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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back in September 2006 not long after I had joined the Steorn forum I wrote some Steorn flavoured comedy lyrics to the tune of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen and posted them in the forum. I forgot about it for a while but, in the background little did I know that my butchered lyrics (sorry Freddy!) were passed on to some friends of Steorn "The Camembert Quartet" the resident house band on Ireland's equivalent of Letterman "Tubridy Tonight Show".

Some weeks later the Camembert Quartet came back with a studio recorded version of the song.  It used to be available for download on the main Steorn website until the recent re-design.  I'm making it available again, so here is the download link to the song for anyone who's not heard it yet.


New Steorn Interview: Free Energy Times

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yesterday the Free Energy Times blog published a recent question and answer session with Sean McCarthy (CEO of Steorn).  Here are the highlights of that interview below. Read it in full here

FET: You have said several times that there would be a public launch of your Orbo technology before the end of 2009. Is Steorn still on track to meet that timeline?

Sean McCarthy: Yes

FET: Can you provide any information about what will be involved in the public launch – what can people expect to see?

SM: The demonstration will involve a public display of various Orbo systems, there will be a live video-stream from the location that people can watch via our website.

FET: In a statement made earlier this year you stated that before 2009, “Implementing Orbo in a reliable and consistent manner had remained a challenge for the organization” but that this year you had “had resolved the key technical problems related to the implementation of Orbo”. Can you say anything regarding the technical breakthroughs you have made?

SM: One of the key problems that we have always faced in implementing Orbo are bearings. The reason is that a typical Orbo interaction involves very strong radial forces that change direction in very small angular displacements. Hence an Orbo system built using traditional bearings is like driving your car at high speed over speed bumps – you can do it, but after a small distance you car will simply break down. The key technical advance that we have made with respect to implementation is a move away from the use of traditional bearing technologies to the use of our own passive magnetic bearing technology, ZeroF.

FET: Can the orbo effect be reconciled to currently known laws of science – or have you discovered something previously unknown that will require science textbooks to be rewritten, and old theories to be discarded?

SM: As strange as many people find this, every single part of an Orbo interaction can be explained using classical physics, except the net result.

FET: How difficult do you think it will it be for third party developers to incorporate Orbo into useful products? Does the technology have the potential for kinds of power output required for such things as transportation, construction and agriculture?

SM: Perhaps one of the most misunderstood part of Orbo is power output. In an Orbo system the power output is simply a function of the rotational speed of the system. Hence power output is scalable.

There are no theoretical limits to the power output that can be produced, however there will be a significant amount of engineering work.

FET: On Steorn’s web site you state that “Every aspect of society from finance, economics and business to education, science and politics will have to adjust to the new opportunities being created by Orbo technology”. Why do think Orbo technology is going to have such a widespread impact?

SM: The availability of free energy will change everything, the availability of free energy in the form of Orbo is even more significant since it can be engineered directly into devices, i.e. no grid connections are required. So Orbo will impact every aspect of our lives.

FET: How do you think your life, and Steorn’s life will change once the public launch has taken place?

SM: There is no doubt that once Orbo is in the market, Steorn will need to evolve into a different type of organization, from one that is involved almost exclusively in product development and research to one that will be focused on the commercial exploitation of Orbo.

FET: What would you say to individuals and companies who are very intrigued by your technology and who are eager to develop products that use Orbo?

SM: I would say that launch is not far away, that access to Orbo will be low cost and readily available. And finally I would say never let anyone do your thinking for you – get involved


Orbo Launch Countdown Begins - Approx 100 Days

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

According to Steorn, The launch of Orbo (free energy  technology ) is to be this winter 2009 sometime which means that the farthest possible launch date that could potentially be set this year is Dec 31st. This effectively means that starting today we are on a 100 day maximum (potentially sooner) countdown to welcoming in a new era of energy generation for the world.

Irish technology development company Steorn who have been working on the development of Orbo have been engaged in a very long cycle of research and development since they first stumbled across the effect some years ago. It appears the dream will finally be realized soon.

From the company’s own website:

“The Steorn commercialisation and e-learning platform, SKDB, will launch alongside the much-anticipated Orbo technology towards the end of 2009.

"2009 represents a turning point for Steorn, Orbo and our other technology ranges," said CEO Sean McCarthy. "It marks the end of a long cycle of R&D and sees us making a strong push towards commercialisation - our plans show the business reaching profitability in the next 12 to 18 months."

“during 2009 the company had resolved the key technical problems related to the implementation of Orbo and is now focused on commercial launch towards the end of this year, at which time academic and engineering validation would be released concurrent with public demonstrations”.

“Orbo 1.0, the first commercial release of our platform technology, is based upon our electromagnetic implementation. Orbo 1.0 will be made available initially under license to 300 engineering companies and to the wider product development community later during the course of2009.”


Steorn Back In Public Forum - Summary

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Steorn posted that their ISP had major problems with their European network yesterday that resulted in a 16hr outage. While in the forum, Sean took some time to speak to some of the forum regulars.

A condensed summary of the main talking points below or if you prefer the full thread discussion is here halfway down the page

wtec - What's coming up? Any rough timetables you can share? As I recall, commercialization begins before the end of the year. Can you tell us anything about what form that will take? Or what the public rollout will look like?

Steorn: The talks have been taking place - the exact details of the launch will become clear as it happens.

Steorn: Commecialization has already started - its been in progress since Feb of this year, public launch of Orbo will be this winter.

thebadger: Can you outline what format the public launch will take?

It will the opening of our developer forum to the wider product development community, public demos and all that stuff.

wtec: Are the talks open to the public? If so, is there any way we can find out when and where they are? If you come to the Pacific Northwest of the US, I'd like to come see one.

Steorn: They are not open to the public, they are only open to teachers and students from the Unis, we will be doing more public stuff next year.

cordex: Didn't you promise to hold off commercialization until the jury reached a verdict? If so, how does a February start to commercialization fit in with the jury's June verdict?

Steorn: First I can't talk about the details of the Jury process due to the nature of the contract that exists - so read into that whatever you want. As for demos - what makes you think that we have not been doing private demos (which we have), but not yet to the OS that is for sure. When we do do demos to the OS it will not make it into the public domain due to the license agreements in place.

wtec: Is the documentary still happening?

Yep the documentary is still being made, and I do hope that the whole story is in a position to get released.

Barclays: Poor documentary director, four years in the make, not being able to show the result of his work due to the NDA he signed. Guess he is not being paid by the hour .

longer than four years, and it will not be Steorn that will try to restrict content. We cant even if we wanted to - we have no right to interfer with it.

Evolvealready: Are all of your fully working rigs CEMF rigs?

Both 'brands' of the tech (PM and EM) are based on the same principle - the EM version is far more robust and reliable and produces elec output directly - so that is the first commercial version that we will be releasing.

Kaiser Jive Albino: Sean, You said you built and demoed privately some self sustaining machines. How long did you got one to run without any energy input so far?

Steorn: Power output is a funstion of speed of the system - so if you want high power output then you need to reduce rotary losses vacuum sealing and all that stuff - we do not get too heavily involved in that area because it adds no value to what we are selling - we are selling the right to implement Orbo, not a box with it in it.

Check out the developers forum when we launch at the end of the year - then you will get all the techie details that you need.

wtec: Are the nodding donkeys ever going to happen? If so, can Forum members get one at a discount?

Steorn: Not a donkey anymore - we will put one product into the market ourselves (P-One) - but I will not go into any further details on it.

Evolvealready: Have you gotten a PM rig to self-sustain?


Morgenster: What's the application most likely to come out first?

No idea - other than P-One - we will have no control over what developers try to develop - it will be up to them.

Morgenster: So how come you're so sure there's going to be a tangible product by year's end?
Have some licensees shown something tangible that's ready for production? It is after all, September.

Steorn: I did not say that there would be a tangible product this year - I said that we would have a public launch of the tech this year (i.e. it becomes available to the wider product development community).

The thread in full

Read more... webservers down at the moment

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looks like the Steorn webserver/s are down at the moment. I'd like to suggest that is available for all your free energy discussion needs until normal service at Steorn is resumed. :-)


Neodymium, Free Energy and China - The New Gold

Monday, September 7, 2009

Could Neodymium Be The New Gold?

Recent reports like this one in the NY Times have spoken of China's intention to severely limit exports of rare earth metals. One of these rare earth metals is Neodymium which is used primarily to make permanent magnets.

China produces around 95% of all rare earth supplies with other smaller deposits located in North America, Canada and Australia so comparative to oil exports they are the Saudi Arabia of the rare-earth mining world.

These neodymium magnets are a vital component in electric motors and no doubt will be in even greater demand as we move towards large scale electric car production. The Toyota Prius uses several pounds of neodymium in it's electric motor for example.

Despite the growing demand from industry, China has been cutting back exports of rare-earth metals for the past few years citing local environmental concerns from these rare earth mines.

The present worldwide situation concerning China and Neodyimium is of concern to industry because so many products rely on this material in their construction. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (responsible for rare earths) have since withdrawn from the severity of their draft plan to severely limit exports but production will still struggle to keep pace with demand no matter what.

There is however another huge factor that no one has discussed and has yet to come into play; the upcoming unprecedented demand for free energy electromagnetic overunity products based on Orbo technology.

The surge in demand for these products and technologies will require extremely large quantities of Neodymium to be supplied worldwide, much more than currently imagined. With China holding 95% of the market and in posession of the largest rare-earth deposits while at the same time restricting supply it will result in a massive increase in price of these materials. Even with the Mountain Pass mine in California coming back onstream demand will likely be completely off the scale.

As of late 2008, Neodymium was trading at around $42/kg. If events play out as expected with the release of Orbo technology we could see Neodymium prices reaching many hundreds of dollars per kilo - perhaps even higher. Could Neodymium soon be worth it's weight in gold?

From the Steorn website:

Orbo is a technology that creates energy from magnetic interactions. Orbo provides free,
clean and constant energy at the point of use.

Orbo 1.0, the first commercial release of our platform technology, is based upon our electromagnetic implementation. Orbo 1.0 will be made available initially under license to 300 engineering companies and to the wider product development community later during the course of 2009.



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