Steorn Video: Engineers Agree - "There Is An Energy GAIN".

Friday, February 6, 2009

They don't waste any time, do they? The video is already on YouTube.
This is the newly released video from Steorn. In it, you will see 3 qualified independent engineers confirm that there is a net energy gain.

They are quite unequivicoble in their assesments. Orbo provides free enrgy.

Engineer John A M Rice asked 4 questions for the conclusion of his testing report on the Steorn Effect.

Is the test equipment appropriate and suitable for purpose? - YES

Is the predictor test rig, and it's component parts, controls and it systems utilIsed in a manner that delivers accurate, consistent and repeatable test results? - YES

Are the applied methods and procedures as observed by yours truly during the tests objective and pertinent? - YES

Do the test results provide a suitable context in support of the claim - YES



Anonymous,  February 8, 2009 at 8:49 AM  

Do you know these guys?

What makes you so sure they are engineers? Why would engineers be fit for purpose of validating OU?

Why believe them? They could be just some paid actors, having a tough time because of the credit crisis.

Why not having the jury members (from respectable academic institutions) giving testimonials? Did a jury even exist at one time?

Questions ... questions ...

We know the answer.

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