is simple, you attach your electronic device by means of a USB cable, tap the PowerCube to start it and say goodbye to ever needing batteries or the power company ever again!

Some people love the design and some people hate it, but as I mentioned to Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy tonight, it really doesn't matter too much what the device looks like.  It represents a milestone in the evolutionary path of our species. In its present form it is confronting and represents a physics shattering moment of reevaluation to our scientific understanding.

The ORBO PowerCube measures approx 9cm across and has one USB cable port for connecting the device of your choice.

There is still no indication from Steorn on their pricing strategy but once word gets out to the still sleeping mainstream press and the general public realises this is most certainly the real deal, then they will be inundated with orders to be one of the first to own a technological miracle.

And this my just the beginning.

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