Steorn Orbo Demo 2 - What's Happening?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Some weeks ago we told you that the the original camera feed URLs had been re-activated. Since then, they have remained the same - displaying a live "holding page cam" view of Big Ben and The London Eye.

Why would AStream (the webcam company) resurrect the feeds for no apparent reason? After the Kinetica demo the pages were completely removed and all anyone got was a "page not found" error. Now and for the last 3-4 weeks they've been re-instated, all be it, without a spinning Orbo yet.

When Steorn get round to doing demo number 2 I would expect them to use AStream again, so it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on those cams every now and then. Sean has said in recent interviews that they'll be doing another demo in the near future - that was weeks ago now.

I would expect this to occur by the end of the year, maybe even much sooner. There is some speculation from the forums on an August 17th- 18th date, but it is largely without substance.

We await with interest...



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