New Free Energy Initiative: Steven Greer's Orion Project

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Announcing: The Orion Project
A new non-profit research foundation named The Orion Project ( has been created to develop new, out-of-the-box energy solutions.

Based near the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, The Orion Project has been founded to bring together highly accomplished scientists, researchers, inventors and thinkers who have expertise in advanced energy generation and propulsion technologies. Their goal is to develop bold new energy generation technologies within the next two years that will completely replace the need for oil, gas, coal and nuclear power.

It is known that, since the time of Nicola Tesla in the early 1900s, advances in energy generation and propulsion systems have been developed, only to be ignored, actively suppressed or forgotten.

The Orion Project's Director, Steven M. Greer MD, notes that:
"In the past 18 years, our team has developed a database of scientific advances in new, clean tech energy systems that, if properly funded and supported, have the potential to completely revolutionize how we generate energy. These breakthroughs in physics- so-called Zero Point Energy, electro-gravitic propulsion and other systems- have, up to this point, been developed and hidden in illegally classified projects in the US, UK and elsewhere. The Orion Project has identified the most qualified brain-trust of scientists and inventors who understand this new science, and are ready to come together to help solve the energy and environmental crisis facing humanity today."

The Orion Project has announced a $3 million capital fund raising campaign so that these promising clean-technology energy researchers can be brought together in one place to build the initial proof of principle prototype to help solve the energy crisis once and for all. This prototype will be designed to meet all the energy needs of a typical home or business while having a zero-carbon footprint using new electromagnetic and related energy breakthroughs.

Dr. Greer states that, "The world needs an immediate Manhattan-style project to find real energy solutions and deliver them to the people. Now the public can support this quest through a tax-deductible donation. If 100,000 people go to and contribute $30 each in the next 60 days, we will be able to open this new energy research facility and bring together some of the best minds on the planet to help solve our critical energy needs. Now is the time to act - the Earth has waited long enough for humanity to come together to find a way to live in harmony with her and with abundance and peace for all of her children. This cannot happen with the zero-sum game of fossil fuel. Only these new energy sciences hold the key to unlocking the wonderful future that awaits us."

For more information on The Orion Project and its specific scientific projects, or to request an interview with Dr. Steven Greer or Dr. Ted Loder, please go to


Steorn: Debunker Desperation Creeps In

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Randi (pictured above) in one of his dramatic poses.

You'll remember recently that Bob Park and James Randi recently laid into Steorn and wrongly proclaimed that the company had folded in 2007. In our last post we exposed how a basic error in these two geriatric debunkers fact checking showed how little they actually know of Steorn and free energy. We only just stopped laughing at this when....

In what can only be seen as an act of debunker desperation, Randi's latest pile of kaka (less than a week later) again contains the same nonsense. It's anyone's guess why the sublime is now turning into the ridiculous, but they may now have realised that they've called it very wrong this time and they're now trying to do overkill. Debunker panic, realisation, fear? Fear that Steorn really do have what they say.

As they and the entire world will no doubt in time see, Steorn are VERY, VERY serious indeed about bringing this technology to the world.



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