Germany Dumps Nuclear Power: eCatalyzer Is Ideal Alternative

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Germany will shut down ALL of it's nuclear power plants by 2022. 

The ruling party in Germany had set up a committee to look at the viability of nuclear power following the Fukoshima disaster in Japan.  After recent mass demonstrations the German government had come under sustained public pressure to end nuclear power. Meanwhile, Switzerland and Italy have shelved their plans for new reactors.

Merkel said that with its "fundamental" rethink of energy policy, Germany could set an example for other countries. "We believe we as a country can be a trailblazer for a new age of renewable energy sources," the German chancellor was quoted as saying by AFP news agency. This has deservedly been the lead story on the BBC for the last 2 days.

By ending it's reliance on nuclear power generation there will be a gap of 22% of Germany's energy needs that will need to be filled by another cheaper and hopefully (non-polluting) means of energy generation.

I took this opportunity to pose the question to Andrea Rossi, inventor of the ONLY current technology platform capable of achieving this desired outcome - the Energy Catalyzer.

"Dr Rossi, as you may have heard today the big news is that the German government have now announced an end to nuclear power generation by 2022 in the wake of the Fukoshima Nuclear Disaster.  There is no mention of how they will replace 22% of their energy needs in the next 11 years.  Other countries look sure to follow down this path, so they too will need vast amounts of energy to be replaced by other means. Perhaps your e-catalyzer can assist them?"

"Have you had any inquiries to date from foreign governments regarding the use of your new technology for power generation and can you comment on this announcement by the German government.  Is a nuclear free world possible?"

Rossi comments were out of character.  He said " I prefer not to talk about these issues before the 1 MW operational start up." 

Sure, he could just be unwilling to speculate, but normally Rossi reserves his "no comment" responses for matters relating to technical details that address the patent or questions that get too close to describing the internal workings of his reactor. I had thought it to be quite a neutral issue that he would not have had an issue with answering, given that he has no visible, identifiable connections to foreign governments and certainly no approaches by "agencies unknown" have been made public.

So has Rossi been approached already? If the people who are supposedly "in the know" are as informed as they are supposed to be and as we are led to believe, then they will have known about the promise of Rossi's technology long before WE started discussing it in a public forum.  Defkalion's 200 million Euro investment, along with the DoE connections to Ampenergo, not to mention plans to build 2 1Mw Plants should have sent ripples through the underground pond a long time ago. I find it inconceivable and absurd that this is potentially NEWS to "them".

It is more likely that Rossi's technology was identified as an oil / nuclear replacement a long time ago, many months before ANY public announcement was ever made and possibly as far back as late 2009. A technology with the potential to wipe out an energy asset base in the hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars does not move silently and unnoticed.

Nuclear phase-out can make Germany trailblazer - Merkel 

Germany: Nuclear power plants to close by 2022


Dr Steven E Jones: Open Sourcing His 20x Overunity Circuit

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dr Steven E Jones demonstrates and explains his 20x overunity circuit which has been been replicated already. The project is open source for anyone.

Dr Steven E Jones is a retired physics professor who worked at Brigham Young University and who is best known for his work in identifying the suspicious presence of Thermate (a patented incendiary material used in the commercial demolition business) in the World Trade Center dust following the attacks on 9-11.

Unknown to many is that one of his other interests is in proving overunity. He has been working on a special variation of the "Joule Thief" circuit with which he has managed to achieve 20x overunity performance.  Firstly, he used a standard circuit to which he connected a small LED and an AA battery. 

Running it overnight he found the battery drained the next morning, but when he attempted the same experiment again using the modified circuit he found that there was "no noticeable change" in voltage in the battery even after powering the LED overnight for some 12 hours. By all accounts the battery should have drained significantly, certainly enough to be detectable.

See the videos here:

Dr Steven E Jones -Part1

Dr Steven E Jones -Part 2

Read Sterling's full report here on PESWIKI


Sergio Focardi Interview In Mainstream Italian Magazine "Oggi"

Friday, May 27, 2011

We have (at this stage) an unconfirmed report that the Italian weekly news magazine "Oggi" (which translated means "today") will feature an interview with energy catalyzer co-inventor Prof Sergio Focardi in the next issue due out early next week.

It's not clear yet if the interview will be featured in the print, online edition or both.

The article has in fact already been written and is available in the print edition only.  The blog "" is talking about this (in Italian of course). They are discussing whether to scan in the article and post it on the blog.

It's also worthwhile pointing out here that the magazine "Oggi" in question is quite popular and mainstream. So this does appear to be the first mainstream (and non-science related) publication to feature the energy catalyzer story.

Will this spread to the rest of the mainstream news?  Don't hold your breath.

"@ Jack
They told me that the latest issue of Today (!) There is a long interview with Focardi accompanied by ...rendering 3D!!! from your 3D rendering!  Tomorrow I buy it. They asked permission to you?
If it turns out that did not ask permission either to me or to you and do not have quoted the source ... quiet, tomorrow I take the vision thing and then we confront what to do. I almost hope that they patch, so expect an article on my blog for compensation! :))) :)))"

The Google Translation of the page with comments:

Thanks to Painlord2k for the information. 


Rossi E-Catalyzer: The Effect Is 100% Reliable And Reproducible

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Andrea Rossi has answered one of the most crucial questions that has plagued cold fusion experiments since the early days.

One of the previous problems encountered by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann back in 1989 was centered around the inability of researchers to reliably reproduce the experiment which generated excess heat (the signature of cold fusion).  Replicating and testing the validity of the excess heat production was in part one of the reasons that the world stupidly and prematurely turned it's back on cold fusion. Yesterday, two Gulf Wars, 3 massive oil spills and 2 nuclear disasters later the question was posed by a reader  to Andrea Rossi and his answer was yet another blow to the critics. (Another piece of positive information that will be "selectively omitted" from Wikipedia - Ed.).

  • David Roberson
    "Dear Mr. Rossi,

    I appreciate the timely response you submitted to my last question. It appears that you have achieved fantastic results with your invention and I expect to see the skeptics run quickly toward the exit when you complete the large project(1 Megawatt) for your first customer.

    One question which has always been a serious issue with LENR may be answered by you at this point. How consistant is your ability to create large amounts of excess power? For example, if you made 100 E-Cat devices and began testing, how many would achieve the desired ratios of output to input power? My gut feeling is that your answer would be greater than 90, which would be wonderful. As you know, the original work in LENR was shot down because of the lack of abilitiy to reproduce results. I am sure many other science minded followers like myself would appreciate your kind response.

    Thank you for your consideration,


    "Dear Mr David Robertson:

    Our E-Cats are perfectly reproducible and their performance is standard. Out of 100 we guarantee that 100 respect the performance data. Should not be so we could not go deliver in Greece a 1 MW plant, made by 300 E-Cats.

    Warm Regards,


Andrea Rossi is the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer or (eCatalyzer).  A device capable of rendering traditional fuel sources such as oil, coal, gas and nuclear obsolete. The eCatalyzer uses tiny amounts of powdered nickel and pressurized hydrogen as a fuel source producing up to 33:1 ratio of output to input For a summary on the eCatalyzer and what it does please view our Fast Facts video.

We have been reporting on the Energy Catalyzer since it's first public demonstration in January 2011.  4 months on, the mainstream media are still refusing to report on this massive story.


Rossi eCatalyzer - Peer Review Problem Solved

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time and time again we are hearing the "must be peer reviewed" mantra of the establishment defenders.Who says it must be peer-reviewed? Who exactly? The same people who want to control our access to scientific knowledge and who have vested interests (whether financial or political) in upholding the scientific establishment - that's who. 

Peer review (in an ideal world is a fine system) of cross checking and validation.  However, the reality is that peer review is one of THE most corrupt systems we have ever known and has arguably stifled and supressed development since it's very inception. It is influenced almost entirely by money and corporations, nods, winks and memberships of old boys clubs. If the peer review system existed in it's current form at the time of Einstein he'd never have been published. All peer review has ever done is form an impenetrable elitist group of establishment defenders who are entirely shutdown to new ideas and who feel threatened by change, both in what it means for their egos and for what it means to their careers.

We're also hearing some idiotic comments from people on physics forums and the like.  Most of them say something like "Well, as soon as it's on the front cover of Nature, or TIME magazine then I'll believe it.".  How badly influenced and brainwashed must some people be to disregard all other opinions and base their sense of truth on the influence of establishment rags? Shame on them.

Here is a brilliant exchange between Rossi and a comment poster on his site.
David Jonathan 

"Dear Andrea Rossi,

A vicious cycle has been created. That must be broken if science and civilization is to advance fast enough.

The vicious cycle.

1. All peer reviewed journals will not publish a paper on LENR, because LENR volatiles the our current laws of physics.

2. Our current law of physics will not change if universities can’t/won’t replicate LENR.

3. All universities will not replicate any LENR experiments, because they were not published in a peer reviewed journal.

4. In the end no LENR experiments can be taken seriously because,

A. LENR was not published in peer review journals.
B. LENR was not replicated by any university.
C. LENR results were not confirmed.
D. Therefore our physics stays the relatively same.
E. Civilization does not advance fast enough.Then the cycle continues again.I hope that you will make a way for not only fixing this cycle but preventing similar cycles from happening again. So that the field of science can advance into higher levels.

I hope that you take this seriously. 

Thank you.Warm Regards,

David Linebarger"

  • Andrea Rossi
    "Dear Mr David Linebarger:
    On October our 1 MW plant in operation will resolve the problem.
    Warm regards,

You really have to admire Rossi's attitude towards the peer review system.  Although the energy catalyzer involves some very new and interesting science, it's primary function as a device is not scientifically important.

What IS important is that the device is put to work for the good of mankind as soon as possible.  This is primarily a COMMERCIAL development which has the ability to radically shake-up the social, political and economic landscape, not to mention going a long way to solve some of the greatest environmental problems that we currently face.

Peer review by the old-boys network has no place in a modern technological society. It really is simple. If it works - then we build it and use it - end of story.


eCatalyzer: All 330 Modules Completed For First Fusion Plant

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rossi: "We have completed all the 330 modules of the 1 MW plant. Now goes on the testing of each of them and the construction of the container."

 Rossi (right) with 4 e-cat bodies: Photo credit NYTeknik

Here is a quick summary of the latest information and some questions and answers from Rossi's online journal.

  • Each E-Cat in the 1MW plant can be remotely powered on and off.
  • Main difficulty in producing electricity from the heat output - Efficiency
  • R&D with the Universities of Bologna and Uppsala still ongoing.
  • No more public demos. Customers and market will decide. 
  • Scheduled visits to plants will still be allowed
  • October scheduled for commencement of 1 MW plant in Greece 
  • After Plant opens work will start on commercial operations
  • Deuterium not involved or useful in the reaction
  • Ampenergo to license and sell eCat products and technology to Americas
  • Defkalion to license and sell to rest of world.
  • Shipping containers suggested as ecatalyzer portable power stations
  • NASA trying to replicate Focardi's earlier work. 
  • Studying steam engines fit for the E-Cats: (not an easy task)

Question - "What will be the maximum presure and temperature of the output steam?" 

Rossi - "550 °C, 50 bars".

Question - "Does the reaction stop if temperature rises to Ni melting temp? This is rather important safety point, ie. is china syndrome possible?"

Rossi - "If Ni melts the E-Cat stops. It works only with powders. This makes it intrinsecally (sic) safe. And do not forget that we do not leave radioactive material, we do not use radioactive material ."

Natural News are now also covering the Rossi story - read their article here.


USA To Get 1MW Cold Fusion Power Plant

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Energy Catalyzer inventor Andrea Rossi has confirmed that a 1 Megawatt facility will be built in the United States.  For now though, the identity of the mystery firm is not known and won't be until a joint statement is made nearer the time of launch.

The startling information comes from the comments section of Rossi's "Journal Of Nuclear Physics". Until now there was only mention of a "contract of great importance being signed".  It appears that the contract is to build a 1MW power plant somewhere in the United States.

Rossi's company - Leonardo Corporation is located in Florida, so there is speculation that the company in question is located there also.

Rossi loves his new adopted country (USA). He said "everybody who knows me knows how much I owe to the USA, the place of my rebirth and the place where I have chosen to reside and make the manufacturing of our products. I am fighting, as all of you, to give my energies to this great country to overcome the crisis. We are just doing it."

The information comes from the following comments on Rossi's site:

Dear Mr. Rossi,

I continue to follow your E-Cat progress with interest and admiration.

A while back you mentioned that you had signed an agreement with a major U.S. firm and thought that a joint press release would be made soon. Being anxious for the E-Cat to get some mainstream attention in the U.S., I wondered if you can give us any further news/information on the major firm, the nature of the contract, or when we might see the press release.

Thanks and God’s speed on your exciting journey.

Bill Conley

Dear Mr Bill Conley:

I due time we will make a press conference, when the 1 MW plant in the concern of our USA Customer will be in operation. To avoid useless chattering I decided, from now on, to make public only the facts of my Customers’ plants in operation . Too much talking has been done already.

Warm regards,



Energy Catalyzer US Partner Named AMPENERGO : Has Links To DoE

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ampenergo - a company formed in 2009 with connections to the Department Of Energy (DoE) has been named as the partner firm to assist in the proliferation of the E-Catalyzer Cold Fusion technology. This is absolutely HUGE News and another ringing endorsement of Rossi's Cold Fusion Technology.

Ampenergo will receive part of the royalties on all sales of licenses and products built on the energy catalyzer in the Americas.  Most interesting of all is that Free Energy Truth had in the last few weeks asked Rossi about potential contracts or involvement with the DoE and now it is confirmed that the partner firm has deep ties with the DoE in terms of the founders of Ampenergo.

"The founders of Ampenergo are Karl Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile and Craig Cassarino.

Two of them also founded the consulting firm LTI – Leonardo Technologies Inc. – which for 10 years has been working on contracts amounting to several millions of dollars for the U.S. Defense and Energy departments, and with a recent contract with DOE amounting to 95 million dollars.

Robert Gentile was also Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy at the Department of Energy during the early 1990’s." - source NY Teknik

This latest development in the ongoing story of Andrea Rossi and the Energy Catalyzer raises the level of seriousness and importance with which this has now attained, and is yet another firm endorsement of the growing reality that WE HAVE A NEW PRIMARY ENERGY SOURCE - safer than nuclear and infinitely cheaper than ALL other traditional sources.

It is also another nail in the coffin of the pseudoskeptic establishment protection police who must by now be gagging on their own flem at what this means for their shambolic house of cards.  The days of their sneering and mockery of exotic energy technologies are rapidly coming to an end. Free Energy is alive and well.

Now you will see the anonymous cowards turn their attention to explaining their way out of this.  Some have already started attacking the technology in any way they can out of pure frustration as we've seen in some forums. Others as we reported yesterday have taken to dubious editing of Wikipedia and trying to play down the significance of this. This is natural. It is the last dying breath of the flat earth society.

This is not some backyard technology out of someone's garage, but already we've seen in the past few weeks that the investment so far runs into the hundreds of millions, with 3 production plants and now we are seeing links back to US govt DoE.

As they say in Rossi's native Italy "Wake up and smell the Penne Al Arbiata" - It's time to take the e-catalyzer seriously.

Read the full article in every lovely detail on NY Teknik.


Disruptive Editing: Wikipedia Goons At It Again

Monday, May 16, 2011

The drooling pseudoskeptic establishment defending goons that Wikipedia seems to be good at attracting as page editors are once again using underhand tactics to try and undermine and distort the facts on the public perception. 

This time, their target is the information page on Andrea Rossi and the energy catalyzer. Rossi's (Cold Fusion Device) the energy catalyzer is a revolutionary new energy technology which outperforms coal, oil, gas and nuclear on every aspect from price, portability to safety and has the potential to be a new primary energy source.

Top Of Google Searches - WHY?

Wikipedia articles usually appear as one of the first links in the majority of all Google searches.  This position of authority and generally held assumption as "the authority on truth" is completely without justification given the ability of anyone (regardless of knowledge) to anonymously edit and therefore negatively influence public opinion through the use of biased editing and omission.

The edits and "talk" contain references to "perpetual motion machines", magicians pulling rabbits out of a hat, and various other references to perceived pseudoscience.  This is a tactic that has long been used by the pseudo-skeptic community.  The aim here is to discredit by association with a fringe topic or notion.

Brian Josephson - Nobel Prize winning Physicist among others has made edits to the page which have been consistently deleted  due to the establishment protection bias of the Wikipedia self-appointed "information police".

The activities taking place here (and this is prevalent in many subject matter areas where an establishment bias is held) are primarily examples of:

Disruptive and tendentious editing

  • attempting to discredit sources
  • acting so as to prevent balance being achieved in the introductory section

This latest abuse of power and abuse of the Google ranking system is a deliberately
orchestrated attack on the truth about energy technology that could transform the world.

In this next instance Mats Lewan (NYTeknik Writer) quite rightly points out that they've been changing the phrase "is" to "was" to skew the meaning of the paragraph into the negative.

"I've noted that some of you have changed back and forth between "is" and "was" in the phrase  "The plant which would supply heating for Defkalion's own purposes only, was supposed to be inaugurated in October 2011." Please explain your changing. As far as I know (I was the one who wrote the original piece based on my own interviews with Defkalion and Rossi) the plan for inauguration in October is still on track." --Matslewan (talk) 22:22, 24 March 2011 (UTC)

And here there is an obvious attempt to find negative aspects on Rossi and his character.

"Is there someone with a stronger background in the Italian language who can look at it:Petroldragon? It looks like this guy has had some serious legal issues in the past relating to a 'green' technology company. TenOfAllTrades(talk)".

Here Mats Lewan's character is being attacked in a failed attempt to try and discredit his information.

"The article is entirely supported by blog entries, half by an IT writer who for the most part is just repeating the inventor's assertions, and half from the inventor's self-published
web site. The article is largely structured as yet another blog, with an entry for each spate of press releases (one section for each press conference, plus one for their nearly-invisible company). Right now, this is a dreadful article that grants undue weight to unreliable sources. I'm beginning to believe that proper secondary sources just don't exist for this topic right now, and that it isn't appropriate for Wikipedia to have an article on this at all right now."

"For what it's worth, I don't think that Lewan is involved in any sort of deception himself; I consider it much more likely that he's just getting played. In any event, a blogger is not a good sole source for what would be – if true – this century's most stunning technological advance." TenOfAllTrades(talk) 00:14, 7 April 2011 (UTC)

"Why are you referring to a reporter for a well-established technical newspaper as a 'blogger'? Do you not appreciate the difference between the two forms of literature? People can consult the W. article on Ny Teknik if they are unclear as to the importance of the publication that Lewan writes
for." Brian Josephson (talk) 22:15, 7 April 2011 (UTC)

Here, AndyTheGrump lives up to his name with some good old fashioned establishment defending. Doesn't he realize that Time magazine, Nature et al will need to be dragged kicking and screaming before admitting to the fact that the energy catalyzer is a real phenomenon.

"The policy regarding extraordinary/fringe science is well established, and until the scientific community recognises the validity of this device, we won't. End of story." - AndyTheGrump

Here, he conveniently ignores Kullander and Essen's report and the work of the University of Bologna and University of Upsalla, not to mention another dozen or so physicists and engineers who've ACTUALLY been present and supervising an e-cat experiment.

"Personally, my highest-level qualification is in the social sciences, rather than in physics,
but since all the evidence suggests that this 'phenomenon' is either a hoax, or the product of self-deception, I'd argue that makes me well qualified to comment.": AndyTheGrump

"There is no independent coverage in the mainstream scientific press, peer-reviewed or otherwise. Realistically, this article shouldn't exist – and shouldn't be providing free publicity – until after there is either independent, peer-reviewed scientific reporting of the device and its mechanism (admittedly, unlikely)"...TenOfAllTrades

"Prof. TenOfAllTrades, how are you planning to explain the observed temperature rise on
conventional grounds? Numbers please, not faith! Re work previous to Rossi, an example is the work of Claytor, done at LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) of which you may or may not have heard, which detected definitive signatures of tritium." --Brian Josephson

"It seems to be a prevailing myth that work in this field is not published in the regular
journals -- if you look at the excellent Library at you will find many examples."

This behavior is standard practice by the establishment defending anonymous "experts" who hide behind pseudonyms while attacking the truth and trying to manipulate and distort any facts that they don't like.

Prof Josephson makes this stunningly accurate summary on his homepage.

Sociological comment: "Sources such as Nature appear to want to bury this news; at what point will it become so widely known that they will no longer be able to ignore it?" - Prof Brian Josephson

The blatant attempts to distort the truth by self-appointed "experts" has been all too obvious in recent days and is continuing now as we speak.

Wikipedia should never be trusted as a source of truth and accuracy as it is only reflective of the prejudices of the page editors who in most cases are establishment goons closed off to independent thought and hell bent on protecting the status quo.

Read the page and judge for yourself:


E-Catalyzer News: Latest Information Part 3

Andrea Rossi's e-catalyzer technology will change the world as we know it.  The e-catalyzer or (e-cat) is the world's first commercial cold fusion technology in production right now with a 1MW facility due to open in the United States and Greece

With a massive 33:1 power output ratio, it is safe, reliable and a fraction of the cost of conventional energy sources such as oil, gas, coal and many pseudo green technologies. With further refinement and power optimizations in progress, this is the technology certain to transform our society and lift the world economy into a new energy revolution and a period of very rapid change.

We have been reporting this story since January when the first demonstration took place.  Since then, there have been multiple validations, and thanks to an ongoing dialogue with the inventor Andrea Rossi we have been able to produce regular ecat news updates.  Additionally we are tracking new developments via quick informational videos - the latest of which is posted below.

Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer News Part 3


Mainstream television, radio and news websites are still ignoring or refusing to cover the story, despite the obvious magnitude of this development and it's implications for the world. 

Did You Miss Our Previous Videos?  

Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer News Part 1

Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer News Part 2

E-Catalyzer Fast Facts


Cold Fusion Device E-Catalyzer Granted Italian Patent

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Andrea Rossi's revolutionary new cold fusion technology, the "Energy Catalyzer" which is in full production at this moment, has been granted an Italian patent.

The Italian Patent Office granted a patent for Rossi's energy catalyzer on 6th April.  The patent runs out on April 9th 2028. The granting of the patent is yet another significant step in the acceptance of this legitimate technology on it's path to worldwide acceptance.

Rossi's energy catalyzer or "e-cat" as it is also known, has a power density to cost  ratio which beats all fossil fuel sources hands down, is completely safe and has the added benefit of being scaleable from 2.5Kw to Multi Megawatt facilities. If you couple that with the fact that it's fuel supply (powdered nickel) is so cheap and abundant you can quite clearly see that the energy catalyzer has the ability to revolutionize the world. 

There is no longer any reason to burn oil, coal or gas, except for the fact these fuel sources are already heavily integrated into our existing infrastructure. The biggest problem for the e-cat at the moment is that most people have not came to terms with the fact that it is a real technology and is not a hoax.  This only goes to prove that as a species we are so highly conditioned to reject anything that goes contrary to accepted physics and beliefs.  Those people who still remain sceptical of the validity of the energy catalyzer should re-examine the validations that have occurred to date.

Since January this year there have been no less than 4 highly impressive and successful demonstrations of the energy catalyzer, each time producing Kilowatts of power from just a few hundred watts input. To date there have been successful validations from University Of Bologna, Italy, and tests carried out in the presence of Sven Kullander (Professor Emeritus at Uppsala University) who is also chairman of the National Academy of Sciences Energy Committee and Prof Hanno Essen associate professor of theoretical physics and a lecturer at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society. Essen sits on the committee that decides Nobel prizes for physics and chemistry. 

Those tests conducted showed energy production that massively exceeds the capabilities of ANY possible chemical reaction.  The conclusion from Kullander and Essen was - "Any chemical process for producing 25 kWh from any fuel in a 50 cm3 container can be ruled out. The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production."

 ”You just have to embrace a new technology that might solve the energy problems of mankind, at least until it can be rejected,” Swedish professor Sven Kullander said in a scientific discussion on the Italian ‘energy catalyzer’.

Rossi has been holding off on disclosing what the secret catalyst in the nickel / hydrogen reaction is until the patents have been granted. Although an Italian patent has been granted Rossi has said he will not speculate on what he thinks is enabling the reaction until nearer the time of the 1MW facility opening.

The Italian patent is a good first step, but there are still issues to be fought with the granting of priceless European and US patents.

Meanwhile, the coverage from mainstream media has been zero (especially strange when you think of recent events in Fukoshima, Japan). To date only a handful of blogs and sites including this one are regularly reporting the news of these world-changing events and recently I asked Rossi if he had any interview requests from major media to which he answered an emphatic "No".

There are always conspiracy theories surrounding the suppression and denial of important information to the general public that could upset the money and power balance of the world.

In this case however it is conspiracy FACT. One hundred and seventeen (117) days and counting of absolute stonewalled silence on arguably the greatest scientific advance in living history.

NY Teknik Article by Mats Lewan: Cold Fusion: “You have to embrace this”

US Patent Application


Now THREE E-Catalyzer Factories To Manufacture Cold Fusion Modules

Monday, May 9, 2011

"We have the final product in our hands, not the experimental one, exactly the one that we are going to produce. It works excellent."

  • 3 Cold Fusion Catalyzer Manufacturing Facilities On The Way
  • Final Commercial Product Design Of E-Catalyzer Ready To Go
  • 200 Million In Investment
  • 300,000 Energy Catalyzers Produced Per Year
  • Several "Important Countries" already requesting the Ecat modules.

RAI TV News (an Italian TV station) recently featured a lengthy news item on Andrea Rossi and his energy catalyzer invention.  Among those interviwed were Swedish scientists Sven Kullander of Upsalla University who is also chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Energy Committee and Hanno Essen (Associate professor of theoretical physics at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society). They recently said of the energy catalyzer:

“Any chemical process should be ruled out for producing 25 kWh from whatever is in a 50 cubic centimeter container. The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production.”

Defkalion Green Technologies

The news item also featured a fascinating question and answer session with executives Alexandros Xanthoulis and David C. Aurel from Defkalion Green Technologies interviewed by Angelo Saso from RAI TV. The Defkalion factory will be the site of the inaugural October 1MW Energy Catalyzer Plant. The plant to be built in Xanthi, Greece, will be the first ever cold fusion power facility in history to be developed. Defkalion will also have exclusive license to manufacture and sell the energy catalyzer modules.

Here, Defkalion executive Alexandros Xanthoulis indicates that the first plant in Xanthi, Greece will be used as a reference site for other businesses interested in pursuing the ecatalyzer for their energy generation needs.

Alexandros Xanthoulis: "The 1MW facility in Xanthi will however we will also use it as a presentation or showcase for future potential interested parties."

Angelo Saso "Is the Energy Catalyzer ready for the market?"

Alexandros Xanthoulis: "We have the final product in our hands, not the experimental one, exactly the one that we are going to produce. It works excellent."

David C. Aurel: "Actually the device what we are going to sell  (or let's say provide) is going to be a 10kW device producing solely heat.

Angelo Saso: "How much will it consume in terms of fuel and money?"

David C. Aurel: "Again speaking about households will have no other charges or costs except for the leasing fee because we will provide all the ingredients for the device."

Angelo Saso: How many devices will you run out?

David C. Aurel: "As many as we can produce. As a rule of thumb we can assume a final full capacity of 300,000 units per year."

The narrator Angelo Sasso then goes on to say that "A factory to commence production and a further 2 on paper." So it would seem that the plant in Greece is just the first of at least THREE energy catalyzer facilities.

The question of who is behind this company comes up and is answered by David C Aurel - "Defkalion is funded by a group of non-governmental entities. It's not just private investors but they are entities also in industry and international. They come from different parts of the world."

Angelo Saso: How much money will be invested in the project?

"Well to cover Greece and Balkans we estimate about 200 million.. I believe it 100%, our investors believe it 100%. and if you see the messages we are getting from all over the world, they believe it 100%. There are several countries (important countries) who are already requesting to buy the product from us.

Watch the full video report in English here:


The Magic Of Mr Rossi: E-Catalyzer Set To Transform Energy Landscape

Saturday, May 7, 2011

No words needed. Just watch the video. Report to follow.


170 E-Cat Fusion Modules Now Ready For Installation

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today we learned from Andrea Rossi that 170 of the 300 E-Cat Fusion Modules required for the 1MW plant in Greece have been produced.  

Rossi is a very hard working individual and is currently doing 18 hours a day, getting up at 5am and working most of the time in his factory helping to make the E-Cat modules for the opening of the first fusion power facility, or "catalyzer farm".

The plant which is due to open in October this year will consist of 300 E-Cat modules linked together.  The objective is simple: "to make heat".

Yesterday, Rossi's technology was featured on Italian TV News station RAI.  Unfortunately it is not accessible to anyone who doesn't speak Italian. However, it did spread more awareness (at least in Italy) that we have a new primary energy source. 

RAI TV News Feature On Rossi's Energy Catalyzer

In another intriguing question and answer session on his website, Rossi was asked "Have you ever observed the inside of your reaction chamber through a window of some sort when it is operating? If there is electron movement in the nickel from shell to shell there should be energy jumps which will produce visible photons.The area about the nickel should be illuminated."

Rossi gave a very interesting reply: "Yes, I did. The information about what I saw is confidential."

Meanwhile, the mainstream media are still holding out their record breaking silence on the Rossi story - which is probably the biggest story in a lifetime. Instead of the conveniently overlooked news that we are on the verge of an energy revolution that will affect every man woman and child, we are being fed live CNN coverage of Osama Bin Laden's second death.  The first death he had was in 2002 from Kidney Failure, the second seems to be from the results of being defrosted.


Rossi Energy Catalyzer Further Validated By NyTeknik

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Andrea Rossi's Cold Fusion Technology the Energy Calalyzer or "E-Cat" has been successfully validated by Swedish Technology Magazine NYTeknik - Seaparate Test will be on Italian TV News Thursday May 5th

Rossi and associate at the April 28th tests

The new tests were conducted in Bologna on 19 and 28 April, 2011. "The objective was to measure the net energy that the device generates as accurately as possible." "The results of the two tests showed a developed net power of between 2.3 and 2.6 kilowatts – of the order of a large stove plate. Input electric power was in the order of 300 watts." Using a smaller e-cat (e-kitten) than normal the team calculated the output power from the amount of water boiled into steam. 

(ESSENTIAL VIEWING: Video embedded in NYTeknik article is in English and shows technical explanation of various parts and also the E-Cat in Operation)

This news now provides FURTHER INDEPENDENT validation of Rossi's cold fusion technology after Swedish scientists Hullander and Essen also validated the power output just recently.

E-Cat Test To Be Shown On Italian Television

In the first test on April 19, the national Italian television channel RAI was present and its report will be broadcast on the channel RAI News (live streaming here) Thursday, May 5th at 20:35. In the second test on April 28 only Ny Teknik, the inventor Andrea Rossi, and a colleague of his were present.

We've been tracking the major developments in the story since January and have produced the following 2 videos for people who want a quick summary of the important events.

The Story Of The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer - Part 1

The Story Of The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer - Part2

See the amazing video clip and read the report by NYTeknik here:


Billion Dollar Bribe To Suppress Water Fuel Secrets: Mister "X" To Reveal All

Monday, May 2, 2011

Glen Canady Announces That Mister X Will Reveal All On Wednesday Night's Show

A man who claims to have had 10 attempts on his life after refusing a $1Billion bribe to walk away from his water fuel invention will reveal all on Wed night radio show.

The information comes from this YouTube video released by Glenn Canady from Project.Nsearch. It has been claimed that the inventor (unnamed as yet) will reveal technical details of the water fuel technology on  "Late Night in the Midlands" radio show this coming Wednesday 10PM EST.

The inventor claims to have been running his Dodge Pickup on just water which bears a remarkable resemblance to the story on Frederick Wells of Future Energy Concepts which PESWIKI.COM reported on in August 2010 - see video below.

The August video showing a remarkably similar Dodge Pickup that runs on 100% Water

Inventor Stanley Meyer who similarly powered a dune buggy with nothing but water was murdered on March 21st 1998 after dining in a restaurant. His own hydroxy technology would have eliminated Trillion dollar oil interests if it had been allowed to come into full development.  It is hardly surprising that this gentlemen (the as yet unnamed Mister X) has had attempts on his life.

Glen Canady's Article On This

Project Nsearch

PESWIKI Coverage

Late Night In The Midlands



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