Impact Of Steorn's Free Energy: Desalination & Third World

Monday, July 2, 2007

The planet is blessed with an abundance of water, but sadly most of it is of no use to anyone in the form of seawater.

With free energy that will all change.

About 90% of the cost of desalinating seawater into freshwater for drinking and irrigation is in the electricity required to power the desalination process. Steorn’s new free energy technology radically changes this scenario. With the cost of generating power now eliminated we can desalinate oceans worth of water at little or no cost.

What does this mean for us?

Well, an abundance of fresh water means we can now pipe unlimited freshly desalinated water into the driest of countries with the only real expense of building a pipeline.

Technology also already exists to extract water from the surrounding air. With free energy, this technology can be commercialized and deployed to extract freshwater at little or no cost in areas that are even more remote.

Picture the dry, cracked soil of desert regions being turned into lakes, resevoirs and fields for growing food. The importance of fresh water on people’s lives works on so many levels. With an abundance of fresh water, we can offer clean drinking water and eliminate water borne diseases to millions of people in Africa and the developing world.

With an abundance of fresh water we can grow fields of crops in the driest of conditions and this will seriously tackle the ongoing problems of starvation and hunger in the 3rd world.

It’s probably our most valuable resource and without free energy we cannot get the supply of water to the people who really need it the most. At the moment millions of people drink dirty, contaminated water, every day, because of the scarcity of this most valuable resource that we in the Western world take so much for granted.

All we need now is a rapid commercialization of the underlying technology through the private sector, and with Steorn’s very unique licensing model, this will help propogate the technology faster than ever.

I look forward to witnessing the transition over the coming years and being able to see what Orbo free energy technology can bring these nations. They’ve had their fair share of tragedy and it’s about time it changed.



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