Germany Dumps Nuclear Power: eCatalyzer Is Ideal Alternative

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Germany will shut down ALL of it's nuclear power plants by 2022. 

The ruling party in Germany had set up a committee to look at the viability of nuclear power following the Fukoshima disaster in Japan.  After recent mass demonstrations the German government had come under sustained public pressure to end nuclear power. Meanwhile, Switzerland and Italy have shelved their plans for new reactors.

Merkel said that with its "fundamental" rethink of energy policy, Germany could set an example for other countries. "We believe we as a country can be a trailblazer for a new age of renewable energy sources," the German chancellor was quoted as saying by AFP news agency. This has deservedly been the lead story on the BBC for the last 2 days.

By ending it's reliance on nuclear power generation there will be a gap of 22% of Germany's energy needs that will need to be filled by another cheaper and hopefully (non-polluting) means of energy generation.

I took this opportunity to pose the question to Andrea Rossi, inventor of the ONLY current technology platform capable of achieving this desired outcome - the Energy Catalyzer.

"Dr Rossi, as you may have heard today the big news is that the German government have now announced an end to nuclear power generation by 2022 in the wake of the Fukoshima Nuclear Disaster.  There is no mention of how they will replace 22% of their energy needs in the next 11 years.  Other countries look sure to follow down this path, so they too will need vast amounts of energy to be replaced by other means. Perhaps your e-catalyzer can assist them?"

"Have you had any inquiries to date from foreign governments regarding the use of your new technology for power generation and can you comment on this announcement by the German government.  Is a nuclear free world possible?"

Rossi comments were out of character.  He said " I prefer not to talk about these issues before the 1 MW operational start up." 

Sure, he could just be unwilling to speculate, but normally Rossi reserves his "no comment" responses for matters relating to technical details that address the patent or questions that get too close to describing the internal workings of his reactor. I had thought it to be quite a neutral issue that he would not have had an issue with answering, given that he has no visible, identifiable connections to foreign governments and certainly no approaches by "agencies unknown" have been made public.

So has Rossi been approached already? If the people who are supposedly "in the know" are as informed as they are supposed to be and as we are led to believe, then they will have known about the promise of Rossi's technology long before WE started discussing it in a public forum.  Defkalion's 200 million Euro investment, along with the DoE connections to Ampenergo, not to mention plans to build 2 1Mw Plants should have sent ripples through the underground pond a long time ago. I find it inconceivable and absurd that this is potentially NEWS to "them".

It is more likely that Rossi's technology was identified as an oil / nuclear replacement a long time ago, many months before ANY public announcement was ever made and possibly as far back as late 2009. A technology with the potential to wipe out an energy asset base in the hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars does not move silently and unnoticed.

Nuclear phase-out can make Germany trailblazer - Merkel 

Germany: Nuclear power plants to close by 2022



Stefan May 31, 2011 at 2:39 PM  

It's a good point; it would be quite stupid to become totally dependable on Russian gas; the alternatives like solar, wind etc... are joke and will never be a viable alternative; Merkel is a physicist and should know it very well. She must have a very well grounded alternative, clearly, e-cat is a perfect fit, besides she gains popularity among greenish electorate plus put $ pressure on Russia... Bottom line, if Rossi is for real then Merkel action would be a totally logical otherwise it looks strange (from my POV).

David Linebarger,  June 1, 2011 at 5:50 AM  

I just hope that Germany, Switzerland, and Italy all know about Rossi's LENR, and get on the LENR bandwagon before other sources like solar, wind, etc.

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