EEStor just months from launch?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

According to an alleged leaked telephone interview, controversial energy technology company EEstor is just months away from launching a revolutionary capacitor. Their capacitor technology would allow a full charge of a device in minutes while being able to retain that charge and release slowly over days.

This would open the door for lighter, more powerful and quickly charging devices such as iPods, and other portable electronic devices, but by far the biggest advantage would be in making the electric car a commercial reality.

The information comes from an alleged leaked telephone call between an interviewer and EEstor CEO Dick Weir. Back in May ZENN Motor Company confirmed that their own independent testing verified that eeStor's capacitors were performing as promised.

With the Steorn launch of Orbo free energy technology also this year it looks like things are hotting up.

Full transcript of conversation here

EEStor on Wikipedia


Project Camelot: Overunity Experiments At Naval Post Graduate School

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ex Livermore Physicist Confirms Reality Of Overunity Experiments

In the clip Henry Deacon (not his real name) shows his special govt passport (diplomatic brown coloured passport) and addresses the fact that cold fusion is in fact a real phenomena and in the basement of the Physics dept building of the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California there were some experiments conducted involving the Casimir effect that showed time and time again overunity performance. (Free Energy - tapped from the zero-point field).

He goes on to say that at the time of witnessing this the school was open to the public, but that it is possibly off limits to the public now.

These demonstrations took place here and also indeed in several different laboratories. He also goes on to say that this was NOT in a classified environment at the time.

The Naval Post Graduate School Campus In Monterey, California

The footage you see was shot by a member of the audience who attended the Project Camelot "A New World If You Can Take It" conference in Zurich, Switzerland. Henry Deacon was not supposed to take the stage but felt compelled to support Brian O'Leary's testimony on the existence of free energy.


UQ researchers break established law of physics

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two UQ Science researchers have proved two famous physical laws that have been widely used for the past 25 years do not always work.

Dr Tony Roberts and PhD student Christophe P. Haynes, from the School of Maths and Physics, showed the fractal-Einstein and Alexander-Orbach laws can fail in some instances, and have derived a new law to replace them.

full story here...


FM Coneptz - Magnet Motor Video

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A new YouTube magnet motor video has appeared in the last few days.

FM Concepts is giving away working plans for a Free Energy device that they claim works. The video shows a solid plastic stator base with what looks like 2 neodymium magnets spaced 180 degrees apart. On top is placed a rotor on a bearing with cylindrical magnets all the way round at ramped heights then the last 4 magnets sit strangely angled inward. The inventor is not yet known but the it would appear that he wishes to get replication attempts of this in progress.

There is an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which forbids selling the plans or any replications made by anyone. The idea seems to be to make it all public so everyone can have it for free.

Even though this latest claim is unrelated, in light of the recent MYLOW hoax we await independent replications before making a judgement on this particular magnet motor. The configuration and building seem incredibly simple, so it shouldn't be long until it is known whether there is any substance to this.

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