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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On 3rd October, A user named quantumdarkness19 attempted to start a legitimate scientific discussion and investigation into Steorn's eOrbo technology on mainstream scientific forum He presents an amazing amount of data backed by charts and oscilloscope captures to get some sort of scientific dialogue, feedback and discussion on the matter.

After presenting the data some pseudoskeptics complain bitterly and the moderator moves the thread to "Pseudoscience".

Aptly named user "Blindman" is outraged by the fact the thread is located in a science part of the forum stating "Mods why has this thread not been moved to Pseudoscience where it belongs.."

User "spidergoat" arrogantly spouts "Claims for perpetual motion are always inherently wrong, no further analysis is necessary."

"Finally, the moderator James R replies "If Steorn's engine worked, it would violate the first law of thermodynamics. No more needs to be said. Thread moved to pseudoscience."

No attempt at scientific discussion was made. No attempt to explain the phenomena. No discussion or any attempt at anything vaguely scientific, just sheer pseudoskeptic arrogance that it can't possibly work based on assumption and faith.

Is this how good science is done these days? Is this our modern approach to new science and phenomena? If so, then we are on a downward slop.

Ladies and gentlement, this is a small incident, but is typical of the kind of sickness and deformity that has penetrated and is symptomatic of every part of the pompus pig-headed modern mainstream scientific establishment. We are seeing this kind of thing over and over again on an almost daily basis. Shameful use of ridicule and mocking tactics used to unscientifically discredit without debate.

Anything contrary to scientific dogma is immediately and without investigation thrown out and discounted as "pseudoscience" by these establishment defending pseudosceptics.

The above video is for all pseudosceptics attacking paranormal claims the world over. Something you can finally identify with.

Soak it up sweethearts!

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