Defkalion Press Conference Videos: Unofficial

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amateur Video Has Emerged Of Scenes At The Recent Defkalion Green Technologies Press Conference.  

The main points again:

  • Greek Deputy Development Minister Socrates Xynidis Attends
  • Agreement With 3 Multinational Companies 
  • 17 Countries Have Expressed Interest
  • Establishment Of New Research Centre
  • 3 New Plants Making e-cats in Xanthi
  •  Investment Totals 200 Million Euros
  • Co-operation With University of Xanthi

Defkalion have announced on their recently revamped website that: "Forthcoming: coverage of our press conference held on June 23rd will be uploaded shortly in video format with English subtitles.", so we should have a more professional video to post in the coming days.

The amateur footage appears to have been shot with an iPhone or similar low-resolution hand-held camera, but it is nevertheless interesting and gives a good insight into what the atmosphere was like on the day. 3 videos have been uploaded by the YouTube user: jum401 who appears to be a Greek National with an interest in the subject. The videos first appeared on his blog here.

Andrea Rossi Arrives - In The Lobby Of The Conference Venue

Andrea Rossi - Why Choose Greece?

Andrea Rossi's answer to the question: "why did you chose a Greek company to build and market the commercial device based on your discovery, granting them worldwide rights, (except for America)"? During the Defkalion Green Technologies press conference, in Paleo Faliro, June 23 2011

Defkalion press conference reporters

Dr Magnus Holm, head of science and technology,, Maurizio Melis, scientific journalist (Radio 24), Socratis Xynidis, Greek Deputy Development Ministe.

Maurizio Melis with Marianne Macy, reporter for Infinite Energy Magazine and Marianne is currently writing a book on this technology.

Anastasia Simitsiadi, journalist for Real News (Greece).

It should also be noted that the press conference was several days ago and there is still no significant coverage of these landmark events in ANY mainstream publication in the main European or US media. This has been the case since January 14th when the first public demo of Rossi's revolutionary technology was held.


Nobel Laureate Blasts Lamestream Media

Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Blasts Mainstream Media For Ignoring Rossi's New Physics Busting E-Cat Technology.

Cambridge Professor Brian Josephson won the Nobel prize for Physics in 1973 for "for his theoretical predictions of the properties of a supercurrent through a tunnel barrier, in particular those phenomena which are generally known as the Josephson effects".

Josephson is currently director of the Mind-Matter Unification Project of the Theory of Condensed Matter Group at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, a project concerned primarily with the attempt to understand, from the viewpoint of the theoretical physicist, what may loosely be characterised as intelligent processes in nature, associated with brain function or with some other natural process.

Josephson produced the accompanying video which mainly serves as an introduction to what the e-cat is, why it is so remarkable and the problems that the mainstream have in accepting new phenomena such as this.

He cites an instance where the Wright Brothers were accused of being frauds and liars back in their day as an example of how the current understanding of physics and technology makes assumptions that we already "know it all".

Like the Wright Brothers, the Rossi e-cat seems to do impossible things ("impossible" becasue we haven't discovered and observed them yet). The e-cat has been shown to produce 30 times more energy than is input, while seemingly transmutating a small percentage  of the nickel fuel into copper.

The current physics argues that the Coloumb barrier cannot be overcome at such low temperatures and pressures, and so quickly dismisses the observable facts (gamma rays and vast amounts of excess heat produced) - but for how long can mainstream science maintain this position and for how long can the lamestream media keep it's head buried in the sand?

Over the last few months Josephson has also been valiantly challenging the establishment dogma obsessed editorial goons on the Energy Catalyzer's Wikipedia page. Had he not been challenging their removal and convenient omissions of vital information, no doubt the e-catalyzer page would be crammed with scientific dogma and establishment denial.

Science sometimes forgets it's early beginnings. Rene Decartes who is largely credited with fouding modern scientific principles experienced a series of three powerful dreams or visions that he later claimed profoundly influenced his life. These visions laid the groundwork for what we now call modern science yet they are more at home in what Wikipedia would now term as pseudoscience.  The universe it would seem, has a sense of irony when it comes to science.

Energy Catalyzer Wikipedia Page (Not A Reliable Source For Truth)

Rene Descartes

Brian Josephson's Nobel Prize

Josephson's Cambridge Homepage


This Is HUGE News: Defkalion Press Conference

Friday, June 24, 2011

  • Greek Deputy Development Minister Socrates Xynidis Attends
  • Agreement With 3 Multinational Companies 
  • 17 Countries Have Expressed Interest
  • Establishment Of Research New Centre
  • 3 New Plants Making e-cats in Xanthi
  •  Investment Totals 200 Million Euros
  • Co-operation With University of Xanthi
Also in attendance:
  • President of the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece
  • President of "Larco" which will supply nickel  
  • General Secretariat for Research of China
  • Chairman of the Technical Chamber of Greece  
  • Representative of German Green Party 
Press Conference just finished (around 16.30 Athens time) In Palaio Faliro Municipality Congress Center, around 150 people attended.

Press coverage: 7 cameras from Greek mainstream stations, RAI, news paper journalists from major Greek newspapers, Italian, Assosiated Press, and others.

On the stage: Prof Stremenos, A. Xanthoulis from Defkalion GT and Andrea Rossi.

A press release and a press kit in DVD was distributed to the media. A special company announcement on the event will follow on Friday 24th with details, full list of participants, photos etc.

The event was filmed and it will be uploaded next week, with English subtitles, on YouTube after technical preparation.

The following report is from Greek News site Xanthi Press
The report has been translated using Google Translate, so there are some transcription issues going from Greek to English.
The first official presentation of the investment-mammoth company Defkalion Green Technologies in Xanthi, to produce energy from fusion of hydrogen-nickel (the invention of Foccardi-Rossi), was held Thursday afternoon in the auditorium of Town Hall Palaio Faliro.

To covered the event and presents interesting material on investing and the importance ascribed by the scientific and business community. The presentation was made by the company president Alekos Xanthoulis, accompanied by the inventor - Professor, University of Bologna Andrea Rossi and former Ambassador, also professor at Bologna, Chris Stremmeno while the event was attended by Deputy Development Minister Socrates Xynidis.

A. Xanthoulis: "We can say that we start"  President Alekos Xanthoulis company initially said that "For 1.5 years we have started this effort in time to present. Indeed the first time I saw this device that produces energy from "nothing" totally believed Professor Rossi. He was questioned and many audits by international organizations, but no longer as an industry standard and we can say that we start, "he said. In parallel, inter alia, noted that the effort has a national character by referring to "a light will come and we want to be ours and not the IMF.

According to President of Defkalion, industrial production starts from Xanthi to the first factory to the Fall, where katakefazetai core-reactor device (the "secret").  A new plant will operate within the next year again in Xanthi, where devices are manufactured complete e-cat, while the third plant unit will be operational in 2013 and again in Xanthi and will deal with the production of industrial units.  The total investment cost estimated at over 200 million euros.

On the question of reason for the choice of Xanthi as installation space industry, said three reasons:
First, note that in 3-4 visits to the region found a very high level of technical people in the region as well as kindness and warm hospitality of the people.  Secondly, said the geo-strategic position Xanthie 2 ports, 2 airports near and immediate access to all trans-European road networks are very important and, thirdly, he noted that the overall reception has been very positive, noting " We want the development to cease to be vertical and not move up from Lamia and Schimatari.  My hometown is Volos not welcomed me as I expected, unlike the blonde who greeted us as they should, "he said with meaning.

Declared open to cooperation with scientists and the University of Xanthi and said an agreement with three major multinational companies and the planned establishment of a Research Centre in the region.
The device will be presented in a formal test before the Greek authorities in the first 10 days of July, with several institutes around the world have tried the device. Moreover, 17 countries have expressed interest and demand is very high every day. We are very proud of that time. «

Greek diaspora investment fund
9 Greek diaspora-that compose Defcalion Global-fund investment outside of A. Xanthoulis. There is no debt or other financing and stated clearly that there is no request for a grant and the investment is only covered by equity. "We inform the state for this operation and the presence of Mr Xynidi indicates the support provided to us," said President of the company.

Alongside Professor Rossi revealed that interest was the discovery of various countries, but considered it more sincere effort identified by the Greek company Defkalion market the patent, adding that it is Greece of a large and highly appreciates the achievements of the country over the past 25 centuries. "There are entrepreneurs with patriotic feeling at this time we will not see what you get from the investment, but what will give the country" said Professor H. Stremmenos, pointing out the cultural dimension to the cooperation.

Technical details of the device 

According to President of the Company "is a box-reactor that uses nickel and hydrogen, which gives us heat. They had been many attempts in the past for cold fusion, but we managed to get to this form of energy production while Greece has 83% of the amount of nickel in the EU.

It can produce up to 30 kilowatts / hour of thermal energy.  We proceed experimentally and we present the toimoi Anna October 1 megawatt device and November 12 megawatts of energy. "The box can be used for domestic or industrial use of energy while producing heat can be produced and electricity the country needs."  The cost is estimated at 4-5000 euro and the depreciation is estimated to not exceed a period of one year.  "We'll cover the world and is a great project because, especially abroad, this technology has become too big noise, and although Greece is exclusively non-US country has shown interest.  There were parliamentary questions to Obama and Berslouskoni for this reason that Greece got this patent. We now hope to have an interest in Greece. "Said Alexis Xanthoulis.

"From Greek goodwill of a product will reduce the cost of heating and hot water at 10%.  Anyone who wants can add whatever a mechanism to convert thermal energy into electricity and return the surplus to PPC.  He noted, however that did not produce any harmful effects.  The cost is less than 1 minute per kilovatora, unlike the 12 that currently pays the Greek and the importance for industry, rural economy, and the power of the islands are large enough.  Use for example using a michanmimatos to house 200 square, where a device is provided free throughout the thermal energy required in the home while it collects 2,500 euros from the sale of electricity by electricity.

High attendance at the event 

The event was attended, apart from company executives, several representatives of the scientific community and representatives of foreign states and organizations show the importance given to the success of the invention.  Among them, the representative of the local government of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany controlled by the Green party, the President of the Hellenic-American Chamber, representing the General Secretariat for Research of China, Chairman of the Technical Chamber of Greece The President of the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece as well as the President of "Larco" which will supply nickel as raw material Defkalion.  Furthermore, there was quite a large interest from the municipalities of Athens interested in installing systems in municipal buildings.
Apart from the journalists of Greek and international media, questions submitted and scientists and business people, pairontas by Andrea Rossi answers only on the outside and not in the inner core of the device, which is a closely-guarded secret.


Defkalion: E-Catalyzer Market Strategy - Bullet Points

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. was established for the purpose to manufacture and release to the market products based on the Andrea Rossi E-Cat invention; essentially undertaking the path from invention to industrialization on a global scale. There is no government financing involved.

Science And Technology

Andrea Rossi and Sergio Foccardi have unquestionably succeeded with their invention (Hydrogen and Nickel exothermic reaction, calling it the Energy Catalyzer; commonly referred to as the E-Cat) to create and safely reproduce cheap and clean heat at room temperature conditions and with stable results. This process will create a new global energy era with profound and unequivocally positive social, economic and environmental implications.

Many have labeled Cold Fusion with positive and negative connotations. It has also been referred to as LENR and CANR. Most of these terms hold behind them thousands of hours of research work, all hoping to achieve the ultimate energy dream: limitless energy. However, overall, a stigma has created ambiguous feelings of aiming to reach the end of the rainbow. The science behind the products of Defkalion is none of the above, even though it is identified as such in current media coverage.

It is not the Holy Grail; simply put, it is an exothermic reaction between Nickel and Hydrogen that gives off heat; cheap, clean and green heat. This is a completely new field of science, one that is full of opportunities and challenges. It is a totally new emerging industry; one that will eventually revolutionize the energy sector.

As the leading company, Defkalion is ready to provide its full support to the scientific community at large in order to establish a global platform in this direction.

Product Status

The technology is currently in its final stages of becoming an industrialized and commercially viable prototype. This forms the basis for a broad range of products under the commercial name Hyperion. The current range of products produces surplus energy from 6 to 30 times more heat than energy consumed during its operation. Licensing of all Hyperion products is in progress. A fully functioning 1MW heat producing reactor will be inaugurated in Q4 of 2011.

Patents And Licensing

A national patent has been issued for Italy; the EU patent is on its final stage, while the global patent is pending. Hyperion patents are pending. EU safety certificates are in the process of issuance by the relevant authorities. Product tests will be similar to typical commercially available products with standardized procedures according to Performance; Stability; Functionality; and Safety.

Manufacturing And Factories

Our first factory is already in preparation phase, located in Xanthi, Northern Greece. It
has the following characteristics:

• 6,000m2 space
• Maximum production capacity of 300,000 units annually (kW and MW products)
• IT for monitoring the production line and product support
• Technical support to distribution channels
The assembly of products will include the following activities:
• Assembly of reactors (purchased from Defkalion)
• Build-up of final product (electronics, heat management, etc)
• Quality Control and Total Quality Management and Environmental Control
• Stress Tests and Functional Tests of end products
• Recharging of units
• Recycling procedures

The second factory is scheduled to be built in Xanthi within 2012, comprising of 12,000m2 for a larger assembly line. A third factory, belonging to Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd., shall operate as the producer of the industrial secret as the products’ kernel.

Total staff requirements for both factories will be around 380, and include technical expertise in the fields of: mechanical engineering, engineering, electronics, plumbing, data management, and auxiliary.

The 1MW Hyperion will be inaugurated in Q4 of 2011 with its production phase to commence in Q1 of 2012. This first 1MW reactor will be the first large scale unit based on multiples of the smaller Hyperion models in array. It will be used to partially cover the energy needs of the factory. It shall also be used as a show case unit.

With three factories located in Xanthi, the region shall gain in employment but also become an international hub where global investors and partners will visit the factory for business and product viewings.

Product Range

Although Hyperion models produce only heat energy, electricity can be generated with the application of existing third party technology. With regards to electricity generation, consumers will be able to receive a total solution based on mutually confirmed interoperability with third party technologies such as steam turbines and micro-steam turbines, Rankin new generation CHP, as well as intelligent heat management systems.

Hyperion products have different configurations, most notably:

• Series A: Single tube single module CHP: By this configuration, 5-10Kw heat power will be released to operate micro-CHP/micro turbine configurations

• Series B: Multi tube single module CHP: By this configuration, multiples of 5 or 10Kw heat power (max 30kW) can be integrated in the same box , when product has to operate (heat) bigger CHP/micro-CHP or steam turbine configurations

• Series C: Single tube single module heat only: By this configuration, 5-10Kw heat power will be released to operate small steam or hot water demands such as agricultural applications (green houses)

• Series D: Multi tube single module heat only: By this configuration, multiples of 5Kw heat power can be integrated in the same box , when product has to produce substantial amounts of heat for energy demanding applications

• Series E: Single or multi tube modules in parallel: To face the energy demands of big industrial installations at the range of MWs. Such products consists of arrays of A, B, or D series rack-mounted

• Series F: Single or multi tube modules in series: To accelerate power in different configurations

All kW range products have the following dimensions: 55x45x35cm
All MW range products are built within a 20” sized container
All products are connected to Defkalion main computers through on-line GSM for monitoring.

Hyperion advantages:

• Cheap: Hyperion can reduce the price of electricity by 90%

• Abundant: A typical Series C Hyperion 20kW product can generate up to 157 Mw in one year of operation. Regarding raw materials, Greece possesses 83% of Europe’s Nickel deposits. With its own usage, the price of creating Hydrogen will also become economically viable for its abundant use.

• Clean: The use of Hydrogen and Nickel produces Copper. There are no harmful to the environment substances during its production, use and afterlife.

• Green: no hazardous or toxic chemicals are required either in its production or in its consumption, unlike standard fossil fuel residuals.

• Safe: Analyses and tests for Performance, Stability, Functionality, and Safety will all be warranted from international accepted bodies to allay the fears of all potential nay-sayers that it is totally safe with zero radioactive emissions and zero harmful environmental emissions.

• Versatile: A broad spectrum of applications can benefit according to the level of output power. Hyperion products can be used in homes, hospitals, light industry, even propulsion. The extent to which is based on our continuing R&D efforts. Hyperion arguments

Theories are difficult to kill, but a power-generating process is fairly easy to prove: does it release energy, or not? If the technology works, the theoretical controversy and academic debate won’t stop commercialization.

Read the full white paper released today here


Hyperion To Be E-Cat Product Name - 5 to 30KW Units Available

Defkalion Green Technologies Have Announced A Product Line In Rossi Energy Catalyzers Called "HYPERION". Catalyzer Modules Will Be Available From 5 - 30Kw Power Output.

"DGT introduces a new technology into the world energy markets with products generating heat. DGT shall introduce its technology with socio-economic prudence following the global energy trends in a responsible manner."

Defkalion have just launched a new website where more information can be found.  They have a user forum where you can ask questions about these amazing new products.

From the website:


The line of products to be produced by Defkalion Green Techologies S.A. will carry the name Hyperion. Individual units producing heat ranging from 5 up to 30KWh/h will have the following dimensions: L55xW48xH35cm. Larger units producing 1MW heat will be sized to fit inside a container sized 20 and 40 feet. All products are plug-and-pay.


The science behind the E-Cat increases the probability of particles overcoming the electrostatic potential Coulomb barriers in order to penetrate the nucleus by the quantum mechanical tunneling effect, yielding in an exothermic reaction between Hydrogen and Nickel. By decreasing the surface upon which a given amount of pressure is exerted, the odds for the tunneling effect to occur are increased, allowing for higher penetrability of the Coulomb barrier.


For non-standardized applications, DGT through its proprietary Research & Development is dedicated to assist in the implementation of its new technology accordingly. DGT's R&D furthers the designs of its products aiming at potential, additional, and relevant processes of industrialization.


Defkalion Press Conference Today June 23rd 14:30

Defkalion Green Technologies (Energy Catalyzer Licencees) will hold a press conference today in Athens, Greece. Defkalion have the exclusive rights to sell, license and distribute the Energy Catalyzer technology for Europe. Ampenergo have the rights for the Americas.

From Defkalion own press invitation:

"The press conference will comprise of undisclosed up-to-date information related to the technology's commercial and industrial applications, the company's strategic placements, as well as commercial issues that are of interest not only to Defkalion's future customers, but also to the political society of our country. It goes without saying that such an important development also possesses a strong international dimension in many aspects."

It is anticipated that the company may among other things announce a particular product range / model of e-cat boiler/s to provide home and commercial heating.  There are a wide range of particular applications to which this technology is suited and Defkalion may provide more information on what their target market is.

There are no indications at this point that ANY significant mainstream media reporting will be present which is in line with the current, seemingly coordinated policy of denial, now in it's FIFTH month.


Greece is currently imposing austerity measures aimed at recovering it's economic status.  Could the energy catalyzer be a catalyst in it's own right and help to restart the faltering Greek economy?


Andrea Rossi: Video Tour Of The E-Catalyzer In Action

In this video taken by Steven B Krivit of New Energy Times, Andrea Rossi Gives Us A Fascinating Glimpse Of The E-Cat In Operation.

The video was filmed in Andrea Rossi's laboratory in Italy. Rossi gives us a step by step tour of the energy catalyzer.  This video was filmed several hours BSD. *(Before Steam Debate).


Steaming Mad: Krivit Infuriates Levi With Questions Of Competency

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Steven B Krivit,of New Energy Times recently visited Bologna to interview the team working to commercialize the energy catalyzer - Andrea Rossi, Sergio Focardi and Giuseppe Levi. The sun may have been shining and the Italian coffee flowing, but in the end the Colosseum may have been
a more apt venue.

All Steamed Up

Krivit conducted interviews with Andrea Rossi's team and has obtained video footage of the e-cat in operation which he plans to publish in the coming days / weeks. His initial blog post describing the premises and facility where he met with Andrea Rossi and of his interactions with the team seemed to have quite a negative tone throughout.

Krivit's initial assessment describes how he took issue with the way in which the  water content of the steam was measured; According to Krivit, this would potentially have a bearing on the final power output figures. Krivit has suggested that Prof Giuseppe Levi (Prof Emiratus At Bologna University) and by implication Dr Galantini, an expert in his field of chemistry did not measure the steam properly. Roughly equivalent to telling Usain Bolt that his sprinting is crap.

Since that first critical summary blog post it has all went downhill between the two camps.

I asked Rossi to comment on Krivit's point and got the following response.

Dear Mr Rossi,

Can you respond to the recent assertions by Steven B Krivit that the method in which the steam may have been measured previously is potentially giving incorrect measurements of the power capability of the e-cat.

Krivit says in his blog post, “I discussed the crucial difference in steam enthalpy calculations by mass versus by volume with Levi on Wednesday afternoon. Based on his initial response, I could not be sure if he had previously understood the potential impact.” 

I am hoping you can assure us that his concerns are invalid.

Best regards,

Andrea Rossi
June 17th, 2011 at 4:38 AM
Dear Craig:

Mr Krivit has understood nothing of what he saw, from what I have read in his ridiculous report… This guy has seen for half an hour an E-Cat in the factory where we make many tests, made some questions to Prof. Levi, Prof. Focardi and me. 

Evidently has understood nothing, perhaps for the short time we gave him, also because we have to work: maybe he is angry because we had to send him away from the closed boxes and because we had to say him good bye shortly because we have to make our work. Prof. Levi has explained very well to him how the measures have been made and the importance of the issue. He has explained very well that the percentage of uncondensed water in the steam has been measured in weight (in volume is impossible, for various reasons), and he also got confirmation of this from a specialist from whom he has taken indipendent counsel. Nevertheless, he has understood nothing, or wanted not to understand, for reasons he better knows.

Our tests have been performed by Physics Professors, who know how to make measures , and I am measuring the performance every day on 300 reactors.

In any case we will start our 1 MW plant in october and we will see how it works. Of course I assure his considerations are invalid, but I want to say more: our products on the market will confirm this. Probably this journalist has been sent by someone that wants to dwarf our work.

Warm Regards,

Levi also responded to Krivit's post:

Dear, Mr. Krivit

I have carefully read <>your preliminary report on your travel in Bologna. Your report clearly demonstrates that you have not understood anything of what you have seen and what we have explained you. First of all the story about the steam.

As the signature in my email says I got a PhD in Physics years ago. This means that I have totally understood the difference between residual water in steam as fraction of mass or volume. As I have unsuccessfully tried to explain you :

1) The plots you were showing are well known and you can find them in any manual of physical chemistry. They apply when you measure the quantity of steam present as % of VOLUME.

2) As I have told you many times, Dr. Galantini, the expert chemist that was in charge, has done a measure as percent of MASS. As Professor Zanchini has told you the same day we met, one of the crucial informations you have omitted from your preliminary report, a fraction of water in the steam, measured by MASS as we have done, would reduce the amount of measured energy in a linear way. So our calculation and our analysis is correct.

Because you:
Omitted part of information you had, insulted me (and my University) trying to say that I'm not prepared in my field, tried (just tried) to scare me and put me under psychological pressure in order to obtain so far undisclosed data, I will not send you any other information.

Dr. G.Levi
Competing Theories

For the rest of us, the main problem seems to be trying to understand the nature of the disagreement. One cannot help wonder despite a generally good level of understanding, whether something was "lost in translation" due to a very small, but nevertheless important language barrier between the two parties.

It is also well-known that Rossi does not subscribe to the Widom-Larsen theory of LENR.  He has let it be known that his own theory of what is happening within his energy catalyzer is something else entirely and he is holding off from explaining his pet theory until November - presumably because it gives an unambiguous clue to what the secret catalyst might be.

Meanwhile, Krivit on the other hand is known to advocate the Widom-Larsen theory and has co-authored a book supporting this explanation entitled "Widom-Larsen Theory: Possible Explanation of LENR. Could there be an underlying friction because they both hold competing theories?

So, was something lost in traslation, was it two competing theories causing friction, or did Rossi want to get on with his work and had little time for a journalist in his already crazy schedule?

Whatever it was it's unfortunate that these things cannot be resolved amicably and not played out for an audience like a soap opera. I have a feeling the "steam issue" will rumble on for a bit yet, but hopefully not boil over.


Facebook Group: Your Thoughts On The Energy Catalyzer

Friday, June 17, 2011

Recently we asked for some comments from our Facebook Group on what people thought about Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer.  Here are some of the interesting and thought provoking responses we received.

Some of us see the big picture and the deception runs very very deep. Oil and energy is a huge part of it but the medical mafia, BIG Pharma, Big Agra-Biz, the monetary system, mainstream media, Hollywood, & pretty much everything big mainstream is run by leaders who have been groomed through secret societies and who are working for one-world government. The E-Cat threatens this by making individuals and communities independent again.

Free/Cheap Energy IS the silver bullet for humanity. It empowers individuals and communities by making them completely independent and self-sustaining anywhere in the world. Fresh water is easily produced via energy-intensive water desalination and/or atmospheric water generation. Deserts can be turned into farmlands... Greenhouses can be erected in Alaska and Siberia... and even under seas and in outer space.

Self-sustaining abundance at the community level becomes a reality which brings an end to all war and conflict. A new renaissance is being born and Free/Cheap Energy advancement is helping lead the way. 

- Art Villa - California, USA

Every 5 seconds a child starves to death. Rossi's invention could change that. But hey.....the media thinks Lady Gaga's new outfit is more important than that. We live in crazy times. 

- Hans Fleischer, Vienna, Austria

We are living in an amazing time - 2011 is the year of free energy, free money and free people. Something as fundamental and system-changing as Rossi's eCat does not arise in isolation - but is the product of a range of forces all coming together in 2011-2012. 

In a world where most human activity is based on oil - and in which the financial system is based on US Dollars which are intimately linked to that oil - we are seeing a collapse of the Dollar under an unsustainable weight of un-repayable debt - a collapse to which new energy systems such as the eCat will deliver the final blow. A new kind of energy which has empowered individuals at its heart will engender a new kind of money - money free of interest and of debt. This in turn will enable really free peoples to arise.

As I write huge numbers of people are gathering in Greece, Spain, France and many other countries with the chant 'Real Democracy Now' - a movement which will only grow and will not rest until that real democracy which is the birthright of free people will arise - supported and enabled by free money and free energy - such is the potential legacy of Rossi's eCat. 

- John Michell, Watford, England

I am a great advocate/follower of pioneering free/alt. energy suppressed for over 100 years and like most have not seen the e-cat in the buff or indeed seen working any ware. BUT it appears to be real and the
consequences to humanity obvious. I guess for serious reasons the press have their hands tied or are awaiting official recognition?  

- Guy Binstead, West Sussex UK

I am glad that there is a way to solve the excess of use and demand on oil which is destroying the environment and causing wars, but it will also be a good solution to the consumer. We cannot go on ripping the world
and also people who are so desparate with affording their bills. I am more confident that the very next 'big' step will be the use on transport too. Cleaner and affordable to everyone - poor countries will be able to cope more too and concentrate on getting their money used more efficiently. 

- Anabela Louro, Nicosia, Cyprus


Andrea Rossi Video News Update Part 4

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watch Part 4 Of Our Video Series tracking the fascinating events in the Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer Story.  The whole series of videos contains an executive summary of the main events since the first successful demo in January.

Please share these videos on your blogs and with your networks as widely as possible as the controlled mainstream media are still ignoring these very significant developments.

Please view If you missed the previous ones and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular updates:

Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer: Fast Facts

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Demo, Interviews and Video: Steven B Krivit In Italy To See Rossi Energy Catalyzer

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Steven B Krivit of New Energy Times, a leading researcher into LENR / Cold Fusion is in Italy And On His Way To See The E-Cat in Action And To Interview Andrea Rossi.

"Several months ago Andrea Rossi, inventor of the Energy Catalzyer (E-Cat) agreed to grant me an interview and to show me his invention. He agreed to show the E-Cat to me in operation, to take video footage of it and interview him on camera.

I am now in Milan and will be in Bologna in a few hours. Today I am to see the E-Cat, interview Rossi’s collaborator Sergio Focardi, professor emeritus from the University of Bologna department of physics. Giuseppe Levi, a researcher with the University of Bologna department of physics, who has claimed to be the first outside investigator to confirm the E-Cat, has also agreed to an interview. Tomorrow I will interview Rossi." - Steven B Krivit

New Energy Times Artcle


NASA Chief Scientist: Rossi eCatalyzer: "Could Change Geo-Politics / Geo-Economics"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

 "I think this will go forward fairly rapidly now."

"This is capable of, by itself, completely changing geo-economics, geopolitics of solving quite a bit of [the] energy [problem.]  - Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist of NASA Langley.

Source: EV World
EV World Podcast
Interview of: Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist of NASA Langley
Host: J. William Moore
Transcribed by: Steven B. Krivit

[Partial Transcript of Podcast, Excerpts on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions]

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J. William Moore: I’d like to [look at] some of the [energy alternatives] that you think look most promising from your perspective.

Dennis Bushnell: The most interesting, and promising, at this point, in the farther term, but maybe not so far, is low-energy nuclear reactions. This has come out of [22] years of people producing energy but not knowing what it is — and we think we have a theory on it. It’s producing beta decay and heat without radiation. The research on this is very promising and it alone, if it comes to pass, would literally solve both [the] climate and energy [problems.]

MOORE: I find it extremely exciting that there might be something here, so what is it that you think is going on at the atomic level here?

BUSHNELL: Let me back up a little. [Stanley] Pons and [Martin] Fleischmann came out with an experiment that they labeled “cold fusion” about 22 years ago which had replication issues at the time. Also, all of the fusion theorists came out and said absolutely “This is not fusion.” And, of course, they were exactly correct, this is not fusion.

They’ve gone through 20 years of massive experimentation worldwide, in almost every country, where they’ve been able to produce this effect. But all of the energy produced by these “cold fusion” experiments over the last 22 years didn’t produce enough heat to boil water for tea. So people didn’t get too interested in it and nobody knew what it was.

Back in 2005, 2006, [Allen] Widom [and Lewis] Larsen came out with a theory that said, no it’s not “cold fusion,” it’s weak interactions using the Standard Model of quantum mechanics, only the weak interaction part. It says that if you set up one of the cells, and you don’t have to use deuterium, hydrogen works fine, nickel works fine and you don’t need palladium.

If you set this up you produce an electron – proton connection producing ultra-weak neutrons and if you have the right targets out there you produce beta-decay which produces heat.

At that point, in 2006, 2007 we became interested and started setting up a set of experiments that we’re just about ready to start finally, where we’re trying to experimentally validate this Widom-Larsen theory to find out whether or not it explains what’s going on. And in the process, we used quantum theory to optimize the particular surface morphologies to do this.

Then, as you mentioned, in January of this year [Andrea] Rossi, backed by [Sergio] Focardi, who had been working on this for many years, and in fact doing some of the best work worldwide, came out and did a demonstration first in January, they re-did it in February, re-did it in March, where for days they had one of these cells, a small cell, producing in the 10 to 15 kW range which is far more than enough to boil water for tea. And they say this is weak interaction, it’s not fusion.

So I think were almost over the “We don’t understanding it” problem. I think we’re almost over the “This doesn’t produce anything useful” problem. And so I think this will go forward fairly rapidly now. And if it does, this is capable of, by itself, completely changing geo-economics, geopolitics of solving quite a bit of [the] energy [problem.]

MOORE: I think this was either last week or the week before last, I ran a story on this. I went and took a look at it – they were using hydrogen and nickel, I believe, using hydrogen gas and putting that into this device. In looking at the video and photographs, it looks to be about the size of a fist and that thing was running from about 10:45 in the morning till about 4:30 when they finally turned it off — and generating, I forget exactly what it was — but it was a significant amount of energy in the form of steam.

BUSHNELL: It produces heat and did so for days and was in the 12 or 14 kW range and they [will be] producing, with a large number of these devices, a 1 MW power plant.

MOORE: That’s a pretty exciting thing. Do you think that this theory that was developed — are these NASA scientists that were working on that theory?

BUSHNELL: No, the theory was developed by Widom and Larsen. Widom is a faculty member and teacher at Northeastern and Larsen has a company in Chicago.

MOORE: So that looks promising and so you can take and generate steam, and of course, that’s what a nuclear reactor or coal-fired power plant is all about. They’re just there to produce steam and turn a turbine and produce power.

BUSHNELL: Once you’ve got heat, you can do everything. We looked at using LENR to power a space-access rocket and it had better performance conceptually than a conventional nuclear thermal rocket.

MOORE: Wow! Exciting.

Thanks to Steven B. Krivit of New Energy Times for the transcription of this interview.



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