Steorn's Free Energy Demo - What will it do?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What will we see at the Steorn London demo? Well, that very much depends on your mind set and beliefs. In my humble opinion, you will be witness to the world's first free energy technology "Orbo".

For the public's benefit any free energy technology will need to be seen to display visual charecteristics of performing a task, moving something, powering lights, or something that visually displays power consumption and energy being expended. It needs to be so obvious that even traffic wardens can understand the principle, OK, maybe that's a step too far, but you catch my drift.

Of course you will have the usual chorus of dissenting voices lining up to shoot down free energy as "impossible" and no doubt you will hear a few people quoting Einstein and the Laws Of Thermodynamics.

We need to give Steorn the chance to let them prove themselves. It should be blatantly obvious to anyone who's been following the saga that they are most certainly not a hoax or publicity stunt of any kind. It's went way too far already.

A real company. Real people, and most of all real technology that produces free energy. Whether the free energy is coming from the surrounding zero-point field or dark energy I do not know. One can only speculate at this moment.

But one thing is for sure, there are very little things in life that are free. Free energy using Orbo technology looks certain to be one of them.


Free Energy, Steorn, Orbo & The London Demo

According to Steorn's forum there will be a demonstration of their new "free energy" technology sometime in July. Orbo (the brand name for their free energy technology) is said to produce free, clean and constant energy.

The demo will take place in London. Once the exact location is known, it will appear here.


Free Energy - Understanding The Impossible

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

With the Orbo free energy demonstration only a matter of weeks away now I am wondering what people's reactions will be. Will it be amazement at the realization we don't need oil anymore, or will it be disbelief at the sheer nature of such a bold claim. It may take people some time before it sinks in and we look at the world in a different way. It will be hard for many to take seriously at first as they don't yet understand the mechanics of extracting free energy from the vacuum.



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