New Look ORBO Logo Unveiled

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Posted today on Steorn CEO (Shaun McCarthy) Facebook page - a new design of the ORBO logo. Orbo is the brand name for Steorn's free energy technology.

The logo features 3 coloured arrows in a classic sine-wave configuration.  The arrow on the left pointing down and to the left while there are TWO arrows pointing UP and to the right.

The interpretation so far on social media is that the significance of the TWO arrows is perhaps a nod to the more power out than in (TWO units OUTPUT  for only one INPUT).

"Orbo technology is based on electromagnetic interactions concerning domain rotation within ferromagnetic materials, specifically the phenomenon of delayed magnetic field propagation.
Delayed magnetic field propagation is a limited area of exploration within the physics community, while there are a number of papers that detail the test method and examination, no papers to date have gone as far as the research conducted by Steorn".

The development of this technology is continuous as work progresses to the end goal of providing a safe, stable and continuous electrical power output.


Steorn HephaHeat Testing Photos

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy recently posted a batch of photographs on his Facebook page.  Most of which were just random pics of equipment. However, of particular interest are three photos included in the batch of which appear to be of product testing

One of Steorn's spin-off technologies from Orbo is HephaHeat.  In a nutshell, HephaHeat technology can heat water and steam for domestic and industrial use at a fraction of the electricity usage of traditional water boilers. Steorn have already signed very large deals with two of the most recognisable names in the water heater industry.

Steorn have not disappeared as many people thought, but have been quietly and diligently working on their technology since they went into a self-imposed media curfew a few years ago.

Perhaps that is about to change.

HephaHeat Steam Cleaner

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Steorn Bring In Social Media Consultants For Video / Photoshoot

Irish Tech firm Steorn have hired a prominent Irish social media consultancy firm, presumably to re-enage the public at some point in the near future.

Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy posted this picture on his Facebook this morning with the text - "What on earth is happening in the office this morning????

Headed up by MaryRose Lyons, Brightspark Consultancy is a prominent social media consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland. Their Slideshare bio includes Social Media Content, Social Media Strategy, Web Copy, and most interestingly of all Enviormental and Social Justice Journalism.

A quick check reveals that they, like Steorn, are also located on East Wall Road, Dublin and are in fact located in the same Docklands Innovation Park together.

For anyone familiar with the company, the offices shown in the picture are instantly recognisable as Steorn, however, I'm wondering why the Brightspark Consulting logo is up on the wall of the Steorn office - that seems odd. Unless this is a semi-permanent or long-term engagement with these guys.

So are Steorn about to re-enter the public eye? Well, you don't hire a social media firm unless you are about to do just that. The only questions are what are they about to hit the market with and the timing of it all.

Click for larger version

Additional Information:

Brightspark Consultancy

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Steorn Sign Major Deal With Multinationals

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Steorn has signed a major collaboration deal with two large multinational manufacturers.

An article has apparently appeared in the Business Section of the Sunday Times Ireland published detailing the companies recent success. Sean McCarthy, Steorn's chief executive claims they have signed a collaboration agreement with two large multinational manufacturers.

"Mr McCarthy claims that royalty fees could bring in €50m a year by 2017."

Again, this is unconfirmed at this stage, but Steorn's Hephaheat technology is thought to be the subject of the deal.

According to Steorn's website, Hephaheat technology is described as follows..

HephaHeat low frequency induction heating is a patent pending method of using induction systems without the need for additional expensive power supplies.

Our systems are uniquely designed to plug directly into mains supplied AC and by utilising the 50 / 60Hz line frequency we replace the large and expensive power supplies normally required for induction heaters.

This provides simplicity, reliability and low cost with our systems - yet brings the same advantages of existing induction heating technology principles.

Editor's note:  If this deal is confirmed then it would pave the way for Steorn to substantially invest and speed up the work on it's other IP development projects including Orbo.

UPDATE: We have just spoken with Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy and confirmed that this article did indeed appear in the Sunday Times Ireland.  A scanned copy of the article should be with us tomorrow and will be published in due course.


eCat: Prometeon SRL To Be Exclusive Italian Licensee

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prometeon S.R.L. will be the exclusive license holder for eCat sales in Italy and San Marino.

Full story...


Cold Fusion Stigma Still Exists

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After all this time it's a bit infantile to see that there is still a stigma around the use of the term cold fusion. Did the Pons and Fleischmann excperience really scar everyone so badly?

 "Serious" researchers now opt for the term LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), or CALENR (Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) and variations thereof.

Top prize though in the "Avoid using cold fusion terminology awards." simply must to go to National Instruments who've went one better than everyone with the ever so cautious and conservative label - "Anomalous Heat Generation" seen in their latest slide show presentation.




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