Defkalion Back In The Frame?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Defkalion Forum Reopens With A Teasing Message

"Defkalion GT group decited to re-open the forum due to expected announcements within the next weeks. Till then, we appreciate your interest and participation as well as all expressed questions, which are resonable, and they will be answered in due time.

Thank you for your attention."
Have Defkalion and Rossi put aside their differences and worked out an agreement, or is this Defkalion trying to go it on their own?  Only time will tell.

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Rossi eCat US Partner Firm: Is It KPCB?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Confirmation Of A Very Large And Serious Player Would All But Cement Rossi's Claim To Have Developed A New Primary Energy Source - Let's Speculate On Who It Is!

The KPCB Clues
  • Massive Greentech Team
  • Immediately Identifiable From Location
  • Previous Experience With Risky Alternative Tech - ie. Bloom Box
  • Greentech Wing Operating Partner Has Links To DOE
  • Domain Points To KPCB Greentech Initiative
Today we we dare to speculate some more on the possible identity of the partner firm.

The KPCB Connection

The most important thing about Kleiner Perkins Caulfied & Byers (KPCB) is that they are the probably one of the largest new technology venture capital firms in the world with enormous amounts of investment capital at their disposal. It should also be noted that they have a particular interest in new green technology startups in that the widely disbelieved, but yet now proven and revolutionary Bloom Box solid state fuel cell from Bloom Energy was a KPCB startup.  Rossi's eCat LENR technology carries the same (if not more) mainstream scepticism and baggage.  

The fact KPCB seem to have ignored the scepticism surrounding the Bloom Box and pushed ahead with investment puts them in the frontrunner position as the potential eCat partner firm. There are many similarities in the revolutionary aspects of both technologies and they share the same widespread barrier to acceptance.

Here are some of the Green startups KPCB are investing in 

The Clues

Rossi has given several pieces of non-specific information which relate to the identity of the partner firm, so let's explore what we know already.

The first clue was that he said if he was to identify the city / location of the partner firm it would be obvious as to who the firm was. For example, in the same way that Detroit is immediately identifiable with several motoring giants. Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB) are almost instantly identifiable as one of the big Menlo Park, Califormia Players, so they fit the profile perfectly.

Daniele Passerini (blogger and close frend of Giuseppe Levi) is rumoured to have been told the identity of the partner firm already. Since day one Passerini has frequently been given insider scoops from Levi on the understanding that he does not publicly discuss them until the right time.

Through a recent translation he said:

"Fortunately he (Rossi) found a new customer in the U.S. (if it's true what I was told, and I have no reason to doubt that is true, it is a very important customer, known and above all suspicion) that will pay Rossi upon delivery of the first 1 MW plant (working) in October. With that money Rossi will pay the University of Bologna. Rossi will deliver the E-Cat, and the search can begin."

"Add that the American customer is NOT in any way as to be bamboozled. Add the test early September with that customer, which has been much talked about in here, and said that they had done in the U.S. at NASA, have actually been carried out in Bologna. Add that, from what I've been told, the test was successful: the American customer is satisfied and does not doubt that the E-Cat represents a new source of energy and not a scam, and I repeat is NOT a customer to be bamboozled in any way. Mats Lewan made his video after the test with the American customer had already been concluded (again positively).

Again, KPCB fit the profile on both counts. Domain Name

Until recently the domain redirected visitors to the Exxon Mobil site. However in the last two weeks it has been changed and now points to the KPCB website, and in particular it points to the Greentech Initiative Page.  However, it is not possible to see the real owner of the domain by looking at the WHOIS data, so it is not known whether KPCB are indeed the owners of if it is just a private domain owner being mischievous.

Jan Van Dokkum is one of KPCBs senior operating partners specialising in bringing new Greentech initiatives to market. Here's what his company bio says:

"Jan van Dokkum is an operating partner with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He joined the firm in 2010 with the specific task of assisting KPCB's greentech ventures toward commercialization."

"Jan is a member of the U.S. Department of Energy's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee, and he contributed to the Department of Energy's Grid 2030 National Vision for Electricity's Second 100 Years. He also co-chaired the Energy Efficiency in Buildings project for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. "

Rossi has ties to the DoE himself and also through Ampenergo so it is also interesting to note that Van Dokkum does also.

KPCB Company Overview

Since its founding in 1972, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has backed entrepreneurs in 475 ventures, including AOL, Align,, Citrix, Compaq Computer, Electronic Arts, Genentech, Genomic Health, Google, Hybritech, IDEC Pharmaceuticals, Intuit, Juniper Networks, Netscape, Lotus, Nuvasive, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Verisign and Xilinx. KPCB portfolio companies employ more than 250,000 people. More than 150 of the firm's portfolio companies have gone public. Many other ventures have achieved success through mergers and acquisitions. KPCB has broadly invested in both life sciences and information technology since inception in 1972. In the last six years, KPCB has expanded its focus to include Greentech and pandemic preparedness.

Mission Statement
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers are passionately committed to helping our portfolio companies succeed. We know that it takes more than solid financial support to get a company off the ground - we help make things happen. We deeply believe that teams win.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers are passionately committed to helping our portfolio companies succeed. We know that it takes more than solid financial support to get a company off the ground - we help make things happen. We deeply believe that teams win.

Entrepreneurs gain access to our unmatched portfolio of companies and associations with global business leaders. These relationships are the foundation for strategic alliances, partnership opportunities and the sharing of insights to help build new ventures faster, broader and with less risk.

The Gorey Details
One of the more worrying aspects of a possible link with KPCB however, is KPCBs association with Al Gore.  Gore is a director of KPCB for their Greentech ventures and as such is a leading influence on new Greentech investments.  The eCat is a force to enable people to break free from the stranglehold of rising energy costs, so it is hard to imagine that Gore would want to be involved in this, since his business is all about carbon credits - (taxing people for the very elements essential to life on Earth and the demonization of Carbon Dioxide).


Today I emailed KPCB and also made an enquiry through their Facebook page to ask if they can confirm / deny any connection to Rossi and his eCat LENR technology.  When / If I recieve a response I will publish it.


Updated: Nobel Physicist Brian Josephson To Test eCat On October 6th

Monday, September 26, 2011

UPDATE: Brian Josephson (Noble Prize winning physicist) will NOT test Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer. A misinterpreted posting led to this misunderstanding.
 Nobel Prize Winning Physicist: Brian Josephson

UPDATE: "Someone who couldn't read failed to see that the text talking about 'our test' was written by Levi not me. It is Levi's test." - Brian Josephson
"On October 6th we will have the opportunity to make a long (more then 12 hours) of testing one of the modules of the RC 1 MW generator. The module will be Opened to us and we will have the opportunity to verify weights and volumes of the internal components.
Heat measurements will be done at condensing the steam produced in heat exchanger and a secondary circuit where no water will be vaporized. This is NOT an official test of the University of Bologna Because the contract is not active yet." - Brian Josephson

As usual the supervision of the new test by a Nobel Physics Prize Winner is STILL not good enough for the drooling faceless pseudosceptics, who continue day after day to CONSTANTLY change the goal posts.  Looking at some of the crazy comments today on various blogs it was patently obvious that the pseudosceptics know they are going down.

Their preferred option would be for a shill or a dogma obsessed establishment defender to conduct the tests so that they can try and undermine it somehow. 

The latest video by Mats Lewan shows MASSIVE amounts of steam gushing from the eCat at a fantastic rate - and I couldn't help but notice this amazing piece of footage was conveniently ignored by the lunatic pseudosceptics.

Lunatics?  Why of course they are.  Who in their right mind would want to sabotage or harm the emergence of a new non-polluting energy technology? What type of person would go out of their way to twist and turn every piece of evidence into something it clearly isn't? The PRETENCE of FAKE concern for gullible investors (which is the usual bullshit we hear) cannot be cited in Rossi's case since he is entirely self-funded - so that particular avenue of pseudoscepticism was immediately closed down to them.  And another thing, what kind of complete moron would be even slightly concerned for a super rich investor they've NEVER EVEN MET losing money that he clearly doesn't mind putting down?

Well, the answer is that pseeudosceptics are hell-bent on preserving dogma AT ANY COST even when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  A brilliant example right now is with the current "Neutrinos Faster Than Light Speed" story. It has been fascinating to watch the big establishment science publications squirm and writhe in agony trying to explain the unexplainable as one of the pillars of modern physics turns to jelly before their eyes.

And what will the pseudosceptics say when eCats go on the market?  What will they say when a BIG name player steps in to remove all doubt?  With nowhere to go the next plan of attack for the drooling lapdogs when finally beaten into submission by the truth will be to grudgingly admit it works, but to state that it is "unsafe" and "dangerous" and to pursue non-existent and false safety issues.  

Mark my words. 


Rossi Energy Catalyzer: Mainstream Media Silence Explained

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Dept Of Energy Continues To Ignore Revolutionary Energy Technology

Friday, September 23, 2011

This is a fascinating report from Cold Fusion Now and only goes to illustrate how the information on legitimate energy sources such as LENR is CONTROLLED and demonized by those interested in maintaining the status quo.What is NOT surprising here is that the letter of denial on cheap room-temperature reactions comes from the Dept spending BILLIONS of tax dollars on "hot fusion" - surprise, surprise!

Andrea Rossi's energy catalyzer (STILL BEING IGNORED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA) is only 4 weeks away from commercial launch. If successful, it  will make a complete mockery of these recent policy statements by the DOE.  It would be a VERY difficult task for ANY administration that wants to keep office to keep spending money on "hot fusion" when we ALREADY have a smaller, cheaper, better, quicker alternative.

So there we have it - you can clearly see we have a CONTROLLED energy policy and a CONTROLLED media. If they were open with their information and reported the facts straight then there would be no need for sites like this.

Read the letter here at Cold Fusion Now.


Unveiled: A Tour Of Andrea Rossi's 1MW Fusion Plant

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A quick video illustrating the different parts of Rossi's 1MW plant.  Photos: Credit - Mats Lewan at NY Teknik


Video: Rossi 1MW Fusion Reactor Unveiled

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amazing News Today - This is just a quick post to get the news out as fast as possible. Report and Analysis to follow soon. The video was quite slow to load, but this is probably due to the large amount of traffic hitting the NY Teknik site.

Ny Teknik got a look at the plant last week in Bologna, where it had been assembled from parts supposedly manufactured in Rossis’s factory in Miami, Florida.

The plant consists of 52 ‘E-cats’ of a new model that Rossi says he developed this spring, partly through discussions with the Swedish physicists Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen, mainly regarding research done by Hidetsugu Ikegami, a professor emeritus at Osaka University in Japan.

NY Teknik Report

Images courtesy Mats Lewan (NY Teknik)


eCat September Update: Big News Expected In The Coming Weeks

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

  • Rossi Issues Open Invite To 1MW Plant - Gets Deluged By Thousands Of Requests
  • Initial Start-Up Tests Of Fusion Plant Will Be "PUT ONLINE, TO ALLOW EVERYBODY TO SEE IT"
  • Production And Distribution Of eCats "Sooner Than Expected" - Rossi 
  • Blogger Daniele Passerini has seen photos at a good resolution of the internals of the 1 MW plant
  • Next Week For Possible ANNOUNCEMENT


    Cold Fusion School: Now Open

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    LENR Supremos, Nagel, McKubre and Hagelstein To Run 2 Day LENR Course in October.

    The courses (a must for any serious LENR student) are being run by Nagel's company NUCAT whose name is derived from the words NUClear and ATomic. NUCAT seem to be conducting this course in anticipation of the commercially planned rollout of LENR systems such as Andrea Rossi's Nickel Hydrogen Fusion Product - "The eCat".

    Other competitors are also ramping up to enter the market commercially with their own LENR devices but Rossi's product leads the way at this point in time with an Italian patent granted already, ongoing discussions with NASA and a large "well known" U.S. partner gearing up for production.

    They state: "If, as planned, many energy sources based on LENR are produced and sold, it will be necessary to educate a workforce in their design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and other functions. This will require knowledgeable managers, engineers, technicians and sales people. Hence, NUCAT Energy is offering the commercial short course on LENR in October of this year at a site very near Washington DC."

    The course will feature speakers on varying topics including Materials Challenges, Systems Engineering,Calorimetry Options, Nano-Scale Materials and even an overview of the history of LENR.

    The cost, $1500 is probably prohibitive for your average enthusiast but should be accesible to researchers, govt and industry professionals. What we'd probably like to see in future is for these guys to drop the price significantly and conduct the course to a few hundred people at a time to get the latest generation of people involved in the coming energy revolution, which (by-the-way) the mainstream media are still ignoring.

    David J. Nagel, PhD, is a Research Professor at The George Washington University and CEO of NUCAT Energy LLC. He has contributed to this field as a scientist and manager since its origins in 1989. Dave participated in all 16 of the International Conferences on Cold Fusion (ICCF), and chaired ICCF-14. His primary activity has been and remains writing technical articles on LENR.

    Michael C.H. McKubre, PhD, is Director of the Energy Research Center at SRI International. He has been active in this field as an experimentalist since 1989. Mike researched the palladium deuterium system from 1978. He presented at all 16 of the International Conferences on Cold Fusion, and was co-chairman of ICCF-4. His primary expertise includes electrochemical kinetics, metal-hydrogen systems and calorimetry.

    Peter L. Hagelstein, PhD, an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, is an applied physicist.  Peter has worked on anomalies associated with the Fleischmann-Pons experiments since 1989.  The focus of his research in the field has been to understand the new LENR physical mechanisms. Peter was Chairman of ICCF-10 in 2003.

    David Nagel and Michael McKubre are also former Steorn Jury members.

    NUCAT Website

    Course Agenda


    DIA Admits Cold Fusion Is "Gaining Acceptance

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    The Defense Intelligence Agency In This "Technology Forecast" From 2009 Has Admitted That Cold Fusion (LENR) Is Both "Increasing" And "Gaining Acceptance".

    This video supplements our previous report exploring these amazing findings.

    The PDF of this amazing 2009 report can be found here:

    Please spread this information far and wide among your social networks.



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