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Monday, October 26, 2009

Steorn will begin the launch of their free energy technology Orbo in 65 days or less.

Steorn have in the past few weeks again and again re-confirmed that they are on course to begin the commercial release of their Orbo technology before 2009 is out.  The exact date of launch and when the campaign starts still remains a mystery however. It could start at any time.

The first implementation of Orbo that will be provided for product developers / corporations and any other interested parties (members of the public) will be an Electromagnetic version which provides excess free energy during operation.  Scientific and media debunkers commentators have continued to pour scorn on the idea with their relentless repetition of "the laws of physics say blah blah blah." mantra of which intelligent and free thinking members of the public are now becoming tired of.

When Steorn open their SKDB for launch there will be 3 licensing options available to interested parties.

Non-Commercial License - This licensing grants the user access to the SKDB for a full year and enables the holder to construct and implement Orbo powered devices for home / non-commercial use.  This will be the license to choose if you are a: DIY builder / Garage Tinkerer / Member Of The Public / Researcher.

Commercial License - This license grants more privileges and is typically for businesses and companies who wish to implement Orbo into their products and sell those products commercially to the general public.

Steorn Enterprise - This license is specifically reserved for commercialisation of automotive, transportation, aerospace and mobile consumer electronics applications.  So basically if you're Honda and you want to implement Orbo engines for your vehicles then this is the licensing for you.

For a more detailed list of the licensing options click here.

Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy also recently confirmed that there will be a public demo which will be broadcast as a live web-feed accessible from the main Steorn site.

"The demonstration will involve a public display of various Orbo systems, there will be a live video-stream from the location that people can watch via our website."  

He went on: "I would say that launch is not far away, that access to Orbo will be low cost and readily available. And finally I would say never let anyone do your thinking for you – get involved!"

In 2007 a scheduled demo by Steorn was aborted after the prototype device developed problems with the bearings. These problems have now been overcome according to Steorn:

"One of the key problems that we have always faced in implementing Orbo are bearings. The reason is that a typical Orbo interaction involves very strong radial forces that change direction in very small angular displacements. Hence an Orbo system built using traditional bearings is like driving you car at high speed over speed bumps – you can do it, but after a small distance you car will simply break down. The key technical advance that we have made with respect to implementation is a move away from the use of traditional bearing technologies to the use of our own passive magnetic bearing technology, ZeroF." - Sean McCarthy

Interview Quotes: Thanks to FreeEnergyTimes


Free Energy Truth Celebrates 100,000 Hits

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It gives me great pleasure to announce that overnight the Free Energy Truth Blog has received it's 100,000th visitor. Fed up with lies and propaganda, Free Energy Truth was created on 26th April 2007 to convey the absolute truth about the reality of the existence of free energy technology and in direct response to the deliberate misinformation and debunking efforts by elements of the corporately controlled media and commercial interests.

Today we see that there is a growing awareness of these technologies, and despite the efforts of pseudo-skeptic groups, establishment science and debunkers we are getting the message across. Don't take our word for it - do the research yourself.

Free energy has been in existence since at least the time of Nikola Tesla and has been denied to the general public for almost a century. We have been wrongly conditioned to believe that in over 100 years there have been no significant advances in energy generation. This is an utter fabrication designed to preserve a global hierarchy of control and profiteering.


"You can handle the truth"


Goodwins, Steorn, And The Marzipan Hat

Veteran ZDnet journalist Rupert Goodwins today took another charecteristic swipe at Steorn after recently hearing they are to proceed with commercial launch.

In Goodwins blog he again mocks the Dublin based tech firm with "Welcome back my friends to the magnetic machine story that never ends"and other such witty remarks.  It's an article choc full of opinion and pot shots but sadly thin on facts and research.

Judging by the content he has been all over their website trying to deconstruct their argument that they are JUST ABOUT TO COMMERCIALIZE AN OVERUNITY TECHNOLOGY. Had he bothered to look on the front page of their website he would have seen the video featuring 3 external engineering consultants who all state quiet clearly that Steorn's technology produced unexplainable gains of energy in separate independent tests.

Goodwins fails to inform his readers of this and didn't bother to try and make contact with any of the named individuals to verify their testimony. Just the sort of (fair and balanced) coverage of Steorn we've come to expect. Sarcasm intended.

FE Truth is also aware of many folks who posted comments to this article more than 24 hours ago.  To date, the feedback that we have is that those comments have not appeared and it would look like they have been censored by ZDnet as many of them do not agree with Goodwins opinion.

In 2006 Goodwins gleefully stated that if Steorn were the real deal and they produced an overunity device he would gladly eat a hat made entirely from marzipan.

Good news Rupert!  I found a useful link for you.


Steorn Talk - Limerick Institute Of Technology - Orbo Demo 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Limerick Institute Of Technology

According to some Steorn public forum and Twitter chat recently, Steorn gave a talk on Wednesday September 30th at the Limerick Institute of Technology at 5pm Room 3A04. One of the forum members attended the talk and gave this response:

Atom_of_the_Opera said:

Ok Guys,

The talk contained an e-learning module, gave a history of Steorn, spoke about the demo in London, the jury process and the upcomming Orbo Launch.

Steorn re-iterated that the launch will be before the end of the year and will once and for all be a visual demo of the Orbo principle. Can we hold our collective judgement until that day?

Just a few weeks guys, youve wanted a second demo and it is comming.:-)

later he posted...

"Right this is my last post before the launch/demo. I will speak blunty, my understanding of what is to come in the form of a launch/demo: - a demonstration of a device(s) which will be beyond that of a simple toy"

"The next stage of orbo is product development not a long path of verification and scientific studies (altho both can go hand in hand)"

See you at the Launch! :cool:



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