Steorn Jury Shock: Less Than The Previously Stated 22 Were Unanimous

Thursday, June 25, 2009

After a few days of silence on the many follow up questions posed, the Chairman of the Steorn jury Ian MacDonald has finally broke silence and answered the main question that many including FE Truth had posed.

As you can see from the answer below the actual number of jurors who were unanimous was far less than the 22 quoted as fact by many newspapers and blogs who published the story without questioning any detail or bothering to enquire further.

There is still no announcement or official figure of just exactly how many jurors DID vote. An actual official number for the members who dropped out over the past two years also remains cloaked in secrecy, as do the reasons why they did so. They are merely cited as "various personal reasons".

If we knew what information was revealed to the jury then we would better understand the weight of the verdict, but at this point in time no specific data has been released on what was seen / tested / examined. Right now as it stands we have no idea if the were shown the full details or if they didn't get to see the inside of a packet of Steorn flavoured crisps.

Reproduced below:

Reply by Ian MacDonald 2 hours ago

I will reluctantly weigh in. The reasons why you do not see twenty-two names and bios are twofold. First: this website is provided for information only. Jurors have signed on as members and posted information entirely at their own discretion as the banner explains and as some people have pointed out. Second: there was, understandably, attrition in this process. Some members dropped out for various personal reasons over the two and a half years.

What I meant by unanimous is this: there was no disagreement expressed by any juror who was still a member and following events at the time of our verdict.

Ian MacDonald

Steorn now seem fully focused on preparations for launch.



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