Happy Birthday Steorn!: 1 Year Since "The Economist" Ad

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's one year today since Steorn's Full page advertisement in "The Economist" magazine. What has been achieved since then you may ask?

Well with such a bold claim as free energy, the biggest battle to be fought was always going to be convincing people it was real and that Steorn was not a scam or a viral marketing ploy. The hardest people to convince and the most important people we must convince are the scientists and engineers who live by the rules and laws of Conservation of Energy (CoE).

CoE has always held firm, but in this case I am priveleged to say that with Steorn's Time Variant Magneto Mechanical Interactions, CoE does not seem to apply.

3 years of trying to get acceptance failed, due to the reluctance of any scientist to even look seriously for more than a few minutes at the technology. Such is the world of science that even looking at the tech would lower you in the esteem of fellow peers. A very backwards attitude to new discoveries is obviously still present in modern day scientific attitudes.

After 3 years Steorn decided enough was enough and issued the challenge. It was a massive success and in the end they got 22 of the best from the world of science to put Orbo technology through rigorous and demanding tests. The work of the scientists began 6 months ago and is ongoing at present with an announcement expected early next year.

Also, 1 year on the SPDC Steorn Private Developers Club is well under way and is proving to be a very valuable tool in the proving of the claims. Although the work is under NDA there have been some notable successes, as quoted in the Steorn public forum with one SPDC member getting a home replication to self sustain for 8 hours!!

Low point of the year was the Kinetica demo, but with the promise of a second public demo looming, Kinetica is now firmly in the past.

So happy birthday Steorn and may the next year be the defining moment in world history.



maryyugo,  August 19, 2007 at 1:29 AM  

Just curious: Why do you believe that a device claimed to have a power density of 0.5 watt/cc and an overunity factor of 485% is difficult or time consuming to test? Are you not aware that any competent engineers can assemble a small group and some simple off the shelf test gear and verify those claims in much less than a week?

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