Washington Times Now Reporting On Rossi Energy Catalyzer

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mainstream publication "The Washington Times" has now finally caught up with the news that has been circulating amongst the alternative free energy media for almost 3 months.

The news that the world has a potential new paradigm shifting primary energy technology (Andrea Rossi's cold fusion technology - The Energy Catalyzer) has been broken in an article which comes on the back of widespread public alarm over the recent nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

Right now there is a much larger appetite than ever for new non-polluting energy sources in the wake of not only the Deeepwater Horizon oil spill, but the recent level 5 nuclear incident in Japan - which brings Fukushima now into the same category as 3 mile island.

Public confidence in nuclear energy is at a low point and may never recover fully, especially as Northern hemisphere trade winds are as we speak circulating the radioactive plume towards the United States and further afield.

In the article entitled "Nuclear Future Beyond Japan" author Frank Perley writes a cautious and yet optimistic piece on how cold fusion could be the solution to our future energy needs. Perley is also quick to point out that the path for Rossi to full commercialization is littered with nasty obstructions (rich white men) when he quite rightly points out 

"Orthodoxies develop that discredit ideas posing a threat to the money flow, whether from government sources or from private investment."

The only question now is how quickly and how enthusiastically will the rest of the mainstream press follow by opening their minds to a clean energy future.

Read the full article here.



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