Steorn Sultan Qaboos Talk: 17,000% EFFICIENCY OF MOTOR

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some startling information has emerged this morning regarding the recent Steorn talk at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman.

According to This Blog the Oman talk has been confirmed by Said Salim Hamdan Al-Abri, the head of the IEEE engineering society at Sultan Qaboos University. In reply to an email where the blog owner asked the question of whether he was present at Sean's talk and if an Orbo device was demonstrated:

"Yes Sir! was there and he talked about some kind of motors that he invented. Unfortunately I could not understand the talk very well may be because of his xent(sic) and my poor english.One of the amazing and seems unbeleivable thins(sic) is that the motor which he proposed has an efficiency of 17000!!!!!!!!!!!"

The information of 17,000% efficiency being mentioned has yet to be verified, but will be verified in the coming days as well as other details of the talk as they emerge.


FE Truth Exclusive: Steorn Oman Presentation Will Have Media In Attendance

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

After what was a frustrating start to coverage of Steorn's Middle East tour Free Energy Truth has recently made contact with various sources in Muscat(Oman) and we are pleased to announce that at least one of those parties will be part of the audience for Steorn's presentation at Sultan Qaboos University Muscat, Oman on the 25th at 2pm - Lecture Theater 2.

Report Upcoming


Steorn: Engineers Agree There Is A Gain Of Energy

Monday, February 23, 2009

For all those who missed the news a couple of weeks ago - 3 Independent engineers all testify that there is a repeatable, scientifically shown GAIN IN ENERGY. The free energy debunkers have been having a hard time explaining this away and have kept up with trying to ridicule Steorn.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to feature this video again and to expose the facts that free energy is a real phenomenon. The full commercial launch of free energy tech is scheduled for later in 2009.


Qatar: No Steorn News Coverage So Far

Steorn were attending The University Of Qatar and giving a presentation to the engineering students there on the 18th but the latest news from Qatar is that there is still no news. Up until this point there has been no news or blog coverage of the scheduled event. It is likely that this event was only attended by university staff and students and that media were not permitted or did not ask to be in attendance.

Did you or someone you know attend the presentation? If so FE Truth would like to hear from you.
Steorn are scheduled to give the second talk of their Middle East tour at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman on the 25th. No time has yet been announced. It is hoped that some media will be in attendance to cover the events.


Steorn Will Visit Sultan Caboos University On 25th Feb

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sultan Qaboos University In Muscat, Oman
Now, that's a Campus!!

The second stop on Steorn's Middle East tour of Universities will be Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman, which they will visit on the 25th February. reports that "A controversial Irish alternative energy company which claims to have discovered a source of free energy that defies the basic laws of physics, will be showcasing its technology at a special presentation."

"Dublin-based Steorn Ltd, a privately held technology development firm, says it will be unveil its ground-breaking technology, branded as 'Orbo', on February 25.

Qaboos Uni Conference Hall

Steorn hopes the presentations will inspire the student and engineering faculty towards engaging with this new technology. "Our focus is on getting our Orbo technology into the hands of organizations that will push it into the market," says CEO Sean McCarthy. "We are starting this process in the Middle East, a region with a strong energy heritage and a real commitment to the development of alternative energies for the future."

The presentations are
"expected to generate international interest, given the fierce controversy surrounding Steorn and its so-called 'free energy technology".

Steorn are scheduled to give the first presentation tomorrow at Qatar University. (see previous posts)

Read the full article here


Steorn - Qatar University Talk Details

Monday, February 16, 2009

As previously posted, Steorn's CEO Sean McCarthy will give a talk to engineering students at the University Of Qatar at 11:00 am to 12:30 pm on Feb 18th local time.

The venue will be: College of Engineering / Corridor 9- Room no.111
Click here for a PDF flyer of the talk

If you can ignore the poor English of the Uni guy who wrote the PDF you'll see that the talk is on "Conservation Of Energy And Specifically Our Claims With Respect To Energy In Asymmetric Magnetic Systems".

It is stated that: "The purpose of the presentation is to provide an insight into the principle theory and possible applications of the technology and is designed only to inform and stimulate student engineering, research understanding and interest.

This is the first date in what is a worldwide tour of Universities for Steorn, prior to the full commercial launch of their free energy technology "Orbo" later in the year.


Steorn Middle East Tour: Qatar University On February 18th

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Qatar University

Qatar based English Speaking Daily "The Peninsula" is reporting that Steorn are scheduled to deliver their presentation at Qatar University on February 18th.

Here is what they reported:

DOHA: The Finland-based alternative energy company Steorn will kick-start its Middle East ‘face-to-face’ discussions regarding the principles behind its newly-developed controversial Orbo technology, from Doha.

The first leg of its tour is scheduled to start from Qatar University on February 18, before moving on to a number of universities in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The Steorn announced that it will hold a number of presentations throughout the Middle East during the first half of this year. Similar tours across Europe and he US will commence during summer 2009.

Orbo is a technology that creates energy from magnetic interactions. It provides free, clean and constant energy at the point of use. It is a platform technology that can be engineered to power anything from a phone, to a fridge to a car.

However, a section of scientists have challenged this claim saying energy cannot be simply created.

Qatar University Homepage


3 Independent Engineers: Eat That!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I have a soft squishy spot for Rupert Goodwins, to be fair.....actually it's more of an unreachable itch.

He's like your favourite old uncle who when you told him that you're computer had a virus he'd demolish your argument with the old "Computers can't have viruses, they're machines " line, that anyone born pre 1972 is so apt at delivering.

That stubborn refusal to accept technological progress (despite being a technology writer), especially when it chews up and violently spits out the laws of thermodynamics and about 30 or 40 other scientific "laws" and theorems. To be fair to Rupert though he doesn't have a spinny Orbo on his desk, so it can't possibly be true then....can it?

His recent ZDNet post regarding Steorn was agonisingly familiar. Uncle Buck was back, lecturing his column devotees with a few carefully selected hilarious potshots at Steorn. After that he calmed the readers down and reassuringly wiped their moist laden brows that the laws of thermodynamics were intact and that it was all a dream- Steorn would go away soon, honest.

So since Great Uncle Rupert cherry picked the Steorn facts and left out the good bits I thought I'd set the record straight.

The most glaringly obvious fact that was left out of his column was right there on the homepage of the Steorn site.

THREE INDEPENDENT QUALIFIED ENGINEERS TESTIFYING TO A GAIN OF ENERGY. This went completely unmentioned in his coulumn - not a single word on it. A 10 minute video showing these guys saying that there IS an effect but Rupert's column tells us precisely......NADA. He neglects to say that the it's not just Steorn saying there's a gain of energy now, but independent engineers. Unbelievable.

He went on:

Rupert: "Orbo is too fearsomely powerful for the knowledge to be given to people willy-nilly. You have to get it from the Learning and Knowledge Base. And that will be limited, at first, to 300 people - just in case... erm, well, just in case. Eventually, festooned with the carefully controlled knowledge and licensed to the hilt - one suspects that NDAs will feature heavily here"

Great uncle Rupert here neglects to tell us that AFTER stage one it's a free for all for ANYONE who fancies binning off the local power company and building an Orbo powered device. Steorn have the simplest fairest and most effective licensing program ever dreamed up, where someone who wants to build Orbo in their garage has the same access as SONY Corporation. A revoultionary approach to licensing, but yet AGAIN, not even mentioned.

As a welcome departure from the usual corporate license money printing cabals most companies have in place, Steorn's fairness and simplistic approach to licensing deserved a column on it's own.

Some 18 months ago Rupert promised to eat a marzipan hat if there was anything of substance to the Steorn claims. I hope the pastry chef who bakes it is from Texas and has a cranium the size of Houston.


Steorn Video: Engineers Agree - "There Is An Energy GAIN".

Friday, February 6, 2009

They don't waste any time, do they? The video is already on YouTube.
This is the newly released video from Steorn. In it, you will see 3 qualified independent engineers confirm that there is a net energy gain.

They are quite unequivicoble in their assesments. Orbo provides free enrgy.

Engineer John A M Rice asked 4 questions for the conclusion of his testing report on the Steorn Effect.

Is the test equipment appropriate and suitable for purpose? - YES

Is the predictor test rig, and it's component parts, controls and it systems utilIsed in a manner that delivers accurate, consistent and repeatable test results? - YES

Are the applied methods and procedures as observed by yours truly during the tests objective and pertinent? - YES

Do the test results provide a suitable context in support of the claim - YES


Steorn: "Orbo launch will be 2009".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Steorn launches SteornLab and sets out plans for 2009 launch of Orbo

Press Release From Steorn:

After six years of research and development, Steorn launches the first of the four technology streams associated with the development of Orbo technology.

SteornLab is a range of laboratory and test equipment targeted at organisations developing rotary and magnetic systems. The first two SteornLab products are available to purchase from today.

A second technology range, ZeroF passive magnetic bearings, is scheduled for commercial launch during summer 2009.

The Steorn commercialisation and e-learning platform, SKDB, will launch alongside the much-anticipated Orbo technology towards the end of 2009.

The final testing of the SKDB commences with a call for 300 engineering organisations / qualified engineers to sign up. There will be no subscription charge for those involved in this final testing phase, just a requirement to enter into our standard developer licence agreement.

"2009 represents a turning point for Steorn, Orbo and our other technology ranges," said CEO Sean McCarthy. "It marks the end of a long cycle of R&D and sees us making a strong push towards commercialisation - our plans show the business reaching profitability in the next 12 to 18 months."


New Steorn Site Goes Live This Evening

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Steorn site is scheduled to be uploaded this evening GMT.

Keep an eye on


Steorn Website: Something Happening?

The main menu page on has been replaced by a very teasing set of stage curtains shrouded in black with the date "4th February" in bold letters.

Is this the start of the commercialization process for Orbo free energy technology? It certainly looks like it is. As Steorn CEO (Sean Mccarthy) stated a few weeks ago - they are looking to engage with the engineering community to find 300 engineering firms to take the Steorn Effect and incoporate that into their own products.

The products that will ultimately be developed over the next few years will only be limited by imagination. A technology like this (in these uncertain times) could be a massive boost to world economies and any company not engaging in this process willlose the vital edge in free energy product development later down the line.

As some blogs have wrongly predicted, this is not the end for Steorn, but this is actually just the beginning. Some very positive things are to come this year.

See for yourself at



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