Wanted: Free Energy Engineers

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Free energy engineers should look out their CVs according to the latest from Steven Greer's Orion Project.

Specifically they (The Orion Project) are looking for Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electronics/Circuit Design people.

The task will be to work together to produce a free energy device harnessing the zero-point energy that can eventually be mass produced and used for energy generation.

"To be part of this effort requires a permanent commitment and relocation to the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Once we have developed the technologies, we foresee continuing roles in the company for those who have participated in our success."

"If you are ready to participate in a change that will open the world to safe, non-polluting new energy systems, send your resume with references to DrJanBravo@TheOrionProject.org."

It is rather pleasing to see that the effort by Greer's Orion Project to get off fossil fuels is gathering momentum and lots of interest round the world. We need more people to "wake up" and realise that they are watching the movie instead of living real life.

OPEC and the oil and energy companies will be happy to see us use up the last drop of oil while they tell us all about their "green initiatives". It's PR spin and it's bullshit. Wake up people!



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