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Friday, December 9, 2011

We've added live twitter feeds to the newsfeeds page for various hashtags including #ecat #andrea rossi #lenr and more. My new favourite Twitter page is FakeAndreaRossi - absolutely priceless, especially the "WARM REGARDS AR' signoff.

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Happy Christmas SNAKE!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Andrea Rossi has his own inimitable style when it comes to language. Entertaining, if nothing else.

  • Andrea Rossi
    Dear E-Catering:
    Have a Merry Christmas and a lucky 2012 you too, as well as all the Readers of this Journal ( I am so good: Merry Christmas and lucky New Year also to Puppet-Snakes and to their Puppetteers!)
    Warm Regards,


MSNBC On Rossi's Visit To Massachusetts reports on Senator Bruce Tarr's invitation to Andrea Rossi to base any eCat manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. 

It's a regurgitation of the original (and better) article in the Boston Globe.  The MSNBC article is only mildly significant in the sense that it is yet more mainstream coverage.  Also worthy of note is that MSNBC (as mainstream as you can get) are actually covering the story more than the majority of the "alternative media" sites who should be ALL over this news.

Widen Your Outlook
Yes, there looks like a much bigger economic collapse coming, and yes, Isra-hell are shaping up for an attack on Iran which could pull in China and Russia and escalate into a much wider conflict, but that does not excuse the alternative media from reporting on one of the SOLUTIONS to the problem!

I don't know what it is, but they seem to report on every other alternative topic (except free and exotic energy developments) for some reason.  It's time they got with the program.


NY Teknik Update On Defkalion

Friday, December 2, 2011

In an interview with Ny Teknik,  Alexandros Xanthoulis, representing the owners of Defkalion, stated that:

  • Defkalion started to think of developing its own technology in July 2011 
  • 12 Hyperion prototypes are now running.
  • The factory of 11,000 square meters in Xanthia will be ready in four months.
  • The Defkalion lab will be transferred to a 2,500 square meter lab at the Xanthia location in a few weeks.
  • 19 license agreements have been made.
  • No money has yet been transfered. Interested companies will pay 500,000 Euros in an escrow account before testing a final product. Half of the license fee of 40.5 million Euros should be be paid at delivery of know-how, and the remaining part after ten days of operation of a factory producing Hyperion products.
  • 27 scientists work in-house at Defkalion
  • A total of 40 people are employed at Defkalion.
Xanthoulis gave no further information on verification of the core technology, except that it will be made by third parties later this year.

Source: NY Teknik


Defkalion Press Release And Hyperion Tech Data Sheet

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today Defkalion Green Technologies published 2 new important documents. The first is a full preliminary technical data sheet for it's Hyperion (Kw Series) products. The second was a press release mapping out their plans for the introduction of their Hyperion product.

Information Release Highlights
  • Hyperion Technical Specifications Data Sheet Released
  • New Photos Of Fully Assembled Hyperion Product
  • Defkalion will allow third-party independent testing
  • 850 companies from 60 countries interested in licensing
  • Research And Development Joint Ventures

Toady's Press Release

Today, and through our company website, Praxen - Defkalion Green Technologies Global has disclosed its current work on Nickel and Hydrogen exothermic reaction using Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

The provided Technical Specifications Sheet is a first preparation of our pre-industrial Hyperion product. This data has been tested with progress made towards the design of a final product ready for market entry in 2012.

Hyperion products will be introduced into the global market with applications for buildings, agriculture and industrial energy needs.

Beyond the completion of the final product with all necessary certificates, our company has three key objectives for 2012:

1. Agreements with companies for exclusive licenses according to country / territory

We have received interest in our license agreements from 850 companies from 60 countries. They have already received an invitation for testing our products on the basis of a license for their country. We expect to sign contracts in 2012 and have already started talks.

2. Third party independent tests for scientific purposes and advancement of theory

Praxen - Defkalion Green Technologies is a strong supporter of LENR technologies globally. Greece can become the global centre for R&D on LENR technologies. We have already received numerous requests from leading scientific authorities, academic institutions and national laboratories from key countries to conduct tests on our products. Our policy is to accept their requests, under agreed protocol, and to allow publication of their findings. The process of agreeing to dates for such tests depends on the availability of our staff and labs, keeping in mind that we run a business, not a technology show room.

3. R&D-based joint venture partnerships with companies in niche market applications

There are many applications that stand alone Hyperion products cannot service. In these cases, we will enter into joint venture agreements with companies that have specialized know-how and technologies in their field, but who will be able to utilize and capitalize on our technology to create entirely new products with ours. Examples of such partnerships have come from interested companies in the fields of marine propulsion, water desalination, off-shore drilling, trains, telecom towers, heavy vehicles, and micro energy sources. These agreements will be

Spec Sheet: About The Reaction

"Defkalion's scientific R&D team have successfully managed to trigger and monitor Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions caused by Nickel and Hydrogen nuclei. Following extensive experimentation on the preparation, cleaning and degassing of Nickel clusters and atomic Hydrogen systems, valuable knowledge has been gained.  The data was obtained from conventional, non-specifically designed for LENR instrumentation, such as mass-spectrometer, gas-chromatographer, Wilson camera, SEM spectra and others".

"Such measurements of phenomena gave us strong evidence on the activation mechanisma of Nickel that allow the nuclear capture of Hydrogen (the "breaking" of the Coulomb barrier), as well as the thermalization mechanism in a dynamic system of multi-stage set of reactions. Due to the elapsed time between the phenomena and their measurements using the above mentioned instrumentation, an incomplete proof of theories still exists, However, the obtained data provide us with a solid basis to control the triggering and termination conditions of the Ni-H reactions within Hyperion reactors, as well as the necessary conditions for stable performance."

"As a result , the above mentioned efforts led to the design of safe and stable Hyperion pre-industrial product, following the specifications described in this docment."

"Defkalion GT is an industrial company and not an academic or research institute with a role to state, prove and reject theories; as such, we recognize that products do not need to be based on theories. However, we do recognize the importance of scienfific knowledge for further scientific research and product development. For this reason, we have decided to invest on a new series of on-line real-time mass spectrometers, designed specifically for LENR and Hyperions, that we are developing and testing in Greece. It is our intention to publish all relative measurements in scientific journals and events, when our tests are finally concluded."

Forum Questions and Answers

Defkalion opened a new Discussion Thread in their forum.  Here are some of the first questions and answers:

Q: How quickly can the system come up to power? Also, how fast can it be turned down to idle mode?
A: Please indicate an example of configuration (single or multi-reactor, kW and maximum allowed temperature). We will consult our R&D to check tables and we will provide you with a precise answer the soonest. In general, the mean time to put a Hyperion from 0 to 100% of its capacity is 6,5min.

Continuous Operation

Q: Could you clarify how long the Hyperion can produce excess heat continuously ? Thanks.

A: As you can see in specs, for at least 6 months non-stop (for any reason).
Thank you


Q: Dave wrote:
Will it be controllable by some form of thermostat so that it can be used to heat an environment?I read the specifications but do not recall seeing answers to these questions.

A: In a secondary circuit sending heat to an environment, any typical thermostat can adjust the energy demand to Hyperion. Hyperion PLCs are monitoring on line the Delta on calorimetry in the prime circuit, auto-adjusting the production (opening/closing the reactor(s) accordingly)

Self Sustain

Q: Meta wrote:
I note that Rossi has aparently demonstrated his ecats in Self sustain mode for brief periods of time, after the kernals have been preheated to operating temperature. In your nicely crafted report there are various modes of operation mentioned but a self sustain mode seems to be absent. Is self sustain possible under the currently developed control system? Or would you prefer to avoid the term self sustain for the time being due to its radical connotations..

A: Hyperion is a system, not just a bare reactor. And the system uses pumps and electronics that need electric power in normal operations. So, there is not really a sustain mode in such systems.

PS Please notice also that we indicated COP for single or mult-reactor systems and not for bare reactors.

Price of Hyperions

Q: Can you give us an idea about hyperion's price list? (Products and annual services)

A: Indications on prices for the Greek market you can find in several publishes in Greek newspapers in Press Section of our site. In case you can not read Greek, this indication is 5.500euro per multi-reactor system (installed) and some hundreds of euros per year for recharge/support/service. Official price lists for local and international markets will be announced later.
Thank you

Note: All multi-reactor systems will have the same selling price, regardless if they are of let us say 20 or 35 or 45 kW nominal power. In all cases, 9 reactors are in the kernel. Up to 4, 7 or 9 respectively in this examble, are allowed to operate concurrently by their setup. So the recharge period varies, as far as all 9 reactors may service the system following a balancing algorithm. So, recharging period is not always 6 months. It can be more as stated in specs.

Nickel Consumption

Q: This question, by a consumer point of view might probably be irrelevant since each six months (in single reactor units) the nickel charge and the hydrogen bottle get replaced completely, but I was wondering on a scientific point of view what is the consumption of Hydrogen and Nickel in grams for, let's say, a 10 kW unit continuously running at 100% power for six months? (or better and more generically, using a more proper unit of measure, in g/MWh) Could you also state how much Hydrogen and Nickel would such unit start up with?

Perhaps for Nickel a more correct word than consumption would be transmutation (assuming this is what happens in the reactor core, as with Rossi's). If you agree with this, could you tell how much of it, in the example above, gets transmuted after six months of use?

A: The most serious reason for a 6-12 months recharge of Hydrogen and Ni is not their consumption (or if you like the transmutation of Ni) but pure engineering reasons. Hyperions are quite new, so we will need to run diagnostics test for the kernel's peripherals in situ at least every six months in the first period, according to our present analysis of different components or subsystems and the service protocols. Later on, these protocols may change as we expect.

So, for your consumer point of view, we have to assure you that your Hyperion is properly monitored and cared, as we have to. For your scientific point of view of your questions, please note that less than 15gr of Ni are loaded in each reactors chamber during its production - Thank you

Exclusive Rights

It is interesting to note that references to Andrea Rossi's have been removed from their website with Defkalion now claiming full rights:

"Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd., is based in Cyprus. It owns full rights to its own technologies and will sell exclusive rights globally for the production of its proprietary products (Hyperion)."


There appear to be two different kinds of prototype reactors being offered. A single reactor "kernel" of 5kW and a multi reactor kernel made from 9 reactors and capable of 10-45kW

Defkalion Press Release 30th Nov, 2011



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