Flaws in Classical EM Theory: Orbo May Exploit

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Flaws in Classical EM Theory
(Maxwell's Theory is 136 years old, and has been severely mutilated)

Anyone who says Orbo couldn't possibly work and quotes you Maxwell's Equations as a reason to debunk them should read the following. Maxwells's Equations since their first concept have been battered, mutilated, key concepts left out and generally bashed around and made to fit nicely. Except they don't fit nicely - see below:

1. Eliminates the Internal EM Inside the Scalar Potential.

2. No Definition of Electrical Charge or of Scalar Potential.

3. Equations Still Assume Material Ether Per Maxwell (Unchanged).

4. Use of Force Fields in Vacuum is False (and Known to be So).

5. Treats Charge q as Unitary Instead of Coupled System q=ΓΈ(q)m(q).

6. Confuses Massless Potential Gradients as Forces (See #3, #4).

7. Does Not Utilize Mass as a Component of Force (See #23).

8. Erroneously Assumes EM Force Field as Primary Causes.

9. Topology of EM Model Has Been Substantially Reduced.

10. Does Not Include Quantum Potential or Action at a Distance.

11. Does Not Include Superluminal Velocity of Inner EM Components.

12. Does Not Utilize Extended Near-Field Coulomb Gauge Effects.

13. Does Not Include EM Generatrix Mechanism For Time Flow.

14. Does Not Unify Photon and Wave Aspects (Requires 7-D Model).

15. Does Not Include Electron Spin and Precession (See #19, #24).

16. Treats EM Energy As Existing in "Chunks," Instead of as Flow.

17. Confuses Energy and Energy Collection (See #16).

18. Discards Half of Every EM Wave in Vacuum (See #22).

19. Erroneously Uses Transverse Vacuum Wave; It's Quasi-Longitudinal.

20. Arbitrarily Regauges Maxwell's Equations to Eliminate Overunity Maxwellian Systems.

21. Omits Phase Conjugate Optics Effects (Which are the Rule in Internal EM).

22. Does Not Include EM Cause of Newtonian Reaction Force.

23. Erroneously Assumes Separate Force Acting on Separate Mass.

24. Confuses Detected Electron Precession Waves as Proving Transverse EM Waves in Vacuum (Remnant of Old "EM Fluid" Concept).

25. Due to Error in String Wave, Omits the Ubiquitous Antiwave.

26. Assumes Equilibrium; Not True Unless Include Vacuum Interactions.

27. Higher Toplogy Required, to Model Electromagnetic Reality.

28. Lorentz surface integration discards Poynting energy transport.29. Has nothing at all to say about form of EM entities in massless space.

30. Eliminates the infolded general relativity using EM-force as curve agent.

31. Does not include longitudinal EM wave phase conjugate pairs as time domain oscillations.

32. Does not include EM mechanism that generates time flow and flow rate.

33. Does not include time-excitation charging and decay.

34. Does not include time-reversal zones.

Extract from the work of Lt Col Tom Bearden(ret'd) www.cheniere.org



Anonymous,  August 29, 2007 at 4:36 AM  

That'd be Colonel Tom 'Nutjob' Bearden (ret'd), wouldn't it? The same bloke who believes that 'terrorists are using electromagnetic weapons to stimulate volcanoes into eruption, cause earthquakes, and control our climate and weather'...


He's a fruitloop - and his idea of physics is as barmy as his thoughts on meteorology.

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