Invention Secrecy 2010 - Report Reveals Supressed Energy Efficient Devices

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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A recent report by mainstream organisation FAS - Federation Of American Scientists reveals that invention secrecy orders are at their HIGHEST level in a decade.  A further report from  1971 (obtained under Freedom Of Information) reveals that some photovoltaic inventions in excess of 70-80% EFFICIENCY were subject to REVIEW AND POSSIBLE restriction.

This is clear evidence of the supression of transforming technologies in order to preserve the status quo.

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NEW Steorn Demo! - Solid State Public Demonstration This Saturday

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Innovation Dublin Festival - (reproduced from original webpage).

Steorn is a research and development company that began life in the field of electronic fraud counter-measures. 'In 2004, whilst investigating power supply options for a project, we discovered a curious anomaly in which the manipulation of magnetic interactions appeared to create energy. Although it seemed impossible at first – it runs contrary to one of the central tenets of physics – extensive research convinced us that the phenomenon is very real.

'Test after test after test has produced the same result: the Orbo effect, as we have dubbed it, means that a system can produce more energy that it consumes. Over the years, we have developed a number of test configurations with the ultimate aim of allowing any competent individual to validate our claims for themselves. We are confident that our latest configuration – Solid State Orbo – does just that. For our Dublin Innovation event, we propose to invite interested parties to our office in Dublin 3. There, Sean McCarthy, our CEO, will give a short presentation on Orbo, followed by a demonstration of the Solid State configuration. The event will conclude with a Q & A session. Since this technology is controversial, to say the least, we expect the event to be quite lively.'

'It’s difficult to conceive of a technology that is more innovative than Orbo. We are not only doing something that has never been done before, we are doing something that is generally believed to be impossible. A world in which our technology was widely disseminated would be very different to the one in which we live today. Our global addiction to fossil fuels would be broken. Indeed, all traditional sources of power would be rendered obsolete. Society as a whole, top to bottom, would be transformed. We have never asked anyone to “take our word for it” regarding Orbo and completely understand the scepticism that any scientifically literate person will feel. But even the very idea that such changes could emanate from a small company in Dublin should excite anyone with a genuine interest in innovation.'

This is an application only event. To apply please follow the link below

The webpage can be found here


Scientists Dump Science

On 3rd October, A user named quantumdarkness19 attempted to start a legitimate scientific discussion and investigation into Steorn's eOrbo technology on mainstream scientific forum He presents an amazing amount of data backed by charts and oscilloscope captures to get some sort of scientific dialogue, feedback and discussion on the matter.

After presenting the data some pseudoskeptics complain bitterly and the moderator moves the thread to "Pseudoscience".

Aptly named user "Blindman" is outraged by the fact the thread is located in a science part of the forum stating "Mods why has this thread not been moved to Pseudoscience where it belongs.."

User "spidergoat" arrogantly spouts "Claims for perpetual motion are always inherently wrong, no further analysis is necessary."

"Finally, the moderator James R replies "If Steorn's engine worked, it would violate the first law of thermodynamics. No more needs to be said. Thread moved to pseudoscience."

No attempt at scientific discussion was made. No attempt to explain the phenomena. No discussion or any attempt at anything vaguely scientific, just sheer pseudoskeptic arrogance that it can't possibly work based on assumption and faith.

Is this how good science is done these days? Is this our modern approach to new science and phenomena? If so, then we are on a downward slop.

Ladies and gentlement, this is a small incident, but is typical of the kind of sickness and deformity that has penetrated and is symptomatic of every part of the pompus pig-headed modern mainstream scientific establishment. We are seeing this kind of thing over and over again on an almost daily basis. Shameful use of ridicule and mocking tactics used to unscientifically discredit without debate.

Anything contrary to scientific dogma is immediately and without investigation thrown out and discounted as "pseudoscience" by these establishment defending pseudosceptics.

The above video is for all pseudosceptics attacking paranormal claims the world over. Something you can finally identify with.

Soak it up sweethearts!

SciForums Thread -


Bloom Energy: The Dawn Of A New Energy Revolution?

Friday, November 5, 2010

One of the most exciting new startups to emerge recently is Bloom Energy. $400 million in venture capital has been invested into the company are they now reaping the rewards, producing virtually one new box a day.

Co-founder and CEO is Former rocket scientist Dr. KR Sridhar. He says the cost of each BloomBox was now around $700,000 and just like the evolution of the personal computer and the mobile phone he expects the BloomEnergy technology to get better and the price to get cheaper over time.

Sridhar also expects a much cheaper consumer version of the box to be available in around 10 years or less which could be used to power individual homes. Which will allow residential properties to be powered without a connection to the grid.
Notable among Bloom Energy's board of directors is former US Secretary Of State Colin Powel.

Bloom Energy boxes are currently installed with the following high profile customers: Adobe, Google, Walmart, Ebay, FedEx, Bank Of America

Google's Implementation

"Bloom has worked to help Google achieve both its economic and environmental goals, assuring that the 400kW installation on Google’s main campus delivers clean and affordable power. Over the first 18 months the project has had 98% availability and delivered 3.8 million kWh of electricity" 

The company's website can be found here:


Steorn Dublin Demo: Music Video

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Steorn ORBO free energy demo of 2009/10 was a fantastic event of amazing significance that was purposefully ignored by EVERY mainstream "establishment defending" publication and outlet you can possibly think of - and that takes SOME doing!

This amazing event is celebrated in this short music video which we've produced.

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Steorn: Large Demand For OEDU Board

Monday, November 1, 2010

Steorn: Large Demand For OEDU Board

A high demand for Steorn's new Orbo Evaluation and Development Board (OEDU) has meant the very first boards shipped will be to those people and organisations with the requisite equipment and skills to measure the effect. The board is a solid state configuration which demonstrates the core orbo effect of a "non-conservative energy result".

Steorn latest press release reads:

"As there has already been a considerable level of demand for Evaluation Units and supply is initially limited we are implementing a process to ensure that those who receive the first Units have the necessary equipment and experience to best evaluate, validate and report on the technology. If you would like to be considered at this stage, please complete the form provided."

You must confirm the following in order to be eligible for consideration:

Required Equipment and Skills

    * Proficiency in the use of a digital oscilloscope and associated data capture and analysis
    * Access to a 4 channel digital oscilloscope with a minimum bandwidth of 200MHz, minimum record    length of 100,000 data  points per channel and the ability to export the raw data
    * Two Passive Probes with a minimum bandwidth of 200MHz
    * One Differential Probe with a minimum bandwidth of 200MHz
    * One Current Probe with a minimum bandwidth of 200MHz
    * Access to Microsoft Excel 2010
    * Electrical measurement skills
    * Experimental data analysis skills

System Comprises

    * 12 month Developer License
    * 12 month SKDB Membership
    * 1 Orbo Evaluation and Development Unit (OEDU)
    * 1 USB memory stick with test data


OEDU Brochure



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