Energy Catalyzer: Andrea Rossi's Cold Fusion Device

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For newcomers to the story, the Energy Catalyzer is the world's first commercially viable cold fusion reactor.

The device has been tested for many years before being made public recently. This year sees a marked acceleration in activity as a demonstration of a 1MW facility is being talked about for the USA followed by the construction of a massive 1 MW facility comprising approx 125 10KW modules which will be built in Greece.

Although much higher power figures have been obtained, commercial sales should then start with the 10KW modules. As the technology is in it's infancy, it's easy to imagine what kind of power outputs could be obtained in just 5 years from now.

Rossi's Energy Catalyzer truly has the potential to replace all traditional fuel technologies including coal, oil and gas and end our dependence on Middle-Eastern oil. Rossi estimates that the cost of producing 1KWh of electricity will work out at less than 1 cent which makes a mockery of gas and oil prices.

The primary fuel source is powdered Nickel which is a safe and very abundant resource. The energy catalyzer uses very small amounts along with pressurized hydrogen to produce vast amounts of energy so it's very difficult to see any sort of shortage or problem with fuel supply. The reactor is able to self-sustain but functions better with an input.

So far the mainstream media have been in "Ignore Mode" which is something we are all sadly accustomed to whenever a new invention threatens existing power structures and the pockets of rich white men. However, the tide may be starting to turn in the following weeks as things ramp up. It's hard to imagine the stonewall silence continuing in the face of a 1MW demonstration and working devices being shipped.

With the current terrible situation in Japan nuclear power has been perhaps exposed as a step too far in providing cheap energy. Safety should be first priority and it seems that Rossi's Energy Catalyzer is leading the charge in both safety, cheapness and energy security.




Mats March 24, 2011 at 5:57 PM  


If you want to know more about Rossi's energy catalyzer, please follow our in-depth coverage at the Swedish technology weekly Ny Teknik (both Swedish and English versions):

We're currently the only newspaper in the world to cover this in a serious and continuous way.

(Ny Teknik has a circulation of 150,000 and a readership of 300,000. The website has 140,000 unique visitors per week).

FE Truth March 24, 2011 at 8:47 PM  

Hi Mats,

Yes, I've already read all of the articles your magazine has published and it's good that you are taking the story seriously.

When the mainstream EVENTUALLY catches on to this you will be one of only a small handful who helped get the news out.

But I have to say though - welcome late to the party. Here at Free Energy Truth we've been covering the birth of the energy revolution and emerging zero-point energy technologies since 2006.

Keep reporting.

Remember, the truth is still the truth even if you are in a minority of 1.

Vinh April 8, 2011 at 12:39 AM  

It is interesting to see the Palladium element is right below the Nickel in Periodic table.

Fleischmann and Pons may have tumbled into this similar process ... transform Palladium to Silver ...

Just a thought.

Anonymous,  June 1, 2011 at 6:38 AM  

What is wrong with Solar Power?

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