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Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Energy Truth was first launched on 27th April 2007. Thank you to everyone who continues to support our efforts to bring the subject of free energy technology to the attention of the world. Thank-you to all the people who consistently share our videos, information and blogposts - your efforts are helping spread the word enormously.

We'll be here for as long as it takes to get the desired outcome - you can count on it.


97 E-Cats In Operation Right Now Accross 4 Countries

Andrea Rossi Pictured With E-Cat

Yesterday we found out some amazing information. In one of Andrea Rossi's question and answer sessions on his blog he was asked some questions to which he gave some startling answers.

How many e-cats are in continuous operation today? - 97
How many geographic locations are e-cats running today? - 4
Are there any e-cats running in the US with businesses you own or individuals you trust? - YES

So to recap on this, Rossi is saying that at this moment there are 97 e-cats installed and working accross 4 different countries, with some already installed in the businesses of trusted individuals. The 4 countries are presumably USA (Rossi's Company Leonardo Corp), Italy, Greece and it's anyone's guess what the 4th one is.

Andrea Rossi is the inventor of the e-cat (energy catalyzer).  A commercially viable cold fusion technology which is going into full production later this year. If you are new to the story and need some some quick facts on this remarkable technology please watch this video.

Please share this information as far and as wide as possible as we are encountering a high level of resistance in the mainstream media over the non-coverage of this important discovery.


E-Cat To Be Official Launch Name

Yesterday during a question and answer session, Andrea Rossi confirmed to me that his cold fusion technology will be officially named the "E-Cat".  

Up until this point we have known his technology by many names - such as the energy catalyzer, e-catalyzer, Rossi Catalyzer among others, so it was good to finally settle on something the world can agree on. I posed some other questions to Rossi to which he gave quite concise answers.

"The single most important development in recent history, but it's not worthy of mention."

I asked him if he had "made any agreements / partnerships with official govt agencies eg: DoE to facilitate the rollout / distribution of your technology?" to which he replied NO.  It had been previously postulated that the agreement "of tremendous importance" he recently signed in the USA was a collaboration between his company US based (Leonardo Corp) and the Department Of Energy. Now we know this to be untrue.

Amazingly, (and we say deliberately) Rossi confirmed that he has not been asked for an interview by ANY of the major media networks.   It is blatantly obvious that there is an ongoing deliberate and orchestrated attempt to stop the public becoming aware of Rossi's E-Cat, which when you set it against the backdrop of the recent Fukoshima nuclear disaster, makes the media silence all the more stark. The single most important development in recent history and in a time of crisis, but it's not worthy of mention.

I also asked Rossi if he could give an indication of when the e-cat units would become available for purchase to those in industry who would benefit from the installation of this technology.  His answer was October / November this year.

I posed this particular question due to the volume of emails we are getting asking where and how you can buy an e-cat.  Many of the people interested have their own factories and communities that would benefit from going off-grid. At the moment it is still unclear how the e-cats will be sold and in which countries they will be available, although it is expected that Greece will be leading the field in free energy as we approach 2012.


PR Watch: "Media Ignores Energy Breakthrough"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Energy Truth are not the only ones to notice how the stunning E-Cat energy breakthrough made by Andrea Rossi and his team is being deliberately ignored by the mainstream press. 

Ann Landman of The Centre for Media and Democracy's site "PR Watch" has recently written a fantastic article exposing the seemingly deliberate silence. We congratulate Ann for her courage to speak up and tell it like it is in a world filled with corporate backroom deals and corporately controlled media. Our Fifth Estate ceased to be a check and balance a long time ago and now does not answer to the public, but serves it's money masters.

The silence by the controlled mainstream press is particularly noticeable and also inexcusable given the dramatic loss of life and ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan which now dwarfs the Chernobyl Event in terms of seriousness.

Anne Landman: Managing Editor of the Center for Media and Democracy

"The mainstream media has all but bypassed a truly remarkable development that could potentially be the biggest breakthrough in energy production since the discovery of fire". - Ann Landman

Ann sums the situation up perfectly here:

"The American media seems either unwilling or unable to grasp the significance of the Energy Catalyzer, or is omitting discussion of it for other reasons. The absence of news about the Energy Catalyzer, we could postulate, might be because it poses a threat to powerful American corporations that both control big media outlets and are vested in the energy production status quo. (Think General Electric, which both owns NBC and manufactures traditional nuclear fission reactors.) There would also appear to be motive enough to continue this news block as climate change pushes more policymakers to reconsider the more dangerous traditional nuclear power, and as corporations that benefit from recent huge price hikes in fossil fuels continue to rake in fabulous wealth with no end in sight."



Rossi Energy Catalyzer: The Story So Far - Part 1

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rossi Energy Catalyzer: The Story So Far - Part 1 - The first in a series of videos where we'll be tracking the major events and information while following the commercial rollout of the first cold-fusion devices for industrial application in 2011.

For this and more videos visit our YouTube Channel - please share on your blogs, with your friends and with your social networks.


Hot Fusion Scientist Goes Cold On Rossi Catalyzer

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rossi with Essen and Kullander

A skeptic who's own career is based around working with hot fusion has stepped out to rubbish the work of Andrea Rossi's team.  Peter Ekström is a senior lecturer in Nuclear Physics at the Faculty of Science, Lund University in Sweden.

His conclusions are that Rossi's e-cat technology is just a scam and that it will be revealed as such within one year from now. In his 4-page "report" Ekstrom compares the Rossi energy catalyzer to Blacklight Power, which according to Ekstrom is pseudoscience fuelled only by gullible investors who believe inventor Randell Mills has discovered "new physics".

In the report Ekstrom also takes care to include a mention for friend of James Randi - Bob Park, establishment defender and debunker of all things that science can't be shaken in a test tube.

He also goes on to claim that Rossi's energy catalyzer conflicts with 100 year old principles of nuclear physics - (how dare it, has it no respect! - Ed.)

Ekstrom hasn't been paying attention, since anyone who's been following the story closely will tell you  that Rossi has publicly stated on radio and via his blog that he is not looking for investors and is completely self-financed with money made from selling his own companies - immediately separating him from ANY comparison with Blacklight Power.

Meanwhile, Ekström's own field of hot fusion has spent tens of billions of tax dollars with nothing to show, and with Rossi's e-cat to ship before the end of the year it could also be the end for any tenure and funding of dollars into the hot fusion furnace.

Ekström's comments completely contrast the positive news this week by fellow Swedish physicists, Essén and Kullander who reported from the demonstration of the e-kitten (a smaller scale version of the e-cat) on the 29th of March.

Their conclusions were vastly different to Ekstrom mostly due to the fact that they ACTUALLY ATTENDED the demonstraion in person and interacted with the equipment unlike Ekstrom.

Kullander and Essen examined the test setup and checked for hidden power supplies.
They were also able to fill the reactor with hydrogen, calibrate the water flow, monitor
other equipment and closely observe the entire experiment.
Only 50 grams of nickel powder and a mere 0.11 grams of hydrogen were used in the experiment. They concluded - "We had free access to the heater electric supply, to the inlet water hose, to the outlet steam valve and water hose, and to the hydrogen gas feed pipe. The total weight of the device was estimated to be around 4 kg." An average of 4.69 kW of power was produced for nearly six hours while the average input was around 330 watts.  Roughly calculated to 15 times overunity!

Kullander and Essen also ruled out that the energy could be coming from a chemical source. They stated, "Any chemical process for producing 25 kWh from any fuel in a 50 cm3 container can be ruled out. The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production."

Hanno Essén, is associate professor of theoretical physics and a lecturer at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society.

Sven Kullander is Professor Emeritus at Uppsala University and chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Energy Committee.

Ekstrom's Report (Mostly In Swedish - Appedix In English)

Rossi Cold Fusion Validated by Swedish Skeptic's Society


Steorn Appoints Key Business Leaders To Board

Steorn have appointed 5 new directors to the board of the company, all having very extensive experience in business leadership.  The reshuffle comes amid a period of intense development by Steorn on developing a real world application of their technology in the form of high powered heaters based on Orbo technology.

"Steorn announces the addition of new directors to the board of the company with the addition of a new company Secretary, a position previously held by Sean McCarthy.

CEO and director Sean McCarthy says "we are pleased to announce the addition of five new directors to the board, their background and experience will compliment Steorn as we continue the process of bringing Orbo enabled products to market".

As we reported recently, Steorn have been putting small pieces of information out through Twitter recently.

"3 kW - in the palm or your hand - just so cool!" was tweeted on March 28th and then quickly followed by a reply to a question from another Twitter user.

Nondual - @SteornOfficial no pics? no videos?

"SteornOfficial - @nondual Yep, within the next 4 weeks we plan to release info on a 15 kW heating element."

This latest strengthening of the Steorn team would suggest that they will indeed enter the marketplace with a real-world application later this year.

Read the press release here.

Steorn Twitter Feed


Rossi Energy Catalyzer: "Threatens Entire Industries and Countries"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 Andrea Rossi At The First Public Demonstration Of His Energy Catalyzer

In one of the most recent question and answer sessions on Andrea Rossi's "Journal Of Nuclear Physics" Rossi confirms that provision has been made in the event he were to be suicided or the project was forcibly shut down.

Many people have been concerned that such a disruptive technology such as Rossi's energy catalyzer would provoke a strong negative reaction among elements of the military industrial complex and corporations hell bent on protecting their power and profit.

"Obviously you are threatening entire industries and countries with  this technology. I really hope you have spread the knowledge far enough as to avoid being a target yourself or just having the project shut down."

Question: Dear Ing. Rossi,

"Amazing work. I am a good friend of Martin Fleischmans Grand Daughter. We have been keenly following your work since January. Anna and I have talked a lot about the  turmoil He experienced back then. As you probaly have heard from him during  your visit a few weeks ago, he has some depressing stories.

Obviously you are threatening entire industries and countries with this technology. I really hope you have spread the knowledge far enough as to avoid being a  target yourself or just having the project shut down. Have you considered sharing the exact workings of the device; catalysts, quantities, pressure, ect?

I understand the financial benefit you stand to make but maybe the world needs this out there so we can start to put right the damage done during the oil age. If you were to ask for donations for the download of the design I think you would still end up one of the richest men in the world along with the most well
remembered. Think what happened to GM electric car, Stanley Meyer and others. I think I speak for most of the worlds youth when i say please share before its too late!! You will be Leonardo Divinche [sic] of the 21st century."

"Dear Mr Aron Duckworth:
As I said many times, Fleishman and Pons have been the ones who gave us a dream following which the present results have been achieved. We owe this to them. As for what you ask, yes, I have made the necessary deeds.

Please present my best wishes to Martin Fleishman.

Warm regards,
Andrea Rossi

3 E-Cats Stripped Of Their Insulation

A Closeup Of The Main Chamber

E-Cat With Insulation Stripped

Other Rossi News: A Theory

Rossi has been holding off presenting a theory on why these reactions are taking place and what he thinks is the underlying theory behind the energy catalyzer.

Yesterday he confirmed again that when the 1MW plant starts up in October he will release his own theory on what he thinks is happening.  This is one of the reasons that his patent has hit a stumbling block as it was not accompanied by a theory of operation.  From comments Rossi has previously made in the last few months he has already said that he doesn't believe that it is "cold fusion" in the true sense, but that it may be neutron capture that is enabling the reaction.

Whether he presents this as his actual theory, we will need to wait until October to find out.

"Dear Mr Paul Fernhout:
Thank you for your insight. In October, with the start up of the 1 MW plant I will also release the theory behind the effect.
Warm regards,


Rossi Energy Catalyzer: "A Network Of Plants To Sell The Energy".

Sunday, April 10, 2011

 Sergio Focardi And Andrea Rossi With The Energy Catalyzer

Yesterday I asked Dr Andrea Rossi (Inventor of promising new cold fusion technology - The Energy Catalyzer) if he could share some more information on the nature of the contract he had signed on 7th April. His reply was very intriguing as he seemed to indicate that his company (Leonardo Corporation) would work in partnership with another as yet undisclosed company to build a "network of plants".

Dr Rossi,

Are you able to tell us any more regarding the nature of the contract you mentioned was signed in the USA yesterday? Can you perhaps indicate whether this was a contract from a customer to manufacture supply e-cats or if this was with a supplier for materials? 

Any information would be appreciated as there is growing excitement around the commercial rollout of your technology.

Many Thanks,

(Editor) - Free Energy Truth

Dear Craig:

The Customer of us is a kind of Customer you need to have a written authorization of to talk about him. In due time we will make a joint communication. We will manufacture together a network of plants to sell the energy. I am very happy for this, because I am extremely indebted with the USA, where I got my rebirth, and we will make here new jobs and a useful work, so I will give back part of the help I got, as it is my duty. I always give back what I get, turned into energy. It’s my job.

Warm Regards,


Help The US Economy

Rossi seems very grateful for the opportunities he has had to develop his technology in the United States. As a result of this it would seem he wants to put something back in to the US economy in the form of many new jobs which would be realized through his remarkable technology.

Start Of An Energy Revolution

This would seem to echo the comments of Trends Journal forecaster Gerald Celente, who at the start of the year predicted a new energy revolution from exotic energy technologies such as Rossi's energy catalyzer. Barely two weeks after Celente's prediction the public demonstration of Rossi's Energy Catalyzer took place.

Gerald Celente Predicts Energy Revolution Back In January

“On a very positive note, go back to 1990. What got us out of the recession? A productive capacity: the Internet Revolution. Products were invented, designed, manufactured, serviced…"

As Big As The Discovery Of Fire Or The Wheel

“What we’re going to see now is an energy revolution. There are scientific visionaries and entrepreneurs that we see; and we’re going to be releasing more information in two weeks in Trends Journal about breakthroughs in new energy that could shift the whole game. It may be as big as the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel.”

************************* UPDATE ****************************

Later in the day my question prompted another poster to further enquire as to the expected announcement date of the joint venture.

Ivan Moho - "Are you able to give a very rough estimate (or rather, order of magnitude) for the time until the announcement date?
Is it a matter of days, weeks, months or more (i.e: a year or more)?"

Dr Andrea Rossi - "Dear Mr Ivan Moho:
Warm Regards,


Energy Catalyzer: "Important Contract" Signed in USA.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The commercial process of rolling out this revolutionary technology "The Energy Catalyzer", or "E-Cat" seems to be moving full steam ahead (pun intended). In a question and answer session on Rossi's online journal yesterday Rossi admitted that a an "important contract" had been signed in the United States. Additionally, Rossi re-confirmed that October is the scheduled date for the 1MW plant to open.

Contract Signing

"Dr. Rossi,

I recently read that Dr.Hanno Essén, and Dr.Sven Kullander were invited to investigate your energy catalyser. Their report is most compelling. I am thoroughly convinced that your device is for real. It is very exciting. Thank you for letting such distinguished academics report on your technology. The world will soon be listening, but so far the North American world remains oblivious."

Dear Mr Bruce Fast:
Wrong: yesterday we signed a very important contract in the USA .
Warm Regards,
A.R. (Andrea Rossi)

Confirmation of October For Opening Of 1MW Plant

Dear Joseph Fine:
In October, when we will start the 1 MW plant ( and you will be invited to attend) I will release the theory. For now I just publish all the comments related with maximum respect, but without reviewing, for obvious reasons. Maybe from these comments can be born competition: I wouldn’t mind.
Your insights are always very interesting.
Warm Regards,


The Silent Energy Revolution: Cold Fusion Gets The Cold Shoulder

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The world doesn't know it yet, but we are standing on the verge of an energy revolution.

On the 14th January 2011, Italians Andrea A. Rossi and Sergio Focardi announced they had developed a working cold fusion technology capable of generating massive amounts of free energy in a ratio (33/1) that completely wipes the floor with conventional energy from fossil fuels. An amazing 400 watts input versus 15,000 watts output was demonstrated using their device - The Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat as it is known.

A successful test of the 10Kw reactor was demonstrated to 50 invited guests, media and engineers including representatives from the University of Bologna (The oldest University In The World). This university is now also engaged in a year long study of the device.

So what was the exotic fuel that was used to enable these physics busting energy gains? It's probably costly, hard to manufacture and in short supply - right?

Wrong. You may be amazed to find out that this amazing new fuel source is powdered nickel, one of the cheapest and most common materials on the surface of the earth.

Actually, it's powdered nickel and pressurized hydrogen, but quantities so small you would fall of your chair laughing. So small in fact that the reactor only needs a thimblefull or so every six months in it's projected 20 year life expectancy. An as yet undisclosed catalyst enables the reaction, but with patents not yet granted Rossi is staying tight-lipped for now on the secret sauce.

You're thinking what's the downside to all this? There must be some safety issue, after all we're dealing with a fusion technology so there must be radioactive waste products.

Wrong again. The table-top sized reactors leave no trace of radioactivity, simply producing small amounts of copper as a biproduct of the process.

But it's probably decades away from being marketed I hear you say.  Nope. Rossi's company in the United States (Leonardo Corporation) is at this very moment gearing up for shipping reactors to customers by late October and mass production to follow on from that.

Sergio Focardi And Andrea Rossi Pictured With Energy Catalyzer

And for everyone who thinks it must be a scam, Rossi has invested all of his own money in making this a reality and is not accepting offers of investment until the first customer has successfully implemented the working technology. No better peer-review than a working device producing energy.

"We are dealing with a highly disruptive energy technology that is 10-30 times cheaper than conventional energy generation, it's also completely clean and has a virtually inexhaustible fuel supply. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why some folks would see this as a threat." - Free Energy Truth

The first sector to benefit from installation will be factories and industry where red-tape and certifications are limited compared to the safety requirements for home reactors. However, they will no doubt follow soon after as the technology is further refined and developed, no doubt becoming smaller and even MORE efficient over time.

Rossi stated that they have had one reactor running constantly for the last 2 years providing heat for an entire factory. So efficient in fact that the electricity costs were reduced by 90%.

So why have you not heard about this on TV or read it in the newspapers? Well, if you lived in Greece you WOULD have already heard about it.  Greek television, a Swedish Tech Blog, PESWIKI and a handful of other alternative media blogs(including this one) HAVE been talking about it since January, desperately trying to get the news out.  But a mixture of Charlie Sheen's exploits, two Germans getting hitched and an impenetrable wall of sickly sweet Justin Bieber hype has meant our own "torpedo of truth" has all but missed the U-boat of mainstream news.

But for one article in the Washinton Times, mainstream news coverage has been non-existent, and if you know anything about corporate control of the media it won't take you long to figure out why. 

We are dealing with a highly disruptive energy technology that is 10-30 times cheaper than conventional energy generation, it's also completely clean and has a virtually inexhaustible fuel supply. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why some folks would see this as a threat.

The grim reality of nuclear power generation.

Meanwhile, events at the stricken Fukoshima nuclear plant show no sign of improvement. With seawater now contaminated, fish showing signs of contamination and radiocative Iodine 7.5 million times the safe legal limit found near the reactor there can be absolutely no doubt now in anyone's mind that nuclear is not an option.

We now HAVE an alternative, wake up and smell the penne al aribiata!

So in the end, will the Free Energy Truth of an impending energy revolution eventually breach the attention deficit disorder of the distracted masses of Bieberites and Sheen-esque warlocks?

"Duh, winning."



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