Defkalion Press Conference Videos: Unofficial

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amateur Video Has Emerged Of Scenes At The Recent Defkalion Green Technologies Press Conference.  

The main points again:

  • Greek Deputy Development Minister Socrates Xynidis Attends
  • Agreement With 3 Multinational Companies 
  • 17 Countries Have Expressed Interest
  • Establishment Of New Research Centre
  • 3 New Plants Making e-cats in Xanthi
  •  Investment Totals 200 Million Euros
  • Co-operation With University of Xanthi

Defkalion have announced on their recently revamped website that: "Forthcoming: coverage of our press conference held on June 23rd will be uploaded shortly in video format with English subtitles.", so we should have a more professional video to post in the coming days.

The amateur footage appears to have been shot with an iPhone or similar low-resolution hand-held camera, but it is nevertheless interesting and gives a good insight into what the atmosphere was like on the day. 3 videos have been uploaded by the YouTube user: jum401 who appears to be a Greek National with an interest in the subject. The videos first appeared on his blog here.

Andrea Rossi Arrives - In The Lobby Of The Conference Venue

Andrea Rossi - Why Choose Greece?

Andrea Rossi's answer to the question: "why did you chose a Greek company to build and market the commercial device based on your discovery, granting them worldwide rights, (except for America)"? During the Defkalion Green Technologies press conference, in Paleo Faliro, June 23 2011

Defkalion press conference reporters

Dr Magnus Holm, head of science and technology,, Maurizio Melis, scientific journalist (Radio 24), Socratis Xynidis, Greek Deputy Development Ministe.

Maurizio Melis with Marianne Macy, reporter for Infinite Energy Magazine and Marianne is currently writing a book on this technology.

Anastasia Simitsiadi, journalist for Real News (Greece).

It should also be noted that the press conference was several days ago and there is still no significant coverage of these landmark events in ANY mainstream publication in the main European or US media. This has been the case since January 14th when the first public demo of Rossi's revolutionary technology was held.



Anonymous,  June 28, 2011 at 3:34 PM  

It is a little strange that not a single network news station has picked up on this to even do a "the future now" piece or to make fun of it even...

Crewton Ramone's Blog Of Math July 7, 2011 at 6:06 AM  

The silence of American Media is again a tell tale sign of whom it is that controls the media and whom it is that benefits from the media and it is not the American people.

They have done a fine job of keeping this information from the people with every manner of distraction. It is such a threat that they don't want ANY attention placed on it not even negative attention because even negative attention is still attention which could lead some to look further and realize just how BIG this is.

Cheap energy is the ultimate game's up to the blogosphere to spread this information at the grassroots level. This will have two fold effect, not only will the information spread but the MSM will be further exposed as the servants of the banksters who own big oil and nuclear power which are the mainstay of the energy establishment. Soon they will be unable to ignore it. Meantime, use their silence to your advantage.

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