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Thursday, September 8, 2011

LENR Supremos, Nagel, McKubre and Hagelstein To Run 2 Day LENR Course in October.

The courses (a must for any serious LENR student) are being run by Nagel's company NUCAT whose name is derived from the words NUClear and ATomic. NUCAT seem to be conducting this course in anticipation of the commercially planned rollout of LENR systems such as Andrea Rossi's Nickel Hydrogen Fusion Product - "The eCat".

Other competitors are also ramping up to enter the market commercially with their own LENR devices but Rossi's product leads the way at this point in time with an Italian patent granted already, ongoing discussions with NASA and a large "well known" U.S. partner gearing up for production.

They state: "If, as planned, many energy sources based on LENR are produced and sold, it will be necessary to educate a workforce in their design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and other functions. This will require knowledgeable managers, engineers, technicians and sales people. Hence, NUCAT Energy is offering the commercial short course on LENR in October of this year at a site very near Washington DC."

The course will feature speakers on varying topics including Materials Challenges, Systems Engineering,Calorimetry Options, Nano-Scale Materials and even an overview of the history of LENR.

The cost, $1500 is probably prohibitive for your average enthusiast but should be accesible to researchers, govt and industry professionals. What we'd probably like to see in future is for these guys to drop the price significantly and conduct the course to a few hundred people at a time to get the latest generation of people involved in the coming energy revolution, which (by-the-way) the mainstream media are still ignoring.

David J. Nagel, PhD, is a Research Professor at The George Washington University and CEO of NUCAT Energy LLC. He has contributed to this field as a scientist and manager since its origins in 1989. Dave participated in all 16 of the International Conferences on Cold Fusion (ICCF), and chaired ICCF-14. His primary activity has been and remains writing technical articles on LENR.

Michael C.H. McKubre, PhD, is Director of the Energy Research Center at SRI International. He has been active in this field as an experimentalist since 1989. Mike researched the palladium deuterium system from 1978. He presented at all 16 of the International Conferences on Cold Fusion, and was co-chairman of ICCF-4. His primary expertise includes electrochemical kinetics, metal-hydrogen systems and calorimetry.

Peter L. Hagelstein, PhD, an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, is an applied physicist.  Peter has worked on anomalies associated with the Fleischmann-Pons experiments since 1989.  The focus of his research in the field has been to understand the new LENR physical mechanisms. Peter was Chairman of ICCF-10 in 2003.

David Nagel and Michael McKubre are also former Steorn Jury members.

NUCAT Website

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