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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free Energy is real and has been known about since at least the time of Tesla.

The definition of free energy in regard to what we are truly talking about here is not the same as how we think about solar power, wind or tidal as free energy. True free energy as developed by Steorn (Orbo Technology) is described as follows:

"Orbo produces free, clean and constant energy - that is our claim. By free we mean that the energy produced is done so without recourse to external source. By clean we mean that during operation the technology produces no emissions. By constant we mean that with the exception of mechanical failure the technology will continue to operate indefinitely."

At the time of writing (May 2008) it is not known what force of nature powers Orbo, but that the most likely candidates would be zero-point energy or the "vacuum energy" as it is also known. Others have speculated that "dark energy" may be responsible. There is much we don't know about the universe.

The way the world looks today should be very different to how it will look after Orbo tech is officially launched. Everything you can think of that uses power - cars, phones, iPODs, lights, televisions, ships, computers, will be able to be powered by Orbo technology.

Forget recharging and messing around with batteries. Forget stopping to fill up your car. You won't need to. Forget charging your phone. Plugs, wires and sockets will not be needed as everything will be capable of having it's own miniature Orbo power plant.

Not enough rain in desert areas? No problem - massive scale desalination of seawater can occur cheaply since energy will be free. With massive scale desalination comes plentiful water and with plentiful water comes large scale irrigation and massive increases in food production and yields.

It's a new world in every sense.


Archer Quinn Wheel: Replications Under Way

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Since Archer Quinn first released details of his gravity wheel there have been a few people who've started work on replicating the "Archer Wheel", or as Archer calls it "The Sword Of God".

One person - Red Rider (video below) says in the clip that Archer's device actually works as said. Although, at this time there is no footage of a working model yet. June 20th is still being mentioned as the date for release of schematics and video of Archer's Gravity Wheel.

Video Of Red Rider's Attempt

Video Of Dusty's Attempt

A third known attempt is also underway by Clanzer. Shown below are some pics of Clanzer's very slick and clean looking prototype (work in progress).

Replication Thread on

Archer's Website


Orion Project Uncovers New Inventor & Device

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dr Steven Greer's Orion Project has recently found an inventor who is working with them on a pulsed motor design to deliver free, clean and unpolluting energy.

Close-up of the Pulsed Motor Generator made of precision cut specialty alloy metals

"Through a very fortuitous chain of connections and referrals we have made contact with a brilliant, cutting edge inventor. As he has requested to remain anonymous, we shall refer to him as Mr. Q to protect his privacy. Dr. Ted Loder, chief technical advisor for The Orion Project, and Bill Costantino, TOP board member, recently spent two days intensively reviewing the inventor's technology."

Dr. Ted Loder examines the prototype Pulsed Motor Generator under construction at Mr. Q's workshop.

"Mr. Q presented a wide range of possible technologies for over-unity energy devices as well as numerous past prototype samples, all expertly and meticulously designed, machined, and assembled. The most immediately promising device is a combined pulsed motor / generator (PMG)."

"Q is a humble though well accomplished inventor. By his own admission, he was born with the inventor gene and has been creating devices since he was thirteen. He has intensively studied and been inspired by Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John Bedini, and Tom Bearden to name a few."

"The Orion Project has already contacted a senior designer with 30 years experience who has also been independently working on control circuits for pulsed motors. These two inventors will soon be collaborating to deliver a working over-unity device capable of indefinitely producing clean, sustainable electric power without the use of polluting fossil fuels of any kind.

If such a breakthrough is indeed possible, we expect to have actual data from preliminary tests within 2-3 months!"

The Orion Project


Archer Quinn Posts Free Energy Plans Early

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Archer Quinn Update

Australian Inventor Archer Quinn whom we interviewed recently has posted his free energy plans already. Weeks before his own self-imposed deadline. Archer Quinn had recently said that he would release plans for building a perpetual motion machine nicknamed "The Sword Of God" on June 20th.

Archer claims that his device will maintain perpetual motion have yet to be replicated by any independent parties or repeatable tests.

He still plans to keep building his own device.

Archer Quinn's Website


Randi Rant: JREF Attacks FE Truth Blog & Steorn

Friday, May 2, 2008

James Randi (debunker) has made an astonishing attack on the FE Truth blog and Steorn.

In Randi's latest collection of misguided ramblings on SWIFT - (Swift is the weekly online newsletter of the JREF and is written by James Randi.) Randi incorrectly refers to Steorn and Orbo as "farces" and then after debunking Australian inventor Archer Quinn, goes on to provide a badly Photoshop'ed FE Truth logo seemingly with the word "Truth" fading. Think Marti's fading family picture from "Back To The Future" and you're on the right track.

Amazingly, Randi admits to the fact he hasn't even seen FE Truth (hmm really) , he goes on to say "I'm told that a link to the interview is at the very end of the interview here." (You love it mate! - LOL).

If we are getting up Randi's nose then job well done.

Archer Quinn may or may not have free energy - we have NEVER stated he did. If he does (and we'll find out on June 20th) then we can all tell Al Gore to get a job as a welder and hand back his Nobel Prize cos he ain't needed no more - ka-peesch!

However we have always maintained that Steorn definitely have free energy technology (Orbo). This has not changed and our position on this has only strengthened with time.

When Steorn's free energy technology "Orbo" is officially validated and released then none of this will even matter - it will be the end of the road for free energy debunkers like JR and all the rest of them we've had the displeasure of meeting along the way.

After validation there should be no hard feelings in the end, as we'd like to take Randi out in Dublin and buy him a few consolation pints of Guinness anyway - he'll need it after losing credibility and the $1,000,000 prize money for displaying that perpetual motion (free energy) is possible.

Link To The "Randi Rant"



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