Steorn 2008: The Year Ahead

Monday, December 31, 2007

I’d say we can expect a resurgent Steorn to emerge this year after a self-induced publicity coma.

A second public demo will occur that will most likely be held live in Dublin within the first 6 months of the year. I’d expect that the format will be much the same as the Kinetica demo. Live webcams, public up close and a device doing useful work with no identifiable source of energy. Nice.

As Steorn have already told us, the demo will just “happen” and not be pre-announced, so expect absolutely no warning in the press. Not that the press are too concerned with reporting on free energy anyway and are more concerned with celebrities entering rehab.

I’d guess that there would need to be some sort of Steorn jury announcement in 2008 as to the successful validation of the technology by the 22 scientists.

Hopefully 2008 will be remembered, as the year free energy was introduced to the world.

Happy New Year,
FE Truth


Steorn: Free Energy 2007 - A Year In Review

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well, that’s just about it for 2007.

Let’s take time to reflect on some of the events of 2007. The year started with the SPDC (Steorn Private Developers Club) being officially opened in February and taking shape nicely.

We had the unfortunate leaking of the Stonkey (Steorn Oil Donkey) validation product video first which made an ironic and sharp witted poke at the oil industry and the corporate elite who run it. We then had the Steorn jury start work on evaluating the technology.

One member of the jury underestimated the power of Google search and minutes of a meeting where he confirms Steorn jury membership were made public by mistake. Since then no other jury members have been identified – a clear indication of how successful the process has been.

Then more importantly and probably one of the most tantalizing pieces of publicly available evidence was the leaking onto Google Video of the film footage featuring respected engineer Thieu Knapen (pictured above). You know the one I mean. The one where he concludes that Steorn have indeed found a way to extract free energy and where he speaks about it as being a miracle. Anyway, I digress…

On the opposite foot we then had the Steorn London demo at Kinetica Museum which although it ran initially, eventually had bearing failure before the public got to see it. Ultimately this was the low point of the entire Steorn year.

Following that we had (SPDC member) Blake who is the first known non-Steorn employee to have successfully recreated a working prototype which ran for 8 hours and possibly more without any identifiable energy source. In a world exclusive FE Truth interviewed Blake and got his personal account of the events of that night.

Then I interviewed Sean McCarthy (CEO of Steorn) here on FE Truth and among other things he had the following to say.

FE Truth: What sort of a fight do you expect that the energy / oil / mining companies will put up to stop Orbo from impacting their business?

Sean: Unfair would be the straight answer. I’m from that industry and they’re not fair fights… but I’m looking forward to them.

FE Truth: Have you had any licensing enquiries from interested companies since you went public in August 2006?

Sean: Every day of every week.

FE Truth: What’s Steorn’s position on the licensing of the tech for possible military and weapons applications?

Sean: It’s specifically precluded.

FE Truth: How many patents do Steorn hold in relation to Orbo technology?

Sean: In the region of 15 – 20 applicationsFE Truth: I know I’m asking you to try and be psychic here, but if your timeline of validation goes to schedule and electronics /engineering companies start licensing orbo technology for development in their own products, how soon should the public expect to see orbo powered consumer products on sale? Is 2009 an unrealistic target?

Sean: It depends on what kind of products you are talking about. I always equate this to the hard disk drive. Right now you can have a hard disk with huge capacity for fifty bucks but that’s not how they started out, they started out costing a hundred million dollars for a couple of hundred kb of disk space, this has taken 50 years. Orbo will be no different.

I doubt it will be the same fifty year cycle with Orbo because development timeframes are always compressing. Also community development as we plan to have with the SKDB compresses timeframes but we cannot put a specific date on it. We can only hope that it happens in a short timeframe. There’s a lot of engineering involved in taking Orbo from where it is to your phone.

FE Truth: Have Steorn ever been offered a deal by a large corporate to buy the technology? I’m thinking along the lines of GE or Toyota, General Motors. Those types of companies.

Sean: We’ve had lots of interest from very large multinational companies but we haven’t presented an opportunity to discuss it. Our position has been clear from the outset; we’ll validate this and then the big companies will get the same shot as the small guys down the road.Also, when asked about whether Steorn had been offered money or “incentives” to black shelve their technology Sean says that this had not happened.

He had this to add “No amount of money can prevent the technology getting to market.”

Just recently The President of Ireland Mary McAleese then visited Docklands Innovation Park (home of Steorn) to recognize the park as a centre of excellence and innovation.

All in all, despite the demo problems we’ve had several public endorsements of Steorn’s free energy claims by third parties, so a good year for them in that sense.


Steorn Public Opinion Poll Sabotaged

Monday, December 10, 2007

Some months ago we started an opinion poll on what the public thought of Steorn. In the last two weeks someone has painstakingly voted then removed the voting cookie, then voted again tens and tens of times in order to skew the results towards the "hoax" choice.

We know where the perpetrators motivation lies and to which organisation they are loosely involved with. It was a feeble attempt and has only shown them up for the cockroaches they are.

This proves that we are doing something right and we will continue to bring out the truth about free energy, it's existence, and it's subsequent supression. In particular we will continue to bring you news of the most promising free energy technology so far. Orbo.

The choices were:

1. I believe them.
2. It's a hoax / fraud
3. Measurement error.

Up until a couple of weeks ago BEFORE the poll was manipulated by the stats were as follows:

1. 40%
2. 30%
3. 30%

Quite clearly showing that 70% believe Steorn's claims or that it's measurement error. Only a third thought that it was some sort of hoax. Quite clearly the biggest percentage is in the "I believe them" category. A victory for common sense and a tribute to the public's growing awareness of the truth.

FE Truth - "You can handle the truth"


Australia: Petrol Price Fixers Could Face Jail

In Australia this week:

Oil company bosses and petrol retailers found guilty of price-fixing could face criminal convictions and jail sentences under new federal government reforms.

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