Hyperion To Be E-Cat Product Name - 5 to 30KW Units Available

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Defkalion Green Technologies Have Announced A Product Line In Rossi Energy Catalyzers Called "HYPERION". Catalyzer Modules Will Be Available From 5 - 30Kw Power Output.

"DGT introduces a new technology into the world energy markets with products generating heat. DGT shall introduce its technology with socio-economic prudence following the global energy trends in a responsible manner."

Defkalion have just launched a new website where more information can be found.  They have a user forum where you can ask questions about these amazing new products.

From the website:


The line of products to be produced by Defkalion Green Techologies S.A. will carry the name Hyperion. Individual units producing heat ranging from 5 up to 30KWh/h will have the following dimensions: L55xW48xH35cm. Larger units producing 1MW heat will be sized to fit inside a container sized 20 and 40 feet. All products are plug-and-pay.


The science behind the E-Cat increases the probability of particles overcoming the electrostatic potential Coulomb barriers in order to penetrate the nucleus by the quantum mechanical tunneling effect, yielding in an exothermic reaction between Hydrogen and Nickel. By decreasing the surface upon which a given amount of pressure is exerted, the odds for the tunneling effect to occur are increased, allowing for higher penetrability of the Coulomb barrier.


For non-standardized applications, DGT through its proprietary Research & Development is dedicated to assist in the implementation of its new technology accordingly. DGT's R&D furthers the designs of its products aiming at potential, additional, and relevant processes of industrialization.



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