World Exclusive Interview: Steorn Effect Replicated / Blake Interview

Friday, August 31, 2007

As promised......

Today we talk to Blake. A Vietnam veteran and ex US air force pilot with a fascinating technical background. A skilled engineer with decades of experience in the air force and aviation industry.

An independent builder, in his own workshop, using his own tools and materials, has become the first known non-Steorn employee or contractor to successfully re-create the time-variant free energy principles of Steorn's Orbo technology.

Please note: Due to Legal Non Disclosure Agreements certain aspects of the technical information have been replaced by asterisks where necessary.

FE Truth: "Firstly Blake, tell us about your background."

Blake: "Born on a plane between London and Baltimore (my dad installed the first Coca-Cola bottling plant in London). Birthplace listed as Baltimore. Moved to Western Maryland at age 2, then to Florida at age 7-8. Started working at the airport in Jacksonville at age 12.

"Schooled and graduated for airframe and engine license at age 14 (special waiver from FAA) High school in Jacksonville, summers spent as U.S. Merchant Marine, and many odd jobs during school. "

"At age 17 enlisted in the U.S. Airforce. Schooled in aircraft. Assigned to 3206th Drone Squadron, Eglin Air Force Base. Flew many different aircraft as Drones from Q2s to QF104s and QB-47 and one F8U Crusader. "

"Attended college during service time. Earned degrees in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Became "Jack of All Trades, Master of None". After time in the military went to work as aircraft mechanic on Land-Air Field team, then Lockheed Air Service field team, then to Lear Seigler Aircraft and Missiles Field Operations Division.
Progressed to troubleshooter for all field teams. Became in-country manager of all crews in Vietnam. "

"Then home to many different jobs until 1971 when I moved to Georgia and worked for Robins Air Force Base as an aircraft sheet metal mechanic. Then transferred to Electronics Division to work as electronic trouble shooter. Forced to retire in 1978 and then opened my own woodworking shop in Perry GA. "

"Closed the shop 86 and worked as supervisor for many companies until Northrop Grumman hired me to do aircraft sheet metal in 1997 - been there every since. Graduated to tool design engineer and methods engineer in Dallas, Texas then transferred back to my first love (my tool box) in Stuart Florida, where I currently reside. "

"Will move again in December back to my beloved Georgia and my children and friends."

FE Truth: "How did you become interested in the whole Steorn / Steorn Private Developers Club thing?"

Blake: "Last year in August around the 17th or 18th I saw a wee bit on energy on Fox news and I clicked on it and that brought me to Steorn. According to the register shown on the screen I was #60 to register."

FE Truth: "As I understand it, with the combination of technical knowledge gained in the SPDC and your own engineering ability you set to work on building a testrig to try and replicate the free energy "Steorn Effect". Without going into any technical secrets tell us about how you built your own Orbo test rig?"

Blake: "Having wood and metal working skills and trying to decipher the dialogue on the main forum, I set about to try my hand at duplicating the Steorn discovery. I built many rigs, testing theories, and did not even come close until Sean (Steorn CEO) posted a diagram and then I started to work in earnest."

"My wife was away visiting her mother and I came home from work and started to assemble a rig like Sean's diagram. Started with a ***** base then added a hang arm for ******* support, then used a ******* magnet to wind an ******* magnet for the *****. Then follow my sense of feel I tried placing magnets near, ************ and at many ******* angles until I felt something unusual and noticed that the spin down was not slowing down much from my original spindown."

"Then I hot melt glued the ****** in place while holding it with my hand. Then I went on to work on my model airplanes which were due out that weekend. "

FE Truth: "Talk us through the sequence of events that night."

Blake: "After I hot melted the ******* in place I used the dremel tool to spin it up to abound *** thousand rpms and I usually got around ** and a half minutes sometime almost *** on the spin down. "

"I waited almost 5 minutes and it still kept going and I thought maybe I got an off center balance that is keeping it going like a flywheel so I quit watching it and went back to work on a model plane - all the while keeping an eye on the rig. "

"It was late and I knew I had to work the next day so taking a final look at the running rig. I went to was still running when I woke up and when I left for work. When I got home the first thing I did was to go look at the rig. "

"My heart really fell when I saw it stopped".

FE Truth: "How long did it self-sustain for in the end?"

Blake: "I can only vouch for about 8 hours, I do not know how long it ran after I left for work".

FE Truth: So basically it ran on it's own with no external input for at least 8 hours and possibly way more than that?

FE Truth: "When you finally realized it was self sustaining and kept spinning on its own what was going through your mind?"

Blake: "I kept wondering when it was going to stop and then when it did not...I thought...damn I got to go pee!"

FE Truth: (Laughs)

FE Truth: "In your opinion, is this something that most people could build?"

Blake: "I think that the rig I built can be built by most anybody given the right materials and tools".

FE Truth: "Now that you've witnessed a self-sustaining device how do you feel now about Steorn as to whether they are telling the truth?"

Blake: "Well, I know the rig can run on it's own. So I believe what they say is possible and that they are probably telling us the truth but holding back important details till all the patents are in and the jury reports."

FE Truth: "What do you say to people who may accuse you of making this up?"

Blake: "You are entitled to your own opinion, I have nothing to gain by making up stories. However I intend to keep trying to replicate the run to quell the naysayers. Until then it is just my word against the odds."

FE Truth: "So that would make you one of only a handful of people in the world who has seen the fact with their own eyes that free energy can be tapped using certain configurations of magnets.”

FE Truth: "I assume you're trying to get it going again or to build an improved prototype rig?"

Blake: "Yes, I have been trying ever since it stopped and will keep trying till it runs again. I have no real idea what made it run but only feel that the way to make it go is simple, I just happened to have the right conditions at the time.”

“It will run again. The next time it runs I will have the means to record it at hand.”

‘Never, never, never give up. Some folks say I am stubborn, other say I am dedicated, still others say I am crazy, me - I just want to make it run and scale it down so I don't have to use batteries in my model airplanes."

FE Truth: "Do you have any personal theories on where this energy may be coming from?"

Blake: "For what it’s worth, I believe that we will find that magnetism has a frequency and that the frequency is present everywhere in the universe. I believe the force which we are converting to energy comes from that."

FE Truth: "In a sentence, do you think that the possibility now exists to end our reliance on oil, coal, gas and nuclear power given Steorn's Orbo technology?"

Blake: "I believe it has always existed and that we are just now re-discovering it. "

"I think the ancients had more real intellect of physics and nature than we do today. And if I did not believe that Steorn had found a path to this science then I would not belong to the SPDC. At least having hope in them is better then no hope. For without dreams we
stagnate and die."

FE Truth: "Congratulations on your amazing achievement Blake, and many thanks for sharing your remarkable story."

For the truth about the existence of free energy technology,
"You can handle the truth"


WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Steorn Orbo Effect Successfully Replicated

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On Friday we have a world first fantastic EXCLUSIVE interview with an independent DIY builder who has first hand experience of the "Steorn Effect" and has actually built and replicated the effect himself.

Hear his first-hand account of what happened and how he is the first person in the world outside of Steorn to have successfully verified the free energy principles of Orbo.

For the truth about free energy technology

"You can handle the truth".


Steorn: Exclusive Story Only On FE Truth

Friday, August 24, 2007

Next week, only on Free Energy Truth we have a world exclusive that you won't want to miss. For the truth about Steorn, Orbo and free energy technology check us out next week for an fantastic scoop.

Remember:"You can handle the truth."


Impending World Oil Shortage: Good Timing Steorn

Thursday, August 23, 2007

If ever the time was right for Steorn's Orbo technology to come along, then it's now. World oil production is on the downward slope, yet demands especially from developing countries like China and India are increasing rapidly.

"This much is certain: no initiative put in place starting today can have a substantial effect on the peak production year. No Caspian Sea exploration, no drilling in the South China Sea, no SUV replacements, no renewable energy projects can be brought on at a sufficient rate to avoid a bidding war for the remaining oil. At least, let's just hope that the war is waged with cash instead of with nuclear warheads."

by Kenneth S. Deffeyes (Princeton University Press)


Steorn Related Feynmann Quote

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

“It is not possible to understand the magnetic effects of materials in any honest way from the point of view of classical physics.”

—Richard Feynman1965 Nobel Prize winning physicist


Steorn Cartoons

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Check out my fellow SPDC friend Matt Hounsom's blog for some excellent Steorn cartoons. Keep up the good work Matt! The one featured above show "The Fence" with believers on one side and skeptics on the other.


Happy Birthday Steorn!: 1 Year Since "The Economist" Ad

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's one year today since Steorn's Full page advertisement in "The Economist" magazine. What has been achieved since then you may ask?

Well with such a bold claim as free energy, the biggest battle to be fought was always going to be convincing people it was real and that Steorn was not a scam or a viral marketing ploy. The hardest people to convince and the most important people we must convince are the scientists and engineers who live by the rules and laws of Conservation of Energy (CoE).

CoE has always held firm, but in this case I am priveleged to say that with Steorn's Time Variant Magneto Mechanical Interactions, CoE does not seem to apply.

3 years of trying to get acceptance failed, due to the reluctance of any scientist to even look seriously for more than a few minutes at the technology. Such is the world of science that even looking at the tech would lower you in the esteem of fellow peers. A very backwards attitude to new discoveries is obviously still present in modern day scientific attitudes.

After 3 years Steorn decided enough was enough and issued the challenge. It was a massive success and in the end they got 22 of the best from the world of science to put Orbo technology through rigorous and demanding tests. The work of the scientists began 6 months ago and is ongoing at present with an announcement expected early next year.

Also, 1 year on the SPDC Steorn Private Developers Club is well under way and is proving to be a very valuable tool in the proving of the claims. Although the work is under NDA there have been some notable successes, as quoted in the Steorn public forum with one SPDC member getting a home replication to self sustain for 8 hours!!

Low point of the year was the Kinetica demo, but with the promise of a second public demo looming, Kinetica is now firmly in the past.

So happy birthday Steorn and may the next year be the defining moment in world history.


New Metro Article On Steorn

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The article, written by Mark Harris is featured in Metro and is a few weeks late in publishing. It covers the events of the Kinetica Demo and gives a "too brief to be brief" synopsis on the Steorn story so far.
The opening paragraph begins with infantile references to Captain Kirk and Scotty, so already we know the editorial spin and dirtection Metro want to take it's readers on.
Next it's a chance to dwell on the Kinetica demo and how bearing failure caused a premature end to the public demo. As I read I was thinking to myself - "When will they wheel out the token physicist who disagrees with the claims"?.

Then in the next paragraph my expectations were not disappointed. Dr Claudia Eberlein (who?) informs us that "there has been a mistake" and "any physicist will tell you that you have to have Conservation of Energy".
Then we had another token homage paid to Cold Fusion by Eberlain which she dismisses out of hand (despite the US navy's ongoing interest in cold fusion). Maybe she doesn't read newpapers herself?

Despite Steorn engaging 22 of the worlds best physicists in a "prove it or not" jury, it is not given any airtime or proper discussion by Metro despite the fact that this is crucial to the unfolding process of validation and critical to the reader's understanding of Steorn's seriousness.
As a last throw of the debunking dice, we are treated to another winner from those insightful people at Metro. The last paragraph states "maybe Orbo does work and the London demo was sabotaged by big oil".
Although I have absolutely no doubt that the energy industry has bought off patents and inventors over the years, I'm afraid that big oil or the men in black had nothing to do with the failure of the bearings at Kinetica.
'm not even going to mention that the picture they used a picture of a Sean and a test rig from last year and that Orbo (displayed at Kinetica) is nowhere to be seen despite many references to it. It seems Metro's picture editor is also hard up for time.
The article's only saving grace is that it ends quickly, leaving Dr Eberlain to get back to her day-job and Metro to resume writing on their core subjects - A story about a cat being rescued out of a tree or a dog that can skateboard or something etc etc...



Steorn Jury Update: Good Circumstantial Evidence

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Forum member "Crank" said yesterday:

"The way I'd look at it is...I was shown the names of two jury members. At any time over the past six months if Sean pissed me off sufficiently (and Sean is good at pissing me and everyone else off ) I could have phoned those scientists and asked them if they really were on the Steorn jury.

If they weren't, they could and would have publicly disassociated themselves from the Irish crackpots who were using their name in vain. So if it was a house of cards, it would all have come tumbling down over quite a simple thing.

Therefore...the names he gave me had to be genuine. Therefore...there is a jury. Therefore...anything Sean has stated publicly about the jury has to be real, or jury members would be kicking up a fuss."


I have to agree with Crank on this one since Crank could have easily proved the non-existence of a jury by a simple phone call. Steorn have indeed been upfront about the jury and it is now only the more heavily skeptical people who would dispute this now.

Also today, the forums were opened up again and you no longer need a login to read the posts.


Steorn Public Forums: Login Now Required To View

Monday, August 13, 2007

Due to a small number of troll posters the Steorn Public Forum now requires a login to view any content. Good news is that If you are a serious user then you will still be able to register and post your thoughts.

The trolling of the Steorn Forum has went on for way too long and I commend the actions of the moderators. The personal insults and in some cases libellous statements from a small minority of posters has become too much.

I recommend that the serious posters with a genuine interest proceed as normal and let the trolls scurry off to their burrows.


Steorn Orbo Demo 2 - What's Happening?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Some weeks ago we told you that the the original camera feed URLs had been re-activated. Since then, they have remained the same - displaying a live "holding page cam" view of Big Ben and The London Eye.

Why would AStream (the webcam company) resurrect the feeds for no apparent reason? After the Kinetica demo the pages were completely removed and all anyone got was a "page not found" error. Now and for the last 3-4 weeks they've been re-instated, all be it, without a spinning Orbo yet.

When Steorn get round to doing demo number 2 I would expect them to use AStream again, so it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on those cams every now and then. Sean has said in recent interviews that they'll be doing another demo in the near future - that was weeks ago now.

I would expect this to occur by the end of the year, maybe even much sooner. There is some speculation from the forums on an August 17th- 18th date, but it is largely without substance.

We await with interest...


Flaws in Classical EM Theory: Orbo May Exploit

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Flaws in Classical EM Theory
(Maxwell's Theory is 136 years old, and has been severely mutilated)

Anyone who says Orbo couldn't possibly work and quotes you Maxwell's Equations as a reason to debunk them should read the following. Maxwells's Equations since their first concept have been battered, mutilated, key concepts left out and generally bashed around and made to fit nicely. Except they don't fit nicely - see below:

1. Eliminates the Internal EM Inside the Scalar Potential.

2. No Definition of Electrical Charge or of Scalar Potential.

3. Equations Still Assume Material Ether Per Maxwell (Unchanged).

4. Use of Force Fields in Vacuum is False (and Known to be So).

5. Treats Charge q as Unitary Instead of Coupled System q=ΓΈ(q)m(q).

6. Confuses Massless Potential Gradients as Forces (See #3, #4).

7. Does Not Utilize Mass as a Component of Force (See #23).

8. Erroneously Assumes EM Force Field as Primary Causes.

9. Topology of EM Model Has Been Substantially Reduced.

10. Does Not Include Quantum Potential or Action at a Distance.

11. Does Not Include Superluminal Velocity of Inner EM Components.

12. Does Not Utilize Extended Near-Field Coulomb Gauge Effects.

13. Does Not Include EM Generatrix Mechanism For Time Flow.

14. Does Not Unify Photon and Wave Aspects (Requires 7-D Model).

15. Does Not Include Electron Spin and Precession (See #19, #24).

16. Treats EM Energy As Existing in "Chunks," Instead of as Flow.

17. Confuses Energy and Energy Collection (See #16).

18. Discards Half of Every EM Wave in Vacuum (See #22).

19. Erroneously Uses Transverse Vacuum Wave; It's Quasi-Longitudinal.

20. Arbitrarily Regauges Maxwell's Equations to Eliminate Overunity Maxwellian Systems.

21. Omits Phase Conjugate Optics Effects (Which are the Rule in Internal EM).

22. Does Not Include EM Cause of Newtonian Reaction Force.

23. Erroneously Assumes Separate Force Acting on Separate Mass.

24. Confuses Detected Electron Precession Waves as Proving Transverse EM Waves in Vacuum (Remnant of Old "EM Fluid" Concept).

25. Due to Error in String Wave, Omits the Ubiquitous Antiwave.

26. Assumes Equilibrium; Not True Unless Include Vacuum Interactions.

27. Higher Toplogy Required, to Model Electromagnetic Reality.

28. Lorentz surface integration discards Poynting energy transport.29. Has nothing at all to say about form of EM entities in massless space.

30. Eliminates the infolded general relativity using EM-force as curve agent.

31. Does not include longitudinal EM wave phase conjugate pairs as time domain oscillations.

32. Does not include EM mechanism that generates time flow and flow rate.

33. Does not include time-excitation charging and decay.

34. Does not include time-reversal zones.

Extract from the work of Lt Col Tom Bearden(ret'd)


Steorn Power Source: Zero-Point Energy?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

One of the most likely power sources for the free-energy claims of Steorn is that of the zero-point field or (vacuum energy). An already established scientific phenomena. The zero-point energy can be described as the following excerpt from Wikipedia:

In physics, the zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may possess and is the energy of the ground state of the system.

The concept of zero-point energy was proposed by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913, which they called "zero-point energy" (German: Nullpunktsenergie). All quantum mechanical systems have a zero point energy.

The term arises commonly in reference to the ground state of the quantum harmonic oscillator and its null oscillations. In quantum field theory, it is a synonym for the vacuum energy, an amount of energy associated with the vacuum of empty space.

In cosmology, the vacuum energy is taken to be the origin of the cosmological constant. Experimentally, the zero-point energy of the vacuum leads directly to the Casimir effect, and is directly observable in nanoscale devices.

Because zero point energy is the lowest possible energy a system can have, this energy cannot be removed from the system. A related term is zero-point field, which is the lowest energy state of a field, i.e. its ground state, which is non zero.

Despite the definition, the concept of zero-point energy, and the hint of a possibility of extracting "free energy" from the vacuum, has attracted the attention of amateur inventors. Numerous perpetual motion and other pseudoscientific devices, often called free energy devices, exploiting the idea, have been proposed. As a result of this activity, and its intriguing theoretical explanation, it has taken on a life of its own in popular culture, appearing in science fiction books, games and movies.


Steorn: A Custard Pie In The Face Of Science

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Arthur C Clarke once said: Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction. They may be summed up by the phrases:

(1) It's completely impossible.
(2) It's possible, but it's not worth doing.
(3) I said it was a good idea all along.

It's only a matter of time now until point number 3 is fulfilled. Since the whole Steorn public campaign started back in August 2006 we've seen, one after another, scientists being wheeled out by the media to debunk Steorn's claims. Every one of them citing the history of perpetual motion and how no-one has yet achieved it, relying on the fact we haven't done it yet as some sort of proof that it is impossible.

Well I've got news for them. We once thought the world was flat. We once looked at the stars and worshipped the gods - now we travel among the stars ourselves. Science need only look at how far we have came and should stop before it puts it's pompus foot in it's mouth once again.

I'll end on another appropriate quote from the great man himself:

Clarke's First Law: When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

Arthur C Clarke.


Steorn - Engadget Interview "Demo Plans"

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just to recap, here's what Sean McCarthy (CEO of Steorn) said recently in regard for their plans for a second successful demonstration of Orbo Free Energy Technology.

Sean: "What we've decided to do this time, is rather then beating ourselves with a stick, we're going to get it running in a location and then we are going to announce that people can watch it online. So we are actually physically getting it operating, it will be the same.

The principle behind London, which was clearly a failed demo, was that it wasn't for for a sequence of webcams to people to watch, but it was equally physical, so that people could go there. We put in some PCs so they could chat about it and so on. So the principle will be identical, that it's both a physical location where people can go view it.

Obviously not everybody can do that, so people can watch it online and chat directly with people there and discuss theories of where batteries might be hidden and so and so on. It's a deferral, we have decided that we will only announce it when it's actually live and in place this time which is a mistake that we made last time. We should have done that but didn't."



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