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Friday, July 1, 2011

History has shown us that ANY technological development where new scientific understanding is required ALWAYS meets with great levels of resistance. The Rossi e-Catalyzer is no different in that respect.

In the past week critics have been almost choking on their garlic bread trying to pour cold water down the spout of Rossi's energy "kettle-izer."

First to sink the boot into Rossi was Steven B Krivit, LENR officionado and  author of the New Energy Times Blog.  Krivit traveled to Italy a few weeks ago to see what all the fuss was about for himself.  Rossi (back in January) had agreed to showing him a demonstration of the e-cat in action and to answering some of his questions.

While there, Krivit made some videos showing the e-cat operating and even had some brief time to interview Rossi and the other members of the e-cat team. The videos of the latter have yet to be published.

Krivit's latest report which can be found here doesn't seem to have much in the way of science behind it. Instead, it reads a lot like a charcater assasination, dragging up everything from Rossi's previous misdeeds with Petroldragon to questioning whether he's a qualified engineer. (Rumor also has it that he may even have faked his bronze swimming certificate.)
Needless to say, exchanging Christmas cards is now off the table for both parties.
It is true that Rossi is no saint - to which he readily admits. He has a colourful past that he'd perhaps rather forget, but then again so does the current Pope. Past performance is no guarantee of future outcomes - as my Enron Hedge Fund Manager used to tell me - (god rest his soul).

In Krivit's defence though, he got off his arse and traveled a long way with what seemed like good intentions (the truth) - only to be shown the exit door after barely having time to slurp the foam off his Caffè latte; To top it all off, Rossi called him a "snake" after reading his first summary report. And as any good journalist will tell you, being called a "snake" by someone never ends well with fluffy endorsements of your technology and pictures in Hello magazine.

In round 2 of this week's Rossi bashing, step forward into the ring Swedish physicist Peter Ekstrom. Ekstrom had previously let his criticisms be known in a specially prepared pdf he put together a few months BC (Before steam Controversy). The steam debacle came from observations of Krivit's video where for about 4 seconds in between camera blur and focus, the steam comes out the end of a long rubber hose attached to the energy catalyzer. Not enough steam!, Should be more steam! -  they cried as the white steam is shown against the hastily improvised black background of someone's t-shirt.  At the end of the day though, and just like the kettle in my kitchen - it appears that a watched ecatalyzer never boils. Perhaps because the hose was supplied by IKEA?

It didn't look like what they thought 5 Kw worth of steam ought to look like, so naturally they concluded that Rossi's figures of the power output must be wrong - 2 orders of magnitude less if you believe Krivit's report. Not even enough steam to iron one pair of Action Man's underpants.

As well as Ekstrom, other Flat-Earthers have surfaced this week to join in the Rossi bashing, but they are decidedly less memorable for their armchair assesments and provide even less credible evidence in order to take them seriously.

So what's the actual science behind the steam controversy? Not much it would appear.

The whole thing (including Ekstron's latest criticism) is loosely based on the observations made by "experts" going goggle-eyed watching Krivit's video. Now that's 21st century science in action! I hadn't realised that YouTube videos were peer review worthy finely tuned measurement devices of the scientific establishment.

If someone had asked me to measure the amount of steam being produced by the e-catalyzer I would have probably recommended that they attach a flow meter or some other suitable electronic gadget costing an arm and a leg. Thanks to those "experts" though, I have been educated. I now know that the power of eyeballs is sufficient (Hi Def and 3D glasses of course).

So this morning I nearly tripped over the cat while rushing down to brekky - so desperate I was to try out my new skill that up until yesterday, I didn't even know I had. I relaxed my breathing like a master Yogi, standing there (and measuring the flow rate through bleary eyes) I witnessed the kettle produce a whopping 1.2472 Kw worth of steam. How do I know this? Well, I stared at the spout while cleverly buttering the kitchen worktop. Who says I can't multitask?

But in all seriousness, these are the same critics who chastise Rossi for his lack of information, and the strongest arguments they have right now seem to be either questioning Rossi's past or basing "scientific" proclamations on the newly invented peer-reviewed method of steam guesstimation technology.

Speechless I am (as Yoda would say).



Anonymous,  July 5, 2011 at 1:57 AM  

Great Post.

Anonymous,  January 21, 2012 at 2:27 PM  

A load of bollocks. the steam barely puffed out of the pipe. if there was truly 5KW worth of steam exiting the pipe it should have excited at between 50-130K's per hour. quite clearly it was not. even if most of the steam was high energy dry steam the condensation witnessed should have been moving at a far greater velocity.

So yes eyeballs are good enough to catch a card trick and an ecat fake.

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