What happened to Steorn and Orbo?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There have been lots of web searches for "Are Steorn still alive" and "Steorn 2009" not to mention"Are Steorn still on the go?" and my favourite of all time "What happened to Orbo?".

As you can see yourself from the visiting Steorn's website and forum - Steorn are indeed still around and have not disappeared anywhere. Meanwhile Orbo, Steorn's free energy technology, is a reality that some have not accepted yet and will not allow themselves to get excited about as it's a "too god to be true" technology.

Well, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction and sometimes the bread lands on the floor jam side up. The doom mungers have had it their way for way too long, so it is time to show them the door and welcome the reality of change and what free energy technology will mean in YOUR daily life.

Free limitless energy is able to be tapped and it will bring a wave of new technologies and convenience to everyone.

  • Never having to stop at a gas station.
  • Never having to recharge your mobile phone.
  • Massive Scale desalination providing endless fresh water for drinking and terraforming previously uninhabitable land.
  • The end of Middle Eastern oil dominance /oil / water wars.
  • The removal of the need for a centralized power grid.
  • A real solution to global warming.
  • Mass scale production of Electric cars.
  • Cordless electrical products.
  • 3rd world access to free energy.

Massive change will be on the way when Orbo validation occurs. Just think of the amount of things in your daily life where energy is involved and where having endless free energy on tap will improve the quality of your life.
To the people who say it cannot be done, the flat earth society's membership forms are now available and can be collected from the foyer.

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