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Sunday, July 5, 2009

A new YouTube magnet motor video has appeared in the last few days.

FM Concepts is giving away working plans for a Free Energy device that they claim works. The video shows a solid plastic stator base with what looks like 2 neodymium magnets spaced 180 degrees apart. On top is placed a rotor on a bearing with cylindrical magnets all the way round at ramped heights then the last 4 magnets sit strangely angled inward. The inventor is not yet known but the it would appear that he wishes to get replication attempts of this in progress.

There is an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which forbids selling the plans or any replications made by anyone. The idea seems to be to make it all public so everyone can have it for free.

Even though this latest claim is unrelated, in light of the recent MYLOW hoax we await independent replications before making a judgement on this particular magnet motor. The configuration and building seem incredibly simple, so it shouldn't be long until it is known whether there is any substance to this.

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