Bloom Energy: The Dawn Of A New Energy Revolution?

Friday, November 5, 2010

One of the most exciting new startups to emerge recently is Bloom Energy. $400 million in venture capital has been invested into the company are they now reaping the rewards, producing virtually one new box a day.

Co-founder and CEO is Former rocket scientist Dr. KR Sridhar. He says the cost of each BloomBox was now around $700,000 and just like the evolution of the personal computer and the mobile phone he expects the BloomEnergy technology to get better and the price to get cheaper over time.

Sridhar also expects a much cheaper consumer version of the box to be available in around 10 years or less which could be used to power individual homes. Which will allow residential properties to be powered without a connection to the grid.
Notable among Bloom Energy's board of directors is former US Secretary Of State Colin Powel.

Bloom Energy boxes are currently installed with the following high profile customers: Adobe, Google, Walmart, Ebay, FedEx, Bank Of America

Google's Implementation

"Bloom has worked to help Google achieve both its economic and environmental goals, assuring that the 400kW installation on Google’s main campus delivers clean and affordable power. Over the first 18 months the project has had 98% availability and delivered 3.8 million kWh of electricity" 

The company's website can be found here:



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