Free Energy Claim: Archer Quinn's "Sword Of God"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Since Free Energy Truth broke the story of Archer Quinn and his free energy claim the guys at have been following events. Recently one of their members emailed Archer. Here is what transpired...


I emailed Archer and asked if he would consider posting on this thread. He advised that his account no longer works but said I can post the following text below. Thanks Archer for taking time to reply.


"for the note on the accelerator, two things, for the guy who said about the 9 liters from 10?? sorry first of all the equation is false, when you have a 10 liter bucket and you add ten liters per
minute it overflows at ten liters per minute once full, if you have a 20 liter bucket and add ten liters per minute it overflows at ten liters per minute once full, the addition of the loop does not alter the rate of airflow once the tube is full, and considering the airflow rate is 60litres per second it is full instantly the wind speed measurement when running with the loop open or closed was the same.

Mike Bell the engineer for whom I built the device is a pilot and carries a wind speed meter with him always, and if you knew the man, you would know his testing methods are exceptionally precise, in fact without insulting the man, he is so pedantic about perfection, that although his heating equipment is the only kind in the world with no competition, he keeps upgrading and changing the models so much, that no one model has lasted a year, which drives everyone in his factory insane. They spend so much time building new prototypes of existing products they can't get their own work done. (sorry mike but it's true)

Lower airflow?? ten liters per second is just that regardless of container size, and if it goes in at that speed it has to come out at that speed.

So too many things in physics by Newtonian bullshit are not true, EG: for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, well you can print this very in your face proof it is not true in the science monthly magazine, for in front of mankind?s eyes everyday, especially science one very basic instrument proves this wrong.

A magnet, a magnet can lift more than it can push, the attraction and hold properties are greater than the repelling properties. EG: a magnet capable of pulling a 200KG magnetic block cannot even strapped to a front end loader moving slowly up to the same block push the 200kg
block along the same surface with that repulsion effect, the hold effect of a magnet is far greater than the repelling effect. Poor old Isaac, sorry champ but wrong again, for every reaction there is not an equal or opposite reaction, that in itself should show you that you can get movement without power and that magnetic friction is not equal, thus in the same vein that fall usually equates to lift and why an evenly balanced wheel will not turn, or an unevenly balanced wheel
can fall but not rise, this does not apply to magnets where the lift verses repulsion, the lift will always have more (spare) power of the repulsion, that in itself is natural over unity!!

AS for the smaller version, yes you can build the machine scaled down, but we need to convince the world this is the answer not some dinky toy that does a trick, it must run a standard household item so that all will be convinced and all will move to make the change and general
engineering will get into the act without thinking they need a research team to do it, and I can assure you up-scaling is not as easy as it seems, some parts for the small one I was able to buy in toy scale, but have to be made in the larger scale, this will become evident when we reach building the control arc.

Hang in there, you have waited this long to see an answer 8 weeks is nothing, don?t expect too many to start building until it is complete and working, but you also have my word that I will download it to this site ( even before the website."



spottyelephant April 29, 2008 at 4:09 AM  

I would question the validity of arguments made by a man who refers to an anemometer as a "wind speed meter".

kureshii April 29, 2008 at 4:00 PM  

I would question the validity of arguments made by a man who thinks a magnet can't push as much as it can pull.

He probably hasn't tried this yet, but (barring inherent changes in magnetic properties) it sure can.

loop May 28, 2008 at 2:50 PM  

@ spottyelephant:

well, i would question your argument to question the validity of others arguments.

Anemometer - Wikipedia:
An anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed

i mean, i did't hear about an "anemometer" till you wear your pointless comment with some word, however i understand the well simply done Archer's explanation.

wow, internet! every day something new! :D

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