Steorn Talks at DIT: Main Points For Discussion

Thursday, December 18, 2008

College of Technology, Bolton Street

Free energy technology development company Steorn today delivered a presentation and information on things to come regarding their technology - Orbo. The main bullet points at the talk were:
  • This is the start of Orbo's commercialization process with a launch in 2009

  • More highly credible independent validations agreeing with Steorn's findings will be published

  • 300 engineers/companies to be involved in replicating the technology for themselves

  • Specific designs / configurations / blueprints will be available to be built by engineers

  • Steorn talks to take place in many tens of universities around the world over 6-9 month period

  • Working designs have been built by Steorn

  • Jurors now number 21 from the original 22

The public talk was hosted in room 134 of Dublin Institute of Technology and was attended by 30 or so people. Steorn CEO ( Sean McCarthy ) spoke to a very receptive audience about free energy topics, CoE (Conservation Of Energy) and more importantly discussed aspects of the upcoming Orbo technology.

Sean started by discussing the history of Steorn including how they were aksed by Microsoft to develop a CD/DVD anti-counterfeiting technology which they then went on to successfully do.
He explained how their customers were law enforcement agencies and how they worked with them on a number of things including technology to protect ATM machines from card skimmers.

The Orbo technology fell out of this project when they discovered anomalies with the magnets in the micro-wind turbines used to power the remote cameras. They got "really strange readings" and delved deeper to try and explain things rationally.

Sean revealed how it has been a very difficult journey for the company. Firstly they themselves weren't convinced that the effect was real and then they had to realise what they had and come to terms with it.
Sean went on to say the following about the upcoming launch and tour:

"In February we will be asking 300 engineers / engineering organisations to start replicating this stuff" - He then went on to say "this is the start of our commercialization process".

As part of the rollout process of Orbo free energy technology he said: "We're going to be putting into the public domain more forms of validation that's been done of the technology over the years. So this is not just us going it's true you must believe me, this is other very very credible sources who've gone and tested it". Those people came to the same conclusions.

Photographs of the DIT event will follow in a later posting when we recieve them.

Listen to the Presentation audio here


Steorn "Talk" Initiative Starts Today

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free Energy technology development company Steorn will today deliver the first in a sequence of talks on free energy and in particular, Orbo - (The brand name for their free energy technology).

The first talk begins at 18.30hrs GMT at Dublin Institiute of Technology and will be followed by a world tour of "talks" in Universities around the globe. The tour includes visits to the United States, The Middle East and Europe.

Tonight's talk will focus on the following areas:

Conservation Of Energy
History of Claimed Perpetual Motion Machines
Orbo Technology - Principle Of Operation

Report Upcoming


Steorn "Talks" - Tour Begins Dec 17th

Monday, December 1, 2008

Click on image for full size version

Steorn will kick off a world tour of "talks" beginning in their home city of Dublin on the 17th December. The tour starts at DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) and then travels to the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

The Steorn website states the following:

"Our 'talk' initiative is designed to give people within the technology development community an opportunity to understand the Orbo proposition and ask questions in a direct, face-to-face format. The programme of talks starts in Dublin on the 17th December 2008 and will involve a sequence of talks in universities around the world, including the US/Europe and the Middle East. "

The first "talk" in Dublin has the following agenda items:
  1. Conservation Of Energy
  2. History of Claimed Perpetual Motion Machines
  3. Orbo Technology - Principle Of Operation

Item number 3 on the agenda seemingly being the most intriguing aspect of the talk.
The list of specific Universities that the Steorn tour will be visiting has not yet been made available as yet.


What happened to Steorn and Orbo?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There have been lots of web searches for "Are Steorn still alive" and "Steorn 2009" not to mention"Are Steorn still on the go?" and my favourite of all time "What happened to Orbo?".

As you can see yourself from the visiting Steorn's website and forum - Steorn are indeed still around and have not disappeared anywhere. Meanwhile Orbo, Steorn's free energy technology, is a reality that some have not accepted yet and will not allow themselves to get excited about as it's a "too god to be true" technology.

Well, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction and sometimes the bread lands on the floor jam side up. The doom mungers have had it their way for way too long, so it is time to show them the door and welcome the reality of change and what free energy technology will mean in YOUR daily life.

Free limitless energy is able to be tapped and it will bring a wave of new technologies and convenience to everyone.

  • Never having to stop at a gas station.
  • Never having to recharge your mobile phone.
  • Massive Scale desalination providing endless fresh water for drinking and terraforming previously uninhabitable land.
  • The end of Middle Eastern oil dominance /oil / water wars.
  • The removal of the need for a centralized power grid.
  • A real solution to global warming.
  • Mass scale production of Electric cars.
  • Cordless electrical products.
  • 3rd world access to free energy.

Massive change will be on the way when Orbo validation occurs. Just think of the amount of things in your daily life where energy is involved and where having endless free energy on tap will improve the quality of your life.
To the people who say it cannot be done, the flat earth society's membership forms are now available and can be collected from the foyer.

FreeEnergyTruth - "You can handle the truth"


Wanted: Free Energy Engineers

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Free energy engineers should look out their CVs according to the latest from Steven Greer's Orion Project.

Specifically they (The Orion Project) are looking for Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electronics/Circuit Design people.

The task will be to work together to produce a free energy device harnessing the zero-point energy that can eventually be mass produced and used for energy generation.

"To be part of this effort requires a permanent commitment and relocation to the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Once we have developed the technologies, we foresee continuing roles in the company for those who have participated in our success."

"If you are ready to participate in a change that will open the world to safe, non-polluting new energy systems, send your resume with references to"

It is rather pleasing to see that the effort by Greer's Orion Project to get off fossil fuels is gathering momentum and lots of interest round the world. We need more people to "wake up" and realise that they are watching the movie instead of living real life.

OPEC and the oil and energy companies will be happy to see us use up the last drop of oil while they tell us all about their "green initiatives". It's PR spin and it's bullshit. Wake up people!


Free Energy Devices In Secret Storage

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The latest information coming from Steven Greer's Orion Project claims that there are already many dozens of free energy devices being held in storage. Presumably these have either been confiscated, black-shelved, patents bought or have been developed behind closed doors never to be released into mainstream society.

The information below is The Orion Project's most recent email communication:

With over $100 billion going into alternative energy investments this year, it is time to pause and ask: What is real alternative energy?

So far, the discussion is mainly focused on Solar, Wind and Biofuels. Biofuels are really one step forward and two steps back.

Solar and Wind show promise but are very costly, especially to the average homeowner. And our creaky electric grid is not configured to even carry large scale solar and wind generation.

Totally ignored in the main stream (and even alternative) media is the area of advanced electromagnetic systems that tap the energy of the endless Zero Point energy field that is teeming all around us.

For decades, inventors and scientists have made advances in this area, only to be ridiculed, ignored- or actively suppressed.

I was recently contacted by a close friend of a senior member of Congress who described working for the US Department of Energy and being ushered into a large facility where dozens of such new energy devices were being secretly stored, and kept away from the public. This is a mainstream figure who knows that we can do better- and must!

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has recently called for a Revolution in Energy. We at agree. It is time for a genuine revolution in energy that completely replaces the collapsing centralized energy system.

It is time for inexpensive, abundant energy based on advanced concepts in physics and electromagnetic technology to be supported with at least the same level of funding that solar and wind are now receiving.

Solar and Wind are great- but with one to two dirty coal-fired power plants being put on-line in China and India each week, it is too little, too late.


Steorn: "Full launch before next summer"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steorn anticipates a full launch before next summer, and says any further public demonstrations of the technology will now coincide with the commercial launch.

The company claims the technology can generate substantial amounts of excess energy by using a particular system for constructing magnetic fields. If proven, it says Orbo could allow for the creation of infinite amounts of clean, free and constant energy.

It has selected a worldwide jury of 22 scientists to examine its claims, and says validation of the technology is happening in "several forms", including this process.

Asked why it is taking so long to complete, a spokesman for the company said the process is a "complicated one, and has been affected by continued development of the technology by Steorn".

He added that no details of those involved in the jury process will be released "until the process is complete".

Source: Sunday Tribune / Ireland

Read The Article Here:


Free Energy Truth To Expand Online Presence

Monday, July 14, 2008

FreeEnergyTruth To Expand Online Presence

Due to the ever growing public demand for quality interviews, information, resources and serious discussion around the subject of free energy and it's future implications, Free Energy truth is delighted to announce a significant expansion of it's online presence with the launch of a fully dedicated website.

The new site which resolves to both and is currently being built and when ready will provide significant improvements and enhanced user experience.

Plans at this stage include a downloads section, an image gallery, online store, a dedicated forum and much more.

Free Energy Truth will also still continue to be available from our traditional blogspot URL.

FreeEnergyTruth - You can handle the truth.


Dr Steven Greer's Orion Project: Update

Monday, June 30, 2008

The following message was recently sent out from Dr Steven Greer's Orion Project Team on the progress they are making towards a viable zero-point or overunity system.

A Message from The Orion Project Core Team

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are in the midst of some very exciting new developments. Donations are on the rise, volunteers are flooding in faster than we can assign them tasks (not a bad problem to have!), and we are generating a lot of enthusiastic and supportive discussion both on and offline.

In short, we have gotten the ball rolling, and now it's time to sustain and build our momentum. But first, let us remind you of why we started this project:

Gas prices are now averaging $4+ dollars a gallon and we even hear reports that it can go as high as $10-12.50 within a few years. This threatens not only our standard of living, but the way of life for people world wide. If we stay on this path, the only solutions are to drastically reduce our standard of life or turn towards devouring other natural resources that took eons to create.

This is why we started The Orion Project. We will not stand for this to happen when we know there are readily available and viable alternatives.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the work of The Orion Project could be the turning point in changing the world's energy situation. Humanity is faced with the proverbial fork in the road. The Orion Project's road less traveled has actually been blazed by numerous inventors before us. The problem is, these inventors didn't have the necessary tools, security and support that we can now provide. This is why we are confident that we will succeed in bringing the gift of commercially available over-unity energy devices to the world, by selling them in first world countries, and by fundraising to donate them to third world countries.

And this is why we are so passionate about achieving a breakthrough in energy generation, why we ask you to donate and become a part of this mission. Please keep reading for significant and exciting updates that are a result of our efforts and your support. And don't be bashful to spread the news to anyone willing to listen. We greatly appreciate your continued support.

Mr. 'Q' and a Possible Breakthrough

The response to our original Mr. Q article was significant. Therefore we are very excited to give you this very promising update. We recently sent another expert (We'll call him Mr P to protect his privacy) to help Mr. Q in optimizing the pulse motor generator.

Much progress was made over a 100+ man hour endeavor. There was also a very intriguing chance event... in which the machine was disconnected from the power source, yet sped UP instead of down. The increase in RPMs was so large that it ended up frying the circuitry! This might be a very significant result if it can be recreated and harnessed, putting us well on our way of achieving our goal ahead of schedule. Read the full article on our website.

Sidenote: For those who want to understand how a pulse motor generator works, we wrote up a very simple draft explaining how this technology works. It should give you a good idea of the strategy of such a device.


Sword Of God Videos: Archer Quinn

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sword of God Videos From Archer Quinn.

Archer has recently released released some basic build "teaching videos" of his "sword of god" machine. The countdown to June 20th has began on one of the pages of his website where he will be posting lots of pictures, vidoes and instructions on how to build his "sword of god" device.

The device will apparently sustain motion through exploiting gravity and the clever use of magnets.

Sword Of God: Teaching Video 1

Sword Of God: Teaching Video 2

Sword Of God: Teaching Video 3

Archer also had this to say.

"Each afternnon I will load a series of these and some video, and on the day the finished machine itself. With specs, although they may be a day or two late as I am just writing them now, with speeds and weight changes so you can get an idea of what increases speed and what decreases it. Hopefully I will leave you in better stead than Bessler did."

Whether we will see a video of a working machine on June 20th remains to be seen.


Genepax: New Japanese Car Runs On Water

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Genepax car that runs on water.

Fed up with recent fuel increases? Want to give middle eastern oil the middle finger?

A Japanese company has invented an electric-powered, and environmentally friendly, car that it says runs solely on water.
Genepax unveiled the car in the city of Osaka on Thursday, saying that a litre of any kind of water - rain, river or sea - was all that was needed to get the engine going for about an hour at a speed of 80 km. "The car will continue to run as long as you have a bottle of water to top up from time to time."
Genepax CEO Kiyoshi Hirasawa told local broadcaster TV Tokyo. "It does not require you to build up an infrastructure to recharge your batteries, which is usually the case for most electric cars." Once the water is poured into the tank at the back of the car, the a generator breaks it down and uses it to create electrical power, TV Tokyo said. Whether the car makes it into showrooms remains to be seen.
Genepax said it had just applied for a patent and is hoping to collaborate with Japanese auto manufacturers in the future.


Free Energy - True Free Energy

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free Energy is real and has been known about since at least the time of Tesla.

The definition of free energy in regard to what we are truly talking about here is not the same as how we think about solar power, wind or tidal as free energy. True free energy as developed by Steorn (Orbo Technology) is described as follows:

"Orbo produces free, clean and constant energy - that is our claim. By free we mean that the energy produced is done so without recourse to external source. By clean we mean that during operation the technology produces no emissions. By constant we mean that with the exception of mechanical failure the technology will continue to operate indefinitely."

At the time of writing (May 2008) it is not known what force of nature powers Orbo, but that the most likely candidates would be zero-point energy or the "vacuum energy" as it is also known. Others have speculated that "dark energy" may be responsible. There is much we don't know about the universe.

The way the world looks today should be very different to how it will look after Orbo tech is officially launched. Everything you can think of that uses power - cars, phones, iPODs, lights, televisions, ships, computers, will be able to be powered by Orbo technology.

Forget recharging and messing around with batteries. Forget stopping to fill up your car. You won't need to. Forget charging your phone. Plugs, wires and sockets will not be needed as everything will be capable of having it's own miniature Orbo power plant.

Not enough rain in desert areas? No problem - massive scale desalination of seawater can occur cheaply since energy will be free. With massive scale desalination comes plentiful water and with plentiful water comes large scale irrigation and massive increases in food production and yields.

It's a new world in every sense.


Archer Quinn Wheel: Replications Under Way

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Since Archer Quinn first released details of his gravity wheel there have been a few people who've started work on replicating the "Archer Wheel", or as Archer calls it "The Sword Of God".

One person - Red Rider (video below) says in the clip that Archer's device actually works as said. Although, at this time there is no footage of a working model yet. June 20th is still being mentioned as the date for release of schematics and video of Archer's Gravity Wheel.

Video Of Red Rider's Attempt

Video Of Dusty's Attempt

A third known attempt is also underway by Clanzer. Shown below are some pics of Clanzer's very slick and clean looking prototype (work in progress).

Replication Thread on

Archer's Website


Orion Project Uncovers New Inventor & Device

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dr Steven Greer's Orion Project has recently found an inventor who is working with them on a pulsed motor design to deliver free, clean and unpolluting energy.

Close-up of the Pulsed Motor Generator made of precision cut specialty alloy metals

"Through a very fortuitous chain of connections and referrals we have made contact with a brilliant, cutting edge inventor. As he has requested to remain anonymous, we shall refer to him as Mr. Q to protect his privacy. Dr. Ted Loder, chief technical advisor for The Orion Project, and Bill Costantino, TOP board member, recently spent two days intensively reviewing the inventor's technology."

Dr. Ted Loder examines the prototype Pulsed Motor Generator under construction at Mr. Q's workshop.

"Mr. Q presented a wide range of possible technologies for over-unity energy devices as well as numerous past prototype samples, all expertly and meticulously designed, machined, and assembled. The most immediately promising device is a combined pulsed motor / generator (PMG)."

"Q is a humble though well accomplished inventor. By his own admission, he was born with the inventor gene and has been creating devices since he was thirteen. He has intensively studied and been inspired by Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John Bedini, and Tom Bearden to name a few."

"The Orion Project has already contacted a senior designer with 30 years experience who has also been independently working on control circuits for pulsed motors. These two inventors will soon be collaborating to deliver a working over-unity device capable of indefinitely producing clean, sustainable electric power without the use of polluting fossil fuels of any kind.

If such a breakthrough is indeed possible, we expect to have actual data from preliminary tests within 2-3 months!"

The Orion Project


Archer Quinn Posts Free Energy Plans Early

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Archer Quinn Update

Australian Inventor Archer Quinn whom we interviewed recently has posted his free energy plans already. Weeks before his own self-imposed deadline. Archer Quinn had recently said that he would release plans for building a perpetual motion machine nicknamed "The Sword Of God" on June 20th.

Archer claims that his device will maintain perpetual motion have yet to be replicated by any independent parties or repeatable tests.

He still plans to keep building his own device.

Archer Quinn's Website


Randi Rant: JREF Attacks FE Truth Blog & Steorn

Friday, May 2, 2008

James Randi (debunker) has made an astonishing attack on the FE Truth blog and Steorn.

In Randi's latest collection of misguided ramblings on SWIFT - (Swift is the weekly online newsletter of the JREF and is written by James Randi.) Randi incorrectly refers to Steorn and Orbo as "farces" and then after debunking Australian inventor Archer Quinn, goes on to provide a badly Photoshop'ed FE Truth logo seemingly with the word "Truth" fading. Think Marti's fading family picture from "Back To The Future" and you're on the right track.

Amazingly, Randi admits to the fact he hasn't even seen FE Truth (hmm really) , he goes on to say "I'm told that a link to the interview is at the very end of the interview here." (You love it mate! - LOL).

If we are getting up Randi's nose then job well done.

Archer Quinn may or may not have free energy - we have NEVER stated he did. If he does (and we'll find out on June 20th) then we can all tell Al Gore to get a job as a welder and hand back his Nobel Prize cos he ain't needed no more - ka-peesch!

However we have always maintained that Steorn definitely have free energy technology (Orbo). This has not changed and our position on this has only strengthened with time.

When Steorn's free energy technology "Orbo" is officially validated and released then none of this will even matter - it will be the end of the road for free energy debunkers like JR and all the rest of them we've had the displeasure of meeting along the way.

After validation there should be no hard feelings in the end, as we'd like to take Randi out in Dublin and buy him a few consolation pints of Guinness anyway - he'll need it after losing credibility and the $1,000,000 prize money for displaying that perpetual motion (free energy) is possible.

Link To The "Randi Rant"


Free Energy Claim: Archer Quinn's "Sword Of God"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Since Free Energy Truth broke the story of Archer Quinn and his free energy claim the guys at have been following events. Recently one of their members emailed Archer. Here is what transpired...


I emailed Archer and asked if he would consider posting on this thread. He advised that his account no longer works but said I can post the following text below. Thanks Archer for taking time to reply.


"for the note on the accelerator, two things, for the guy who said about the 9 liters from 10?? sorry first of all the equation is false, when you have a 10 liter bucket and you add ten liters per
minute it overflows at ten liters per minute once full, if you have a 20 liter bucket and add ten liters per minute it overflows at ten liters per minute once full, the addition of the loop does not alter the rate of airflow once the tube is full, and considering the airflow rate is 60litres per second it is full instantly the wind speed measurement when running with the loop open or closed was the same.

Mike Bell the engineer for whom I built the device is a pilot and carries a wind speed meter with him always, and if you knew the man, you would know his testing methods are exceptionally precise, in fact without insulting the man, he is so pedantic about perfection, that although his heating equipment is the only kind in the world with no competition, he keeps upgrading and changing the models so much, that no one model has lasted a year, which drives everyone in his factory insane. They spend so much time building new prototypes of existing products they can't get their own work done. (sorry mike but it's true)

Lower airflow?? ten liters per second is just that regardless of container size, and if it goes in at that speed it has to come out at that speed.

So too many things in physics by Newtonian bullshit are not true, EG: for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, well you can print this very in your face proof it is not true in the science monthly magazine, for in front of mankind?s eyes everyday, especially science one very basic instrument proves this wrong.

A magnet, a magnet can lift more than it can push, the attraction and hold properties are greater than the repelling properties. EG: a magnet capable of pulling a 200KG magnetic block cannot even strapped to a front end loader moving slowly up to the same block push the 200kg
block along the same surface with that repulsion effect, the hold effect of a magnet is far greater than the repelling effect. Poor old Isaac, sorry champ but wrong again, for every reaction there is not an equal or opposite reaction, that in itself should show you that you can get movement without power and that magnetic friction is not equal, thus in the same vein that fall usually equates to lift and why an evenly balanced wheel will not turn, or an unevenly balanced wheel
can fall but not rise, this does not apply to magnets where the lift verses repulsion, the lift will always have more (spare) power of the repulsion, that in itself is natural over unity!!

AS for the smaller version, yes you can build the machine scaled down, but we need to convince the world this is the answer not some dinky toy that does a trick, it must run a standard household item so that all will be convinced and all will move to make the change and general
engineering will get into the act without thinking they need a research team to do it, and I can assure you up-scaling is not as easy as it seems, some parts for the small one I was able to buy in toy scale, but have to be made in the larger scale, this will become evident when we reach building the control arc.

Hang in there, you have waited this long to see an answer 8 weeks is nothing, don?t expect too many to start building until it is complete and working, but you also have my word that I will download it to this site ( even before the website."


Free Energy On June 20th?: FE Truth world Exclusive

Monday, April 21, 2008

Approximately 60 days from now one man claims that the days for the oil industry and polluting fossil fuels will be over once and for all.

He intends to release freely available full plans, accompanied by videos of how to construct a device which will deliver free energy. In his own words:

"On the 20th of June 2008, the oil reign and those who governed by their money and crushed the people by the taxes and control of the most basic of needs shall be put down for all time."

Today Free Energy Truth welcomes Australian inventor Archer Quinn.

Pictured Above: Archer with his "Thermal Accelerator" (This is not the free energy device).

FE Truth: Archer Quinn is with us today – welcome Archer!

Archer: Thanks

FE Truth: First of all – many thanks for taking some time out to speak to us.

Archer: Your welcome.

FE Truth: Do you claim to break any laws of physics with this device?

Archer: Laws of physics? No, Newton’s “laws” yes.

FE Truth: One of the best things you’ve done is not asked for any money or investment in this, so right away you’ve separated yourself from a lot of suspicion over fraud. What do you say to the remaining sceptics who will no doubt be saying you don’t have free energy?

Archer: Solar is free energy, we do not doubt the sun?, wind is free energy, we do not doubt the wind, gravity is, of all three the only constant free energy, does the sceptic doubt gravity?

"If you patent any free energy device, you replace one tyrant scumbag with another. " - Archer Quinn

Fe Truth: What’s your engineering / technical background? How did you get into all this?

Archer: I was born with a unique ability to solve puzzles, especially physics or engineering puzzles, I left home and school when I was 13, yet have held around 10 management positions, the last of which was in electrical and mechanical engineering, so I guess the proof is in those facts, for without the paper one has to prove one’s self far beyond that of scholastic paper.

FE Truth: Does the device have a name or model number?

Archer: I guess if there is a god, to give a person the ability to end global warming and destroy the filth that control the planet in one single move, would be somewhat of a miracle so I nicknamed it the "Sword of God", though spare me any religious rhetoric, I simply believe it a little unusual that I have never found anything I can’t do, and almost every step I take refers at some point to something I have done or learned in the past. So I think taking the credit personally may be a bit of a stretch.

FE Truth: Is this something you stumbled upon or did you “go after” free energy as an objective from the start?

Archer: I can usually build a better mouse trap (any device) given 10 mins to 24 hours tops, no matter what it is. Free energy devices? I built the first petrochemical free fuelled car over 25 years ago, by building a better mousetrap of a version that almost worked, however to release it would have every tree on the planet gone in a matter of months so I had to let it go, but that was my first. The cost of LPG rising faster than petrol, specifically after going with LPG vehicle at a higher cost just pissed me off way too much.

FE Truth: Will anyone get an advanced preview of the machine?

Archer: There will be disks sent out with video and full instruction the day before to several groups in the event the site is shut down, but as of the 20th of June it will be available for viewing by anyone.

FE Truth: How many working prototypes currently exist?

Archer: The first one I destroyed (the 12 volt one) Toys do not impress me, nor do they impress the public looking for something that can be used straight away, not some fairy story of down the track. There are several sets of plans with friends, and some with people who don’t even know they have them, but this will be the only working one as of that date, and once you read and see the full build, you will note that any basic welder or mechanic or good handyman can reproduce the effect.

"I intend to cleanse this planet of this filth and end global warming all in one day and one single action." -Archer Quinn

Fe Truth: How do you start the device?

Archer: Simply turn the wheel by hand, crank or other machine (depending on size) as it is driving the generator which in turn powers a device that manipulates the wheel over gravity with a small percentage of that power.

Fe Truth: Once started, how long will it self-sustain?

Archer: It will run as long as the components hold out.

FE Truth: You mention on your website that the device exploits the natural properties of gravity. Can you tell us a little bit more about just how it captures this untapped energy?

Archer: I believe I roughly explained this on the build page, but, in the same manner that a satellite orbits the planet trying to fall onto a falling away centre of gravity I simply keep the falling components in motion unable to rise up the left side of the wheel by circumventing the circle.

FE Truth: You seem to be aiming the application of this device at the home generator market to take people “off grid”. Could it also be applied to motor vehicles and also, can the device be miniaturised. For example, could it be scaled down for use in electronics?

Archer: Anything is possible I suppose, however in a letter to an enquirer, I explained that cars, are around 100 – 300 KW as opposed to a normal house without aircon of about 8KW max As the primary drive is gravity, the power must be weight x revolutions per minute, so a greater weight is needed thus the machine would need in some aspects to be larger.

FE Truth: How soon after releasing full details of the construction do you expect it will be before someone replicates and confirms your findings?

Archer: Hopefully within a few days.

FE Truth: Assuming various replication projects confirm your findings – what is the next step for you. What’s next?

Archer: Nothing in this vein, I have other projects for patent in a commercial vein of a non power nature I expect to be completed to prototype over the next few months also.

"That aside, I expect much to be said of me, and most will be true, the best lies are the truth minus a few key facts, because then it is easily checked to convince people. I guess the best things is though I may have done a said many things over the years, I have never invented something that did not work, and I never design anything that is not a far better solution to current technology. The upside is that evry person, every network who says anything about what will turn out to be the greatest discovery of all time, will be scorned, and I personally shall treat them with contempt, as will the rest of the world. My peace of mind is knowing it has already been built once, now it is simply a matter of size so as to remove any perception it is a toy."
-Archer Quinn

FE Truth: Approximately how much would it cost to source all the parts needed for one of these devices? Are the parts easy to source from hardware stores?

Archer: Between 500 and 1000 if you bought all new materials and were looking to build a non portable version of around 8KW for a house.

Added for clarification ($500-$1000 AUD)

FE Truth: Are you still on course for releasing full details on June 20th?

Archer: Have to go back to work to pay the bills at the moment after going over budget on another project, but yes I expect to finish before that date.

FE Truth: Archer, we thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to answer our questions. We wish you the best for the coming weeks.

For further information on Archer's free energy device please visit his very own website.
located at


World Exclusive: "Free Energy Truth" Interview

Monday, April 14, 2008

Once again in true FE Truth style behind the scenes we have been working on yet another world exclusive interview for you that the "real media" are afraid to touch. All will be revealed soon.

Our apologies for the recent silence but we have extremely good and very positive reasons for this and hope you understand.

Free Energy Truth - "You can handle the truth"


New Free Energy Initiative: Steven Greer's Orion Project

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Announcing: The Orion Project
A new non-profit research foundation named The Orion Project ( has been created to develop new, out-of-the-box energy solutions.

Based near the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, The Orion Project has been founded to bring together highly accomplished scientists, researchers, inventors and thinkers who have expertise in advanced energy generation and propulsion technologies. Their goal is to develop bold new energy generation technologies within the next two years that will completely replace the need for oil, gas, coal and nuclear power.

It is known that, since the time of Nicola Tesla in the early 1900s, advances in energy generation and propulsion systems have been developed, only to be ignored, actively suppressed or forgotten.

The Orion Project's Director, Steven M. Greer MD, notes that:
"In the past 18 years, our team has developed a database of scientific advances in new, clean tech energy systems that, if properly funded and supported, have the potential to completely revolutionize how we generate energy. These breakthroughs in physics- so-called Zero Point Energy, electro-gravitic propulsion and other systems- have, up to this point, been developed and hidden in illegally classified projects in the US, UK and elsewhere. The Orion Project has identified the most qualified brain-trust of scientists and inventors who understand this new science, and are ready to come together to help solve the energy and environmental crisis facing humanity today."

The Orion Project has announced a $3 million capital fund raising campaign so that these promising clean-technology energy researchers can be brought together in one place to build the initial proof of principle prototype to help solve the energy crisis once and for all. This prototype will be designed to meet all the energy needs of a typical home or business while having a zero-carbon footprint using new electromagnetic and related energy breakthroughs.

Dr. Greer states that, "The world needs an immediate Manhattan-style project to find real energy solutions and deliver them to the people. Now the public can support this quest through a tax-deductible donation. If 100,000 people go to and contribute $30 each in the next 60 days, we will be able to open this new energy research facility and bring together some of the best minds on the planet to help solve our critical energy needs. Now is the time to act - the Earth has waited long enough for humanity to come together to find a way to live in harmony with her and with abundance and peace for all of her children. This cannot happen with the zero-sum game of fossil fuel. Only these new energy sciences hold the key to unlocking the wonderful future that awaits us."

For more information on The Orion Project and its specific scientific projects, or to request an interview with Dr. Steven Greer or Dr. Ted Loder, please go to


Steorn: Debunker Desperation Creeps In

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Randi (pictured above) in one of his dramatic poses.

You'll remember recently that Bob Park and James Randi recently laid into Steorn and wrongly proclaimed that the company had folded in 2007. In our last post we exposed how a basic error in these two geriatric debunkers fact checking showed how little they actually know of Steorn and free energy. We only just stopped laughing at this when....

In what can only be seen as an act of debunker desperation, Randi's latest pile of kaka (less than a week later) again contains the same nonsense. It's anyone's guess why the sublime is now turning into the ridiculous, but they may now have realised that they've called it very wrong this time and they're now trying to do overkill. Debunker panic, realisation, fear? Fear that Steorn really do have what they say.

As they and the entire world will no doubt in time see, Steorn are VERY, VERY serious indeed about bringing this technology to the world.


Steorn Debunkers Get It Wrong - Again!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're normally quite a serious bunch here at FETruth but sometimes one comes along that has us crying into our Guiness with laughter. In what will be seen now as an embarrasing and factually incorrect statement, Bob Park (famed debunker) recently wrote this little gem in his column when he referred to Steorn:

"In 2007 the company went belly-up."

FETruth: Really Bob? Are you 100% sure about that mate? Anywho, we'll get back to that, moving on..

Joining the party also was James Randi (another famed debunker) helpfully propogating Park's nonsense on his own JREF forums. (Park and he are old friends) Randi had this to say..

You’ll perhaps remember the Steorn company in Dublin who made the loud perpetual motion machine claims? They’d assembled a jury of scientists to evaluate their 2006 claim of generating free energy – we last referred to this miracle at, pointing out that it was simply the old reciprocating-magnet-wheel idea, and most likely just a way of luring investors. Well, Bob Park just informed us that they’re now out of business. Surprise! But what happened to the money that investors sent them…? Inquiring minds want to know. At you’ll find the story. There are other companies – with the same theme – offering the same miracle.

Steorn's response:
"Wow, I wish that some one would tell me this stuff, I need not have turned up to the office all that time. Good to see that JREF is reliable as ever! "

FE Truth comments: Had Park bothered to make a simple telephone call to Steorn's offices he would have found that they're very much alive and in business as usual, the jury is still active, the SPDC is in full flow -(I logged in and spoke to Steorn staff this morning), and the Steorn webservers hosting tens of thousands of users are still operating as normal.

Debunkers need something to debunk, just happens they picked the wrong one this time. Had they used logic and made the most basic of enquiries they'd have seen that Steorn are very much alive and conducting business as usual. If filling column inches on websites is the name keeps they're userbase coming back then at least they achieved that.



BREAKING: WhipMag Designer Makes Public Statement

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Public Statement by "Overconfident": reproduced exactly

"There's magic, or serendipity at work here. Al constructed this device merely to prove to me that what I was seeing in my dream was pure fantasy, that OU from magnets was not possible."

"He still believes this."

"And I am willing to accept that as well, once it has been rigorously studied. Other than a whimsical name I first used (MPMM), I have not made any claims for this device and I half expect it to be nothing more than a curiosity. But the other half thinks this might be the greatest discovery since fire."

"During prototype construction, Al discovered some unexpected behavior. He has not made any claims for the device either, simply demonstrated the anomaly he has seen. He and I are both encouraging further study and we are participating in the effort to the extent we are individually capable."

"If you want to better understand what's happening here, build it, study it, create your own theories. Please don't attack us for what we have shared. "

Everything I might know has been posted here in the Steorn forum.

The effect discovered by Al is not even something I would have expected. If you look at my graphics and animations, you will see that I was considering a much larger and slower device, using many more magnets.

The effect you saw in the video was completely unexpected, just a fluke. It may well be the only thing worth the effort to explain. Still, it appears to be something new and interesting. I still would like to see my original concept constructed and analyzed.

I'm truly sorry I am not able to explain what's happening in the device. That was why I tried to discuss some of my thoughts with others much more knowledgable.

All of them scoffed at the idea, including Al. I am just an aging baby boomer with a high-school education. I had an idea that appears to never have been examined by an inquisitive mind. And that is all I'm asking for.Al is my angel. At least he took some of his time to try and demonstrate to me, at my level, how this idea "Cannot Possibly Work". That's more than anyone else was willing to do. Nobody here can possibly miss his presence more than I do.

Doing what I have has turned my life upside down. I have a job, a family, and other pressing matters to take care of. I need to get back to that. I have been trying to see this through at least until someone else is able to replicate the effect. If the heat gets too great, I may vanish before that happens.

I hope I have been able to cover my tracks well enough to avoid public exposure. If there are MiBs out there, I'm sure they know who I am already. That doesn't concern me, eliminating me at this point would not solve their problem. What does concern me is public attention. It would probably kill me even more effectively and more painfully than anything the MiB could do.

I don't want money. I don't want fame.

I just want my idea to get a fair hearing, and to get back to a "normal" life.(If I have my way, this is about as close as you'll get to an interview with me)



Read the entire thread here.


Alsetalokin OK And Steorn Forums Back Online

Alsetalokin is OK and has turned up over on where everyone seemed to move after the Steorn website / forums and SPDC went offline (thanks to several posters for this information)- we are still waiting on a response from Steorn as to the explanation.

Most likely is that their webserver crashed or they had a power outage.

So, replication of the WhipMag now continues and we'll bring you updates at regular intervals.


WhipMag Motor Replication Interrupted

Steorn public and private replication efforts for the awe inspiring WhipMag Magnet Motor have been halted due to both webservers being "down". The timing of this is suspect to say the least and we have yet to have a technical analysis of what has caused this. which contains the public forums being used for the majority of the replication efforts towards confirming new bizarre magnetic effects and possible overunity effects are now down or unreachable.

Some users who have commented on other sites like are suggesting that the site may be being externally jammed to prevent progress, while others are putting it down to power failure or loss of connectivity with Steorn's webservers.

As a further blow to any replication efforts the SPDC (Steorn Private Developers Club) is also unreachable.

The exact time that the incident occurred is not known at present, but as we write this both sites are still unavailable and offline.

Lots of users are now continuing the replication over on .

Alarmingly, Alsetalokin has not been seen or heard from in the last few days.
More news on these events as we get it.


OCAL / WhipMag Magnet Motor Runs For 7hrs+ !

Monday, January 14, 2008

In a recent conversation on the Steorn Forums Al gives more information on the performance of the device. The OCAL or WhipMag (it has many names) is alleged to have sustained motion for 7 hours and 26 minutes before Al stopped it manually. Additionally there have been separate reports from an SPDC member that a replication effort he tried has went 20 seconds at constant speed.

How long it would have went on beyond that is anyon'e guess. Below are extracts of conversations from the forum.

alsetalokin: I started it at 02:14
It is pretty noisy with the bearings chattering and growling, but I think I might be able to sleep.

then posting later he said......

alsetalokin: Shut down by stopping stator mag at about 09:43
RPM just before shutdown: Rotor 1257, Stator 5030

Al's sleep time = 07 hrs. 26 min.

Check out the raw comments here


OCMM / WhipMag Magnet Motor Video Update

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Same video above, but lightened for better viewing.

In the last few days we've seen a lot of discussion and frenzied posting over on the Steorn user forums. If you haven't been keeping up with the story, then basically a device created by two Steorn forum members - overconfident and alsetalokin has created quite a stir. Watch the video and you'll see why.

Incidentally, the name they have chosen for this device has been changed from the OCMPMM to the rather uninspired and creatively retarded WhipMag. Nevertheless, If it does what it seems to then the name will be irrelevant.

Many people are now lining up to try and replicate the device in their own workshops while trying to stick as rigidly to the original design as possible. This being made possible by the opensource aspect of the design and theory with plans freely available

So far about 10 people are constructing serious mock ups in an effort to confirm / deny the effects shown in the video.

Plans, diagrams and CAD drawings can be found here


Steorn Forum Members Demo Magnet Motor Video

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two Steorn forum members "Overconfident" and "Alsetalokin" have been experimenting with ideas for how to construct an all-magnet motor with no other motive force. One of them shot a video showing acceleration of the device they designed and constructed. Despite our attempts to secure an interview they have both declined at this moment in time. The video was posted on YouTube on Jan. 4, 2008 and is featured above in this post.

Overconfident had the idea and designed the device, meanwhile alsetalokin took the ideas that he seen promise in and developed them into the working model you see in the video.

The rig is initially started by hand, then once the secondary counter-rotating magnet gets in sync, the device accelerates to 1700 rpm, meanwhile the second magnet appears to spin in excess of 4000 rpm. By further tweaking two of the three secondary magnets the assembly seems to spin even faster. The optical tachometer measures 5,000 rpm.

"It spins, we don't know why." -- Alan Setalokin (Jan. 6, 2008)

Alan also had this to say when myself and Sterling Alan of Peswiki asked for an interview.

"If you want my opinion, I think Sterling and 007 should go interview each other, and leave me the f**k alone."

"Overconfident" had this to say:

"Sterling, it's about time! I submitted information to your wiki twice about this project in its earlier stages and never received so much as an acknowledgement. It was already worthy of mention almost a month ago. What took you so long?"

"Just like everyone else, I guess. Has to be on YouTube before it's worth a second look."

The good news is that the device is "open source" and should be able to be replicated by anyone with skills in this area. It should be noted that lots of testing will still need to be done before anyone is shouting "free energy", but regardless of that it looks like a very significant breakthrough.

I sincerely hope that the two Steorn forum members change their mind and decide to be interviewed.


Steorn Forum:


Free Energy Tech Needed Now

Friday, January 4, 2008

If ever there was a time for Steorn or any other free energy technology to take hold, then it's 2008. Over the next few years it will become impossible to keep oil production in line with demand. Higher prices, oil shortages and ultimately oil wars may result.

Startegic control of oil reserves may become an issue to end all issues.

We need to get behind the companies who are attempting to bring these technologies to market, otherwise we are heading for certain disaster. Fossil fuels have dominated for the last 100 years and it's time our energy generation changed significantly away from these polluting forms of energy.

Check out the work of Nikola Tesla and how "big oil" soon put an end to any thoughts of free energy he had (despite working devices). The famous conversation he apparently had where JP Morgan turns to Tesla and says 'free energy? - that's no good, how the hell do we put a meter on that".

Extract From BBC Business:

The biggest catalyst for oil's seemingly remorseless rise has been the simplest economic driver there is: the balance between demand and supply.

Demand is at an all-time high, fuelled by the continued breakneck economic expansion of the Indian and Chinese economies.

With more than a billion people in each country, and both economies growing fast, manufacturers and consumers are sucking in energy at an ever-increasing rate.

China overtook Japan as the world's second-largest consumer of oil in 2003 and is closing in on the US, with demand for oil growing at about 15% a year.

Analysts worry global demand for oil is so intense that supplies may not keep pace.
Demand will rise by an average of 2.2 million barrels a day next year, the International Energy Agency says, compared with the 1.5 million-barrel rise seen in 2007.

It says annual demand will rise 2% up to 2012, while other projections suggest demand could soar from about 90 million barrels a day to as much as 140 million over 25 years.

Where will prices head next?
Many people scoffed when analysts from investment bank Goldman Sachs said in 2005 that prices could eventually top $100 a barrel.

"All of the factors that pushed us above $80 are now moving us higher," said Peter Beutel at Cameron Hanover in Connecticut.

"Until we get more supply or demand starts to take a hit, there is no reason we can't see any number."


$100 A Barrel - Peak Oil Now Biting Hard

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oil price at record $100 a barrel.
This week oil has finally tipped over the $100 a barrel mark. This time last year it was around $55 a barrel. When are we going to wake up to the fact that we need to find a fast replacement for oil and indeed ALL fossil fuels.

China's rapid industrialisation means there are now a few more Billion people who want oil, and they want it in VAST quantities. For the rest of us, this means paying the oil companies more when we fill up our cars. It means food bills will be on the rise, since the cost of transportation will be passed on to the consumer - YOU.
The BBC website had this to say:
There are those who believe that oil prices can rise significantly higher.

While daily price rises have been blamed on unrest in oil-supplying countries such as Nigeria, an underlying and significant factor has been an increase in demand from China and India.

"$100 is just the beginning," said Zachary Oxman, senior trader at Wisdom Financial in California.

"This is kicking off what you are going to see this year. There will be huge moves up in gold and huge moves up in crude."

Central banks such as the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve are worried that rising oil prices will prevent them cutting interest rates.

Expensive oil increases inflation, which makes it more difficult to make the rate cuts that the central banks may have to implement to boost growth.



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