Steorn Sign Major Deal With Multinationals

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Steorn has signed a major collaboration deal with two large multinational manufacturers.

An article has apparently appeared in the Business Section of the Sunday Times Ireland published detailing the companies recent success. Sean McCarthy, Steorn's chief executive claims they have signed a collaboration agreement with two large multinational manufacturers.

"Mr McCarthy claims that royalty fees could bring in €50m a year by 2017."

Again, this is unconfirmed at this stage, but Steorn's Hephaheat technology is thought to be the subject of the deal.

According to Steorn's website, Hephaheat technology is described as follows..

HephaHeat low frequency induction heating is a patent pending method of using induction systems without the need for additional expensive power supplies.

Our systems are uniquely designed to plug directly into mains supplied AC and by utilising the 50 / 60Hz line frequency we replace the large and expensive power supplies normally required for induction heaters.

This provides simplicity, reliability and low cost with our systems - yet brings the same advantages of existing induction heating technology principles.

Editor's note:  If this deal is confirmed then it would pave the way for Steorn to substantially invest and speed up the work on it's other IP development projects including Orbo.

UPDATE: We have just spoken with Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy and confirmed that this article did indeed appear in the Sunday Times Ireland.  A scanned copy of the article should be with us tomorrow and will be published in due course.


eCat: Prometeon SRL To Be Exclusive Italian Licensee

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prometeon S.R.L. will be the exclusive license holder for eCat sales in Italy and San Marino.

Full story...


Cold Fusion Stigma Still Exists

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After all this time it's a bit infantile to see that there is still a stigma around the use of the term cold fusion. Did the Pons and Fleischmann excperience really scar everyone so badly?

 "Serious" researchers now opt for the term LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), or CALENR (Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) and variations thereof.

Top prize though in the "Avoid using cold fusion terminology awards." simply must to go to National Instruments who've went one better than everyone with the ever so cautious and conservative label - "Anomalous Heat Generation" seen in their latest slide show presentation.



The Bigger Picture Beyond Free Energy

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The world of free energy and it's inherent suppression is only one small piece of a much bigger picture which spans many different and seemingly unconnected subjects which are, in fact, deeply intertwined. 

A few days ago we launched a new site which will serve as a platform to highlight and explore these areas.  Truthfall is an alternative news site tackling important subjects largely ignored or denied by the mainstream press and media.

For those of you who are not held back by a closed mind and who would like to expand their horizons beyond free energy, check out Truthfall.


Defkalion Ramping Up Their Activity

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I admire the way Defkalion have been working.  Quietly doing their thing with determination and professionalism while keeping a low profile.  As much as I would sincerely love to be a fly on the wall at Defkalion, I am content in the knowledge that they are quietly getting on with things and staying away from the pseudosceptic media circus that is Forbes and co.

A few days back our friends in Greece advertised a total of 21 positions no less!. So are we now seeing the humble beginnings of a cold fusion jobs market, in the same way the industrial revolution may have grown from a tiny seed? It's hard to imagine why they would actively recruit 21 new engineers unless they were about to start ramping up their operation.

Take a look at the positions they are recruiting. Among them are a product manager and 2 product development staff. That means exactly what it says - PRODUCTS. Products require a market and customers and it's hardly likely they'd waste money on hiring these positions too many months out from product launch.  The recruitment process is lilkely to take at least 3 months which takes us up to July.  We could potentially see their Hyperion LENR unit on the market around this time or soon after.

I am still of the opinion that Rossi has the genuine thing in the eCat also, but Rossi seems to be dealing with the military and Defkalion seem to be aiming at the civilian consumer market. Defkalion claimed some time ago that their Hyperion LENR device was very stable in it's performance and output, perhaps their product has the stability for entry into the commercial arena that th eCat does not?  Other than that, Defkalion appear to have significant funding behind them.

I expect we will hear positive things from them in the not too distant future. After all, it's 2012 and we need a Mr Fusion to go with the new Delorean. Anything seems to be possible these days. Next thing you know Michael Jackson will be touring as a hologram with the Jackson 5.

Here's what Defkalion advertised recently:

"Defkalion have been conducting ongoing testing for the last couple of months and we haven't heard anything "publicly" at least.

Defkalion Green Technologies is in the final stages of its industrial prototype. We currently seek professionals to expand our permanent workforce. You will work in a group of creative, ambitious and innovative professionals eager to explore new ideas to further ensure Defkalion's pioneer position with first market entry. Our guiding principle is having a genuine belief in and respect for a new energy era.
Currently we seek to recruit 21 professionals with a strong proven track record of performance in various areas of specialization:

Product Manager 1
Product Development 2
Design Engineers 1
Development Engineers 2
Mechanical Engineers 3
Electrical Engineers 2
System Engineers 1
Lab Measurement Operators 2
Application Engineers 2
Chemical Engineers 1
Robotics Engineers 1
Training Engineers 2
Information & Network Engineer 1

We seek professionals with the ability to lead and work in multi-disciplined teams, capable of managing multiple tasks with a high degree of initiative and independence.
English is the official and professional language of the company, despite being based in Greece.
Relocation packages will be considered where necessary.



The Race Is On: LENR Now Allowed To Prosper

Monday, April 23, 2012

They say that competition is a healthy thing.  In the field of alternative and exotic energy it's always been somewhat disappointing and more about whether there was anything to the claim itself, let alone having the luxury of such a thing as competition.  


Sometimes a company will spring from nowhere, make a radical claim about a new technology and simply not be heard from again. Not anymore. Not where LENR is concerned.

Even the most hardened sceptic who has been witnessing the events in the world of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) recently could not have failed to notice that things are getting serious. It is no longer reasonable to question whether or not excess heat is produced - if you have half a braincell, then you already know it simply is.The debate now centers on how much excess energy, and how quickly can it be commercialized.

We now find ourselves in the fortunate position of not just one potentially commercially viable solution, but several. Andrea Rossi's Leonardo Corporation, Defkalion Green Technologies Nichenergy,  LENUCO, Celani's Cold Fusion Energy Inc and now, the recently emerged Brillouin Energy are all charging forward.

There are many differences in the methods these companies are using to extract heat but all of them seem to have at least cracked one small part of the code that is LENR.

But why now?  Why was there a 2 decade long cold fusion drought and then suddenly, almost overnight, we have 6 major players competeing for the prize?  Why also have more and more reputable big name players been allowing themselves to be associated with "fringe" science? Does this not seem odd?

Could it be that we have now reached a natural conclusion to our energy problems? Could it be that the controllers have decided it's time to "let" LENR come of age?  And if you're sitting there thinking that the multi-trillion dollar energy industry is free from control and that "things just happen" for no reason then you need to think again.



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