Steorn Turning Up The Heat In 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Steorn have used Twitter to deliver the latest salvo that they are working on a 15 kW heating element.

"3 kW - in the palm or your hand - just so cool!" was tweeted about 8 hours ago and then quickly followed by a reply to a question from another Twitter user.

Nondual - @SteornOfficial no pics? no videos?

"SteornOfficial - @nondual Yep, within the next 4 weeks we plan to release info on a 15 kW heating element."

If Steorn are working on a 15KW heating element then this would indicate they are working on a specific product / device and this would be a shift in direction away from their policy of not making specific products. 

Previously their stance to allow others to develop the platform technology (ORBO) into specific products and applications. 

During the e-Orbo demo in 2009/10 the test rigs shown were many times overunity and produced lots of energy mostly in the form of heat. If Orbo's first real world application is generating heat then this would be an ideal first product for the company to take to market.

Steorn Website

Steorn Twitter Page


Andrea Rossi Talks About The Energy Catalyzer On Coast To Coast AM

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cold fusion device the "Energy Catalyzer" looks almost certain now to become a fully realised technology. Finally ending fossil fuel dominance and beginning an energy revolution.

Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi appeared on last night's cult radio programme Coast To Coast hosted by George Noory alongside veteran Free Energy Researcher Sterling Allen of PESWIKI.COM. Rossi does not have the best English but managed to speak for a short time on his energy vision for humanity rather eerily on the 22nd anniversary to the day of Pons and Fleicshmanns original cold fusion announcement.

Over 500 radio stations accross America and many thousands more listeners on the internet heard how Rossi is initially making his device to cater firstly for industrial use in factories and manufacturing plants for both heat and power generation. The home market requires many more safety certification hurdles that will take time to negotiate. Industrial adoption of the E-cat does not require nearly so many legal hurdles and so will lend itself to quick take up and replacement of traditional energy generation. Rossi has sold his previously very successful business in order to finance the E-Cat development and research, spending millions of his own money in the process.

Rossi went on to say how a one megawatt facility would cost an estimated two million dollars to set up, with the energy produced costing roughly 1 cent per kilowatt-hour. At current prices this is about 4 times cheaper than conventional energy generation. This is a very impressive figure when you consider that this technology is in it's infancy.

The next decade could see power outputs and efficiencies of the energy catalyzer increase dramatically.

Sterling also talked about several other promising energy technologies that are coming to maturity, some of which could also be with us by the end of the year.

This is absolutely in line with the prediction made by Gerald Celente of Trends Research at the start of the year. In fact Celente made the prediction only 1 or 2 weeks before news of Rossi's Energy Catalyzer emerged from Italy.

Read Sterling's report here:


Sterling Allan and Andrea Rossi TONIGHT On Coast To Coast AM

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sterling Allan, researcher and founder of will be joined by Andrea Rossi (Inventor of The Energy Catalyzer) tonight on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory. Among other promising energy technologies Sterling will be discussing Rossi and Focardi's very promising cold fusion technology which looks set to transform energy generation.

The first two hours of the show George will talk with author and researcher David Icke.


Energy Catalyzer: Andrea Rossi's Cold Fusion Device

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For newcomers to the story, the Energy Catalyzer is the world's first commercially viable cold fusion reactor.

The device has been tested for many years before being made public recently. This year sees a marked acceleration in activity as a demonstration of a 1MW facility is being talked about for the USA followed by the construction of a massive 1 MW facility comprising approx 125 10KW modules which will be built in Greece.

Although much higher power figures have been obtained, commercial sales should then start with the 10KW modules. As the technology is in it's infancy, it's easy to imagine what kind of power outputs could be obtained in just 5 years from now.

Rossi's Energy Catalyzer truly has the potential to replace all traditional fuel technologies including coal, oil and gas and end our dependence on Middle-Eastern oil. Rossi estimates that the cost of producing 1KWh of electricity will work out at less than 1 cent which makes a mockery of gas and oil prices.

The primary fuel source is powdered Nickel which is a safe and very abundant resource. The energy catalyzer uses very small amounts along with pressurized hydrogen to produce vast amounts of energy so it's very difficult to see any sort of shortage or problem with fuel supply. The reactor is able to self-sustain but functions better with an input.

So far the mainstream media have been in "Ignore Mode" which is something we are all sadly accustomed to whenever a new invention threatens existing power structures and the pockets of rich white men. However, the tide may be starting to turn in the following weeks as things ramp up. It's hard to imagine the stonewall silence continuing in the face of a 1MW demonstration and working devices being shipped.

With the current terrible situation in Japan nuclear power has been perhaps exposed as a step too far in providing cheap energy. Safety should be first priority and it seems that Rossi's Energy Catalyzer is leading the charge in both safety, cheapness and energy security.



Washington Times Now Reporting On Rossi Energy Catalyzer

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mainstream publication "The Washington Times" has now finally caught up with the news that has been circulating amongst the alternative free energy media for almost 3 months.

The news that the world has a potential new paradigm shifting primary energy technology (Andrea Rossi's cold fusion technology - The Energy Catalyzer) has been broken in an article which comes on the back of widespread public alarm over the recent nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

Right now there is a much larger appetite than ever for new non-polluting energy sources in the wake of not only the Deeepwater Horizon oil spill, but the recent level 5 nuclear incident in Japan - which brings Fukushima now into the same category as 3 mile island.

Public confidence in nuclear energy is at a low point and may never recover fully, especially as Northern hemisphere trade winds are as we speak circulating the radioactive plume towards the United States and further afield.

In the article entitled "Nuclear Future Beyond Japan" author Frank Perley writes a cautious and yet optimistic piece on how cold fusion could be the solution to our future energy needs. Perley is also quick to point out that the path for Rossi to full commercialization is littered with nasty obstructions (rich white men) when he quite rightly points out 

"Orthodoxies develop that discredit ideas posing a threat to the money flow, whether from government sources or from private investment."

The only question now is how quickly and how enthusiastically will the rest of the mainstream press follow by opening their minds to a clean energy future.

Read the full article here.


WIKI-CIA-PEDIA Trolls Reluctantly Create Energy Catalyzer Page

Thursday, March 17, 2011

WIKI-CIA-PEDIA has a new page covering the Rossi And Focardi Energy Catalyzer. No surprises in the fact that it's written in the authorized house style of a pseudosceptic establishment defending troll. It will be amusing to see how the page changes when the establishment puppies see the energy catalyzer going into full production.



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