MYLOW Shows Another Spinning Motor!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

IMPORTANT FE TRUTH UPDATE : This story was later later shown to be a hoax. The MYLOW motor used concealed fishing line which was only spotted weeks later after some video analysis.

Absolutely amazing footage. Shows it self-starting from a distance.

He claims that the video will only be up for another 24-48 hours and he will get out of this thing altogether.

If you want to convert this video to a file you can keep use


"creator" on joining The Steorn 300

creator (small c intentional) goes on to describe his feelings on being selected and what this technology could mean to the world.

Why am I keeping you apprised of the "blow-by-blow" progress of my interactions with Steorn? I want the public to become more aware of the radically beneficial changes Steorn intends to unleash on the world, and I also want the skeptics and nay-sayers to be able to observe the openness and forthright nature of the Steorn process.

From the beginning, there have been those very vocally skeptical. A failed demonstration in July of 2007 merely added fuel to that fire. Some even have alleged possible fraudulent intent when Steorn announced availability of the "SteornLab" test and measurement products. Interestingly, Steorn's earlier technology business targeted fraud prevention. My perspective is this: "the proof of the pudding is in the eating," and so I (along with a few other reporters who continue to be optimistic) will maintain an open mind as I study the confidential materials that Steorn makes available to me.

I am very keen to "delve in" to the SKDB and start applying it! My online identity, suggestive of my abilities, is "creator." (Please note the lower-case 'c' - I'm not in competition with "The Big Guy" - I just admire His creative handiwork so much that I immensely enjoy imitating Him!) Should I find success in my experimentation based on the Steorn SKDB, then I will more than likely apply for a commercial license and begin producing some real-world products.

I would like to express my appreciation to Steorn and Sean McCarthy for this opportunity to study and possibly contribute to the new Orbo technology. I expect to have a blast as I learn about what Steorn has discovered and as I think about how it might be applied and improved. I consider it a genuine honor to be counted among "The Steorn 300" and to share in this opportunity to bring the potential blessings of Orbo technology to the world!

Dann McCreary (aka creator)

Reproduced from this link.


The Steorn 300: Free Energy Engineering

The process of selecting the Steorn 300 started some months ago and it now looks like it is beginning a new phase where the 300 will be given access to the online community that is the SKDB Steorn Knowledge DataBase. In the last day an accepted member of the 300 has emerged to blog about this.

The Steorn 300 will be given access to prototype and build free energy devices using Orbo technology. Orbo technology uses specific configurations of magnets that result in a gain of energy.

Establishment science currently views perpetual motion as junk science since it breaks some very important laws of physics - namely the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Regarded as pillars of modern day physics.

The 300 will join the already established OS OrboSphere group in understanding, developing and prototyping the first wave of devices that are self-powered and use no identifiable source of energy.

Orbo technology uses no identifiable source of energy, provides constant clean and emission free energy.

Below is the letter received by the applicant accepting him as one of The 300.

Dear Applicant,

We are now moving to the next phase of The 300 process. This means access to the Steorn Knowledge Development Base (SKDB), our online community where you can research and test our Orbo technology.

Attached to this email are the Orbo Technology Non-commercial License Agreement and the Terms of Service which will govern access to the SKDB. Please read them carefully as you must agree to them in order to participate in The 300. To facilitate your access to the SKDB, you must print, sign and return one copy of the Non-commercial License Agreement to Steorn. Please print, sign and retain another copy for your own records.

Send your signed License Agreement to:

The 300,
Steorn Limited,
Docklands Innovation Park,
East Wall Road,
Dublin 3,

Please note that as part of The 300 process Steorn is waiving all fees and charges that would otherwise be due for membership of the SKDB. You may therefore ignore all references to payments, fees and charges in the documents.

Once we have received your signed, properly executed copy of the License Agreement we will provide you with access to the SKDB.

Thank you again for your continued interest in Orbo technology,

Yours faithfully,

Sean McCarthy


The Steorn SKDB 300 moves forward

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Email reveals that the Steorn SKDB 300 plan is progressing nicely.

We are moving increasingly closer to the full commercial launch and worldwide introduction of free energy technology - still considered a heresy by establishment science and academia.

According to an official Steorn email revealed today by this site the closing date for applicants wishing to be part of "The SKDB 300" was Friday 17th April. FE Truth can confirm that there is information pertaining to the email that absolutely confirms it's authenticity. We have other folks who have since came forward with the same email also.

At the start of the year Steorn set out to establish a 300 strong group of established engineering companies and qualified individual engineers. This group will be given the opportunity to engineer, build, and prototype Orbo technology in a specialized online collaborative environment called the SKDB before the full public launch. Public launch is considered Phase2.

This first group, known as "The SKDB300" (Steorn Knowledge Database 300), will join the already long established internal "OS OrboSphere" group (of which FE Truth is a member).

The SKDB will begin a pre-commercial development phase to facilitate a faster introduction of "real-world products". Entry to the SKDB300 is free for any accepted suitably qualified engineering applicants. The 300 will be required to sign a development license. This license enables the holder to engineer and build Orbo powered systems. Should the license holder wish to commercialize any product they develop using Orbo free energy technology they will be required to upgrade to a full commercial license.

These systems will utilise specific configurations of magnets which produce overunity performance - ultimately producing free, clean and constant energy.

The Orbo energy revolution draws ever nearer.


TWITTER with FE Truth

Friday, April 17, 2009

In case you didn't know already. We're on TWITTER now also. Erm...that's it.


MYLOW is back: Project Magma

Sunday, April 12, 2009

IMPORTANT FE TRUTH UPDATE : This story was later later shown to be a hoax. The MYLOW motor used concealed fishing line which was only spotted weeks later after some video analysis.

After an absence of around a week and removing his videos and deleting his account - MYLOW is back under the YouTube account of Project Magma.


Working Magnet Motor: MIBs Threaten MYLOW

Monday, April 6, 2009

IMPORTANT FE TRUTH UPDATE : This story was later later shown to be a hoax. The MYLOW motor used concealed fishing line which was only spotted weeks later after some video analysis.

Update From Sterling Allan /

Mylow phoned me in tears this morning, distraught and very scared.

He said that last night his lawyer (last name Kaplan sp?; starts with a K) brought with him a man in a dark suit and briefcase, who looked and acted very intimidating.

They took his motor, all his papers, and left him with a note warning him to not say anything about this or to tell anyone or to post any more videos but that it was in his best interest to just leave it alone.

Mylow was extremely rattled and cut the call short.

But first, I told him to not go into fear, but to send them love and forgiveness and light and to not let them scare him.

I got on the phone to some of my associates and was recommended that Mylow press charges because a criminal act was carried out against him.

Mylow then phoned back and said that his wife just called him and said that the lawyer and the guy brought all the stuff back in a box, with some of the magnets dislodged from the rotor. They told her, "Don't say anything about this. Just let it drop. It's 'just a toy'; keep it that way. Don't post any more videos on YouTube."

She called the police, who came over to arrest them, but the guy in the suit told the police something, and they then turned on Mylow's wife saying that they could arrest Mylow if he didn't comply.

In a subsequent phone call, Mylow said that he is going to keep the work going forward. "The spirit of Howard Johnson inspires me, and I'm going to bring this forward."

He plans on continuing to post videos and pressing forward with this work.

Way to go Mylow! We're rooting for you.

Everyone, please hurry and replicate this thing. Let's show the world that this is not going to be stopped. They've done this too many times.

Kaplan should not get away with his complicity as a coward to the bullies that for too long have been ruling the playground.

Let's show the world that the day of the bullies' rule is coming to an end.


Sterling D. Allan, CEO


MYLOW Magnet Motor Update: Another 18 Hours Continuous Operation

Friday, April 3, 2009

IMPORTANT FE TRUTH UPDATE : This story was later later shown to be a hoax. The MYLOW motor used concealed fishing line which was only spotted weeks later after some video analysis.

Sterling Allan from has given another update after speaking with MYLOW today. Reproduced below:

"I spoke with Mylow this evening as he was driving home then arriving, to see the motor still turning. He has had it running since 1:00 am Central last night.

"As he walked back in his house, it was still running. "It's still running real fast." We timed it at about 140 rpm (33 revolutions/15 seconds). He stopped it to try something at around 7:10 pm Central, so it had been running around 18 hours continuous, with no apparent slow-down."

He said it took him 8-10 hours last evening and into the night to figure out how to get the "red" magnet that I sent him will work stably.

He ended up with a configuration of sets of 7, followed by a space of 2 1/4 inches before the next set. Then the last set has 6 magnets, and the final gap before the first set starts again is 4.5 inches.

"It took me all night to figure out how that red magnet works. It's all trial and error. There's a pattern here. Pattern changes when you change a variable."

"Now it's working beautifully."

He had the stator magnet about 1.5 inches away from the rotor magnets.

"While we were on the phone, he move it a little closer, and said it started spinning faster -- too fast for him to count."

"He's been talking to his attorney to get advice about the right way to proceed with this thing. Apparently, the attorney will be coming over this evening. He's waiting for that before he posts his next video."

"I talked him into at least moving the motor over into the kitchen on the glass table so that it's ready to film."

While we were talking, he had a little crash in which four of the rotor magnets came off.

"He asked me to stop sending him any more magnets. He likes how this one works, and he doesn't want to have to keep re-arranging the rotor magnets with each new stator magnet."

"He said when you change magnet strength, it changes gapping, spacing between rotor magnets and between rotor and stator magnets."

"It's not easy changing orientation of some 50 magnets."

Different shape/type of magnet, have to change it. "If you change something, you have to change everything else." Now here's something fascinating. He said that the stator magnet gets cold. His brother had noted that to him.

"While Mylow and I were on the phone this evening, he took out a thermometer. He said the room temperature was 68 degrees. Then he put it on the magnet and started reading the temperature as it dropped down to about 55 degrees F. This was at around 7:14 pm, some four minutes after he stopped the motor."

He said the rotor magnets were at room temperature.

"It did that with iron magnet too."

In his present set-up, the bottom of the stator magnet is level with the bottom end of the protrusion of the top of the rotor channel magnets. When he started the motor up again at 7:18pm it took about 15 seconds to reach its equilibrium speed.

He's always talking about the "sweet spot" where the motor starts. That refers to where if he lets go of the rotor it begins turning and accelerates up to its equilibrium speed.

"I asked him what happened if he just gave the rotor a little spin. I got the impression that he'd never tried that before. He is so set on the idea that he wants this thing to self start, that the idea of giving it an initial boost did not occur to him? I may be wrong."

"Anyway, he said, "When I do that [give it a kick start] it starts spinning."



MYLOW Magnet Motor: Update From Sterling Allan

Thursday, April 2, 2009

IMPORTANT FE TRUTH UPDATE : This story was later later shown to be a hoax. The MYLOW motor used concealed fishing line which was only spotted weeks later after some video analysis.

Sterling Allan has posted an update over on forum regarding recent developments with MYLOWs working Howard Johnson Magnet Motor - forum post reproduced below.

"Mylow phoned me this morning. He has received the two alnico magnets I sent him, has been putting them in the motor, and was very excited to tell me about what he was finding.

The smaller of the two, which is just barely larger than the stator magnet he has been using, worked so well that the centripetal force of rotation made some of the rotor magnets fly off. He didn't count the rpms, but he said, "It was going one, two, three, four...", at the speed he recalls, and I would estimate it to be at least 300-400 rpm."

"This overspeed problem can be remedied (we presume) by backing the stator off, so it's not as close.He said that the attraction between the stator and the rotor magnets is so strong he has to hold the stator apparatus to keep it from sliding toward the rotor magnets. I suggested that he tape the base of the rotor to the base of the stator to keep them in position, then use the new screw adjustment mechanism he devised to bring the stator in and out of position."

"He said it was harder to find the "sweet spot" from where the acceleration takes off. He said that the magnet is so strong he could hardly pull the keeper plate off of it. The larger of the two stator magnets is so strong, he said that it accelerates in a pulsing fashion. It jerks as if it's looking for an equilibrium but can't find it, then stops. When it stopped, he said it sucked the rotor magnets off the disc, smacking them into the stator magnet. Before that, he said it made about 12 revolutions."

"In suggesting that he jump on a plane to come here to San Jose to Thursday night's presentation at San Jose State University, he was a little skittish. He'll need to get off work, he wants his wife to come, and she's used up all her paid vacation for the year, and he's never been outside of Chicago. But he said he would start making some calls and get back to me."

"So now we can now say that that stator magnets HS811N from apparently work on Mylow's motor. Mention the promotion code "PES" to get a 5% discount. I've been talking to Felix there. Now we just need to verify a rotor magnet source that will work. The ones that Sean is using look pretty close. Sean, you ought to get the HS811N and give it a whirl.I'm going to start working up a story page at PESN. "

"@X1003, give me a call so we can arrange to get Mylow a flight.
@ Everyone. Help us keep up to date and accurate. It's going to be getting a lot of traffic. Post notice of your replications on the Replications page, and a one-liner on the "updates" page."

"Build a feature page for your replication if you're going all out like CLaNZeR and carbonc_cc, etc. See how their pages are made and just copy the format using your info. The image upload link is near the bottom of the left hand navigation column."

Exciting times!



Grimer's Theory: The MYLOW Cycle

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How and why the Mylow Motor works.

I think even the most devoted chanter of the TINSTAAFL mantra will admit that if one has a isolated North pole, lets it be attracted to a magnetic South pole and then waves a magic wand so that it instantly changed into a magnetic South pole, it will be free lunches all round.

Unfortunately I don't have a magic wand. What about an isolated pole? Well, I seem to remember from my sixth form physics class that we carried out an experimental determination of the force exerted on an isolated pole on the equator of a bar magnet. Of course the pole wasn't completely isolated but it was isolated enough for our purposes. It was a pole at the end of a barbell magnet (pictured below) which was much longer than the bar magnet we were investigating.

As you may remember the force law turns out to be an inverse cube law, the difference between the inverse square repulsion of one pole and the inverse square attraction of the other. Now if we take that barbell magnet and bend it, look what we get. A horseshoe magnet.

In line with the suggestions made in one of my posts we have cut out the interaction term physically represented by the metal in a bar magnet. The shortest distance between the two poles of the bent barbell horseshoe magnet is no longer metal but air. But the rotor magnets are also horseshoe magnets, albeit not very pronounced horseshoes.

So in the limit the Mylow Motor models relatively simple interactions between a lot of isolated poles (down Basil!). The interaction between a horseshoe stator magnet and a group of rotor magnets is illustrated diagrammatically here. The fact that the rotor poles are moving parallel to the stator poles indicates that the inverse third power law is involved. The inverse second power law is obviously involved in the approach and retreat of the rotor magnets to the clusters of magnets.

Thus we have within group interaction and between group interactions to play with. Now the essence of the Carnot power cycle is that it is made up of two power laws, an inverse fist power law (the isothermal legs) and an inverse 5/3 power law (the adiabatic legs). But we have two power laws here as well. In other words we have the necessary components for a BH magnetic power cycle analogous to the Carnot thermal cycle.

A Mylow cycle constructed from these components is illustrated here and below.

I have used the HB Cornell convention for plotting the cycle since it is in line with the stress-strain format that I'm familiar with, i.e. with the active action as ordinate and the passive as abscissa.

Since the Mylow Motor appears to be generating sufficient power to keep the rotor spinning against bearing resistance and windage the interactions between stator and rotor must somehow be cycling an area of the BH diagram. One thing's for sure. This analysis lends support to McCarthy's claim that getting power is just a matter of the way you move magnets around a three dimensional path. Let's just hope he's managed to exploit it as well as Mylow has.

As to the contentious question on where the power is coming from, it has always seemed clear to me that it's coming from the magnetic environment in exactly the same way power can be extracted from a positive and negative offset of the thermal environment or a positive and negative offset of the atmospheric environment. This implies that there must be some absolute zero magnetic potential (pressure) just as there is an absolute zero temperature and an absolute zero for atmospheric pressure.

Of course, such a radical change of viewpoint will create such a enormous amount of cognitive disturbance to the existing theoretical framework that it will only be adopted under the extreme duress explosion of magnetic motors, perhaps.

Frank Grimer



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