Steorn: The Defiance Of Science Continues

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Critical media stories of the failed Kinetica demo were rather intriguingly posted by Steorn themselves on the News Coverage part of their website. In a fascinating show of defiance they have listed all the bad press reports from the failed Kinetica demo where bearing failure due to thermal expansion put an end to the demo prematurely.

If one were speculating you might say Steorn are having some fun with their critics and when validated by the jury the negative press might come back and bite some of the negative press writers on the ass. From here it certainly looks like the skeptics are being set up for a fall of epic proportions.


Steorn Demo Rerun: It's Too Quiet

Friday, July 27, 2007

Since the webcams have been reactivated several days ago we've been treated to a 24hrs a day live stream of Big Ben and The London Eye, but still no sign of Orbo yet.

It's been spectacularly quiet on all fronts recently and that fact coupled with the reactivating of the cameras makes me think that demo No2 is not far away. Of course I could be wrong about this, but then again what If I'm not?

As ever we'll be keeping an eye on things over the weekend and I'll keep you posted.


Breaking News: Steorn WebCams Live Again

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In the last 24 hours the live web streaming cameras have been reactivated. At the moment they are just showing a holding page featuring Big Ben and The London Eye, but could the re-scheduled demo be about to take place?


After the Kinetica demo the live streaming pages were removed completely. Now we have them back again.

If we see live Orbo shots, you'll be the first to know.


Steorn: Engadget Interview Highlights

Friday, July 20, 2007

On Orbo Power Output...

Engadget: So that's the company, let's talk a little bit more about the technology that you guys have supposedly developed here. Laws of thermodynamics basically state that you can't achieve 100% efficiency in any apparatus and that there are always transfers of heat and energy in any system. But obviously you guys are claiming 100%+ efficiency. Do you have a statistic or number of what you estimate the energy efficiency level of your machine is? Is it 110% or 150%?

Sean: It varies from configuration to configuration. I think the largest efficiency that we would have physically measured would be about 485%. These numbers can be misleading. For example we might be getting 485% per joule, which means were getting 4.85 J out, but there could be a configuration that's could be delivering 130% efficiency yet delivering 10 joules. So, the technology itself is pretty well researched in terms of punch line efficiency it's 485%, but that wouldn't be the optimum output of the system. Obviously we're more focused on direct power output of a device than the punchline numbers. 485 to 1 is 4.85, but we could easily say, 10 to 12 joules off of a system is going to have a lower punch line efficiency. And power output is obviously the key factor, energy output is obviously the key factor.

On The jury...

Engadget: I understand that some 5,000 scientists applied to be a part of this.

Sean: No, we had 5,000 total applicants. It was an online thing. So when you rule out the Bart Simpsons who had applied we had 1,000 qualified people, of which about 500 who would be qualified scientists, and 500 qualified engineers.And so how many people have actually accepted this challenge and are currently working on this?We've signed contracts with 22 of them. There is a copy of the contract on the website, and 22 of them are involved in an analysis of the technology.

On the failed demo...

Engadget: I'd like to know why you think it failed -- and not the reasons that you've already given. We've definitively heard that it was ball bearings, or it was mechanical failure, it was the heat from the lights. We heard all that. We know. I want to know why you think it failed, in the sense that why did the other two backups that you guys brought not work? Or why were you not able to relocate the demo to another location that didn't have these issues? Or why was it not thoroughly tested enough, and so on...

Sean: I'm not going to tell you anything that if you have read some of this stuff that you haven't heard. The simple fact of the matter, just to state, is that this is not production technology and so you know anybody who works in the prototype world will understand that there are always issues. But with respects to what happened, we brought three systems to us from Dublin, three component systems, we don't move them in their operational way, we stripped them down.

They are very, very simple and there is not huge configuration to them, but they are very sensitive configurations because there are lots of magnetic loads and so on. We got one of the systems working on the Tuesday night which was the Tuesday before we were going live on Wednesday evening. We started to install that in the demo case and began to notice problems. It wasn't working. That being the prime problem.

We then took the classic engineering process of stripping it down and testing, testing, testing, and what we found was that in that prototype was that the bearings, while not visibly damaged but the friction had more than quadrupled in them, which would have been a killer in a this type of system that we were planning to show. And under pressure we just kept plugging in all the spare bearings we had. Now, these are not standard bearings you might buy from your local hardware store.

These are very, very low friction bearings used in the watch industry. Our analysis of what happened is that the heat allowed play in the system that damaged the bearings to the point where the extra friction in the bearings didn't allow the technology to happen. Whether people believe that or don't believe it, there isn't a lot that I can say other then that's what happened.

On the new demo...

Engadget: So do you have a time-frame that you're looking at for the next demo?

Sean: What we've decided to do this time, is rather then beating ourselves with a stick, we're going to get it running in a location and then we are going to announce that people can watch it online. So we are actually physically getting it operating, it will be the same. The principle behind London, which was clearly a failed demo, was that it wasn't for for a sequence of webcams to people to watch, but it was equally physical, so that people could go there. We put in some PCs so they could chat about it and so on.

So the principle will be identical, that it's both a physical location where people can go view it. Obviously not everybody can do that, so people can watch it online and chat directly with people there and discuss theories of where batteries might be hidden and so and so on. It's a deferral, we have decided that we will only announce it when it's actually live and in place this time which is a mistake that we made last time. We should have done that but didn't.

On convincing a sceptical public...

Engadget: So what happens if you can't prove this supposed technology? If you can't figure out a way to convince people.

Sean: But we have. We have. There are lots of tactical things that we'll be doing, such as demos -- and obviously we'll have to respond to the failure of that demo and probably do more than we've intended to. We're a small company and maybe we're slightly overstretched in doing it, but we have to do it. But the jury process is happening, they will have to report -- they will either have to say yay or nay. Ok, so you can say how long will it take? I don't know.

But the point of the matter is that there will be an end to the process and an answer will be provided. Now that answer, if it's what we think it will be, will obviously raise more criticism and so and so on. But we've got lots of other things that we are doing to address that. There is going to be no defining moment in my opinion where people go, "It's true!" Even if these 22 scientists -- who are really top scientists -- turn around and say, "By Jove they've done it!". We as a company will still have to drive that message home in other ways.


What's Your Opinion On Steorn - Vote Now!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Please use the voting buttons on this blog to let us know what you think.


Breaking News: Steorn Interview With Engadget

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For full interview click below:
Sean McCarthy - CEO of Steorn talks candidly to Engadget

We will expand on this interview and what it means for Steorn and the rest of us in the next post. As ever, comments welcome.


New Steorn Orbo Demo: When will that be?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

At the moment there are no definite dates for a new public demo of Orbo, but according to Steorn they will re-schedule a demo at a later date. It's anyone's guess when that will be, but it looks more than a few weeks away at least as the company regroups after technical issues put a halt to the demo in London

One thing is for sure though, any future demos will not be at Kinetica museum in London. A recent announcement on Kinetica's website states that: "Kinetica's tenure is coming to an end this week. Over the forthcoming year the museum will become truly kinetic with a series of exhibitions around the globe"

Speculation as to where a successful 2nd attempt demo will be held is ongoing. London still seems like the place for maximum media exposure but maybe next time things will be done closer to home in Dublin, or even in the United States.

As soon as we know - the details will appear here.


Breaking News: "Steorn NOT a hoax" - Dr Mike's Report

Friday, July 13, 2007

"My conclusion after going through all this is that Steorn is neither hoax nor scam. It is delusion. The reason it seems surreal is because it is surreal - we are the real part of someone elses imagination."

"I am certain Steorn really believed I would see something that resembled their claim. They spent a lot of money setting up this demo and some 2000 pounds sending me over and putting me up. There are much cheaper ways to pull a con. If it was a hoax, the whole upstairs would not exist, nor would Sean have taken the time to go through all the details of how he thinks it all works. I can not describe any of those details without breaking the NDA, so it puts me in a fairly strange position."

Full Report Here

What Dr Mike cannot explain is that If indeed this were delusion then it would mean the entire company, staff, directors, investors are ALL delusional. Not only that, but they would all have to have been in a collective state of delusion for a period of 3 years.

This new report from Dr Mike backs up the case once again that Steorn are truly in posession of over-unity systems (free energy) and surely crushes any prospect of fraud or hoax once and for all.

If Steorn are guilty of anything, it seems they are just guilty of bad planning and crisis management for their demo.


Steorn CEO Answers Questions In Public Forum

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sean McCarthy CEO of Steorn stepped into the public forum today and took time out to answer a few questions from forum members after the recent failed London Demo at Kinetica.

JoinTheFun: On a more serious note : what's the status of the African pump project ?
Sean: The pump I believe is being installed at the moment.

Wasn't that the reason you didn't replace the devices with stopstarts from Dublin?

Sean: As I said we bought three (CM) devices from Dublin in parts, got one working on site (it can take a while to balance the radial loads on the system) and then while under pressure used the parts from the other two systems to try and fix the prime system. It did not work. Thats the facts of the situation, believe it or believe it not.

JoinTheFun:There are a couple of days left in the Kinetica. Any chance of showing the world a working device these coming days ?

Sean: Nope.

Suomipoika: Sean! Are your all OU-devices so fragile that they'll breaka) if transported by car orb) if lights are too bright?

Sean: Nope

I could understand if there was to be some nervosity between the investors right now. Do they actively follow the company developments, or do they act as distant financial investors? How are they taking the demo failure?

Sean: Clearly no one involved in the company is happy about the failed demo, but despite this we also need to keep perspective - its a failed demo full stop. It has shaken to the core any confidence that people not involved with the company have, and this is understandable. But we know what we have to things are not as dire as people would like to make them. We will do the demo, and then move on.

JoinTheFun: How is the overall mood in your team ?

Sean: Clearly it was not a good week. But we are 'back in the saddle' and a lot more motivated than we were a few weeks ago, so in a strange kind of way the failure of the demo may in fact speed up our route to market, we will see.

JoinTheFun:Can you tell us how recent events have affected the SPDCites ?Did you meet Babcat ?

Sean: I had a chance to meet a few of them for an extended period on Friday and Saturday, I have not had a chance to head into the SPDC, but we do consider the SPDC key to the Steorn project and so have a lot of confidence to regain with them. We are pulling together a plan to do that.

tony: Why are you even attempting to demo before the Jury verdict is out? p.s. I dont understand why you would even try to convince anyone before this. Surely you should be pragmatic, what if the verdict goes against you?

Sean: Tony - It seemed like a good week to put ourselves back on the agenda, we got on the agenda but for the wrong reasons. Sean

mrflora: The pump again, Sean... are you saying that now, today, this week, a pump is being installed in Africa that is driven by Orbo overunity technology?

Sean: The pump is being installed by a local engineering contractor (I do not know the exact schedule), once this is in place we will install the Orbo power supply for it.

hugojpinto: Do you realize and believe that doing a convincing demo + technology showcase + providing straight replication access is a critical piece of in gaining confidence in the near future?

Sean: Yes - and perhaps even a bit more than that.

/: Sean, we have heard that many actual Orbo-based systems have been made by external companies (like the "validation toys", for the Africa pump, etc.). Can you tell us some rough figure how many third-party engineering companies have been involved so far?

Sean: 4-5

crank: What did you think of Spiritual Beggar's cartoon?

Sean: lol - I had a beer with SP on friday and he told me that I was doing great things for his creativity - damn him!!! There was a copy of it on my desk this morning, its fantastic!.

blueletter: Did you sir, or did you not, get piss drunk on the very night of both your infamous demo debacle and your wife's foot breaking incident?

Sean: Nope. And no my wife did not break her foot kicking me around the place, she broke it the day before we went to London.

rosco: Hi Sean, are the public relations company behind your strategy? If so isn't it time to get rid of them as it seems like you've now used up nine lives in public opinion terms

Sean: Sure it may seem that way to you at the moment, bottom line is that it is a failed demo, embarrasing for sure, but no more than that. We will do a demo, then lets see what happens.

FLD: Sean - is the African water pump driven by fuel-less Orbo technology? Yes or no will be fine thanks.

Sean: It will be fuel-less when the project is completed, at the moment we are only in the process of installing the basic pumping system.

korkskrew: I still don't understand the purpose of a demo. It seems like a lot of expense for no real business reason. Is it just for our entertainment? Seems like a lot of money and effort for that.

Sean: Hi Korkskrew, with a claim so wild we decided that we need to do multiple things to errode the view that we do not have what we claim to have. This event failed, very clearly failed, but we believe that it was worth the effort and will do the demo. Our prime investment was in marketing materials and these will be used for the rescheduled event when we decide to do it.

SteornTracker: Hi Sean, back in April you mentioned that there would be a second quarter Jury update. Are you still planning on providing an update? When do you think that update will be available? Thanks, SteornTracker

Sean: Hi ST, have not even thought about the subject at the moment.

FLD: This event failed, very clearly failed, but we believe that it was worth the effort was an utter failure and made you a laughing stock but it was worth the effort?
As in we believe that it is worth the effort doing public demos, this one did not work out but we will for sure do public demos again in the future. On openness, in the post cancellation video you mentioned something about being less cryptic and covert, and pushing Steorn into a more open direction. Can you expand on that?

Sean: We have plans in place to deal with the confidence issues, but I will not be pre-announcing these, they will happen and let people debate them at that time. Thanks, Sean.

prprior: Sean, for the sake of those that don't think this is a lie, hoax, or dilusion, why can't you post a video of at least a partial orbo? Enough to conceal any secrets with the design, but showing enough to ease a dry tongue.

Sean: As stated we will be doing stuff, I will not be going into what it is or when it will happen but we acknowledge that we do need to some additional things after the failure of the demo.

Kaiser Jive Albino: Sean, how long would it take an engineer at Steorn to build a working unit from scratch, with off the shelf parts? Will individuals be able to replicate it with "minimal" tooling? Thanks for your answers, and great to see you back btw!

Sean: Good to be back (I think) - the ease of replication for a hobbist has been a concern, however I do believe that one of the SPDC folks got a system running for 8 hours or so with what looks like pretty minimal parts, but I have not had a chance to look into this in any detail yet.


Steorn Jury Still Evaluating Orbo

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It is fair to say that the demonstration of Steorn’s Orbo technology recently at Kinetica in London did not go as planned. Giving the world “free energy” was never going to be that easy, was it?

Despite feeling disappointed about Orbo’s introduction to the world being so problematic it’s worth noting that this does entirely have the feel of just a small company, (20 EMPLOYEES) in a hurry and ill prepared for potential technical issues arising on-site.

I remember a famous Microsoft presentation by Bill Gates where things went horribly wrong live with his Windows Operating System, much to the amusement of the press pack. Things do go wrong, even with billionaire demos.

It’s also worth remembering that the 22 strong jury testing is now in it’s 6th month of testing. Now I don’t know about you, but I do know one thing. 22 physicists don’t hang around for 6 days let alone 6 months If something doesn’t work. They’d have been out of there pretty damned quick If Steorn wasn’t engaging them with something of substance – agreed?

Besides, If people think that Steorn have some ulterior motive by spending money like it’s going out of fashion only to result in a failed demo then I can’t quite see the logic in that either.

In short. A botched demo. Nothing more. Nothing less. Free energy is still very much on the cards. We await the next development in the saga.


Steorn - Orbo Demo Live Cams On

Friday, July 6, 2007

Image Capture from Live Cam 1

Changing the world is not an easy task, so the Orbo demo is not fully operational YET. An event like this takes enormous planning and technical difficulties to overcome - so this is just a delay. In the meantime and in the spirit of transparency (good on them), Steorn have enabled the live camera feeds showing the inside of the Kinetic Museum where the exhibit is set up.

Kinetica Camera Feeds

Camera 1 - Close Up
Camera 2 - Yop View
Camera 3 - Nice Longer View
Camera 4 - Overall Room View


Steorn Demo : First News Links

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Here are some of the first Irish media to report the Steorn ORBO Demonstration.

Belfast Telegraph

RTE News


BREAKING NEWS: Steorn Demo At Kinetica Museum

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Today the invention will go on public display for the first time with a live working demonstration to be streamed on the internet from 6pm tonight.

Steorn Chief Executive Sean McCarthy has said the demonstration will involve a 'very simplified version' of the technology and it will be open to the public from Thursday 5 July to Friday 13 July at the Kinetica Museum at Spitalfields Market in London.

Sceptics can view the device lifting a weight from four different camera angles online.

Mr McCarthy said the company had decided against using the technology to illuminate a light-bulb as the use of wires would attract further suspicion from a scientific community that has already dismissed the device.

The company stumbled upon the technology while working with wind turbines to power remote surveillance CCTV cameras for ATM.

Steorn claims the so-called free energy would be able to power anything from mobile phones to cars, providing a potential solution to the global energy crisis.

Mr McCarthy revealed that if the technology is validated in scientific tests, the company plans to licence it over the internet to any company who wants it for 'a very small fee'.


Orbo Demo and Live Earth - Perfect couple.

Orbo and Live Earth. Can you think of two more suitable partners? Ok Fred and Ginger, Laurel and Hardy, Peel and Sessions, Smashy and Nicey maybe, but you catch my drift – kaa-peesch!

Here is the deal, short and sweet. Planet in crisis. No escape route. Renewables can only account for a very small percentage of total energy use. Shall we burn more oil? Nah, bad idea – look at all the extreme weather we’ve been having. Do we all want hurricane Katrina in our living rooms? Nope. Shall we open another nuclear power station? Bad idea.

OK, so where does that leave us? Up a certain creek without a paddle and losing sight of the canoe over the rapids by the sounds of things.

It does, until you realize that Orbo technology will shortly be demo’d for the first time ever and give hope to us all. Does Al Gore know about this? He sure hasn’t mentioned it. Someone SMS him and tell him for gawds sakes.

I mean c’mon.


Just pure, emmissionless green energy.

Do I even need to say anymore?


Steorn Demo - Orbo In London

Orbo - the world's first ever true over-untity device (perpetual motion) will soon go on display for the public, and the realisation to follow that no longer do we need oil, coal, gas and nuclear.

I know that's a lot to take in - but that's essentially what we have here.

Massive potential for revolutionising the way we use energy and as Steorn have stated in the past - above all, convenience. Never having to stop to fuel your car. Never having to recharge your phone.

Get ready for FREE energy.


Press Response To Orbo Demo

There are certain times of the year that the press refer to as "The Silly Season". A time when hard and fast news is thin on the ground and the silliness factor comes into play.

What kind of stories you may ask get printed in the silly season? Well, to be honest stories about cat's that can play the harmonica, stories about how someone returned a library book 53 years after they'd taken it out from the library, and stories about a man marrying a goat or something?

But the best stories are the ones that involve free energy. Over the years there have been many and it is no wonder the press and indeed public treat them with contempt.

However, every now and then something comes along that defies logic. Orbo for example.

Count on this my friends, the press will at this stage fail to realise with confidence that the free energy claims are indeed true and we are dealing with the biggest story in recent history. There will be a middle-of-the-road cautious approach taken to presenting the story as factual.

Top marks will go to any newspaper or media that "beleive' in the story and treat it with any seriousness.

I'm guessing the BBC won't touch it with a barge poll, since they always like to play it safe, but this story is a tabloid winner, and let's be honest the biggest selling newspapers are tabloids.

Incidentally, rather bizzarely the best previous coverage was from none other than (you'll choke on your coffee when you hear this) FOX News!!!

Neil Cavuto did a fantastic job of interviewing Sean and FOX treated the story with surprising seriousness. Now maybe it was the producer's day off or he had to go to an Illuminati meeting or something, but it's true - FOX done good.

Let's hope they all realise that this IS the scoop of the millenium.


Fast cars and not a filling station in sight.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How many times have we all been fleeced by the oil companies?

How many years have they been justifying the extortionately high price of oil while lining their fat-cat executives pockets with riches and share bonuses.

How many times have you stood at the gas station filling up your car, before reluctantly handing over a bundle of notes? How many times have you seen stories about how oil company profits are in the billions?

I think I speak for most people when I say that we’re utterly fed up with paying through the nose for petroleum and diesel. To be honest, they’ve had a reasonably long run at it now, decades in fact, but enough is enough and the blatant profiteering has only made consumers like you and I more determined to find a way out from our reliance on the black stuff. I won’t even go into the subject of oil conflict or environmental problems – that is for another post / book / novel entirely.

Oil companies will still be able to make money, just not nearly as much but at least we won’t be burning the damn stuff. We’ll still need it for plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and a myriad of other products, so expect oil drilling and exploration to continue as normal. We just won’t need such vast quantities of the stuff and it should last decades longer now.

Should Orbo technology take hold in the way I expect it to, it will be adopted very rapidly by the car makers and ultimately over time, make the high maintenance, polluting, internal combustion engine seem like an inferior second best.

Immediately Toyota and Honda spring to mind, as they have always been leaders in new innovation, especially in recent years with the birth of hybrid cars. Orbo technology can generate mechanical energy. This mechanical energy can be connected to existing generator technology to provide electrical output.

Effectively we can run electric cars which don’t have batteries and also NEVER need to be charged. Tesla Motors already produce some of the sleekest, fastest and most amazing electric cars you’ve ever seen. For example, the Tesla Roadster has better acceleration than the Lamborghini Murcielago while doing a seat pinning 0-60 in 4 seconds.

At the moment Tesla Motors vehicles still need charging, and that has always been the problem with electric cars, not to mention that the performance of batteries has stayed almost flatline since they were invented.

The scenario I have painted above is just one of the many benefits of Steorn’s new free energy technology Orbo.

At the end of this, there is no question – we do have a better world and our love of the motor car will not be affected. 0-60 in 4 seconds remember!


If you've just joined us..

Monday, July 2, 2007

If you've just checked in here for the first time, then welcome. I hope to share with you the coming revolution in free energy technology. Pretty soon you will realise that all of the things you'd heard are true, and that we are on the verge of something amazing here.

Welcome, and enjoy the ride.


Impact Of Steorn's Free Energy: Desalination & Third World

The planet is blessed with an abundance of water, but sadly most of it is of no use to anyone in the form of seawater.

With free energy that will all change.

About 90% of the cost of desalinating seawater into freshwater for drinking and irrigation is in the electricity required to power the desalination process. Steorn’s new free energy technology radically changes this scenario. With the cost of generating power now eliminated we can desalinate oceans worth of water at little or no cost.

What does this mean for us?

Well, an abundance of fresh water means we can now pipe unlimited freshly desalinated water into the driest of countries with the only real expense of building a pipeline.

Technology also already exists to extract water from the surrounding air. With free energy, this technology can be commercialized and deployed to extract freshwater at little or no cost in areas that are even more remote.

Picture the dry, cracked soil of desert regions being turned into lakes, resevoirs and fields for growing food. The importance of fresh water on people’s lives works on so many levels. With an abundance of fresh water, we can offer clean drinking water and eliminate water borne diseases to millions of people in Africa and the developing world.

With an abundance of fresh water we can grow fields of crops in the driest of conditions and this will seriously tackle the ongoing problems of starvation and hunger in the 3rd world.

It’s probably our most valuable resource and without free energy we cannot get the supply of water to the people who really need it the most. At the moment millions of people drink dirty, contaminated water, every day, because of the scarcity of this most valuable resource that we in the Western world take so much for granted.

All we need now is a rapid commercialization of the underlying technology through the private sector, and with Steorn’s very unique licensing model, this will help propogate the technology faster than ever.

I look forward to witnessing the transition over the coming years and being able to see what Orbo free energy technology can bring these nations. They’ve had their fair share of tragedy and it’s about time it changed.


Steorn's Orbo London Demo

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Just a quick survey for you. When the venue for the London Demo Of Orbo is eventually announced will you try and make it along in person or will you watch proceedings from the comfort of your home.
How many of you intend to go along and what are you expecting to see?Leave a comment and let me know.



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