MYLOW Magnet Motor: Update From Sterling Allan

Thursday, April 2, 2009

IMPORTANT FE TRUTH UPDATE : This story was later later shown to be a hoax. The MYLOW motor used concealed fishing line which was only spotted weeks later after some video analysis.

Sterling Allan has posted an update over on forum regarding recent developments with MYLOWs working Howard Johnson Magnet Motor - forum post reproduced below.

"Mylow phoned me this morning. He has received the two alnico magnets I sent him, has been putting them in the motor, and was very excited to tell me about what he was finding.

The smaller of the two, which is just barely larger than the stator magnet he has been using, worked so well that the centripetal force of rotation made some of the rotor magnets fly off. He didn't count the rpms, but he said, "It was going one, two, three, four...", at the speed he recalls, and I would estimate it to be at least 300-400 rpm."

"This overspeed problem can be remedied (we presume) by backing the stator off, so it's not as close.He said that the attraction between the stator and the rotor magnets is so strong he has to hold the stator apparatus to keep it from sliding toward the rotor magnets. I suggested that he tape the base of the rotor to the base of the stator to keep them in position, then use the new screw adjustment mechanism he devised to bring the stator in and out of position."

"He said it was harder to find the "sweet spot" from where the acceleration takes off. He said that the magnet is so strong he could hardly pull the keeper plate off of it. The larger of the two stator magnets is so strong, he said that it accelerates in a pulsing fashion. It jerks as if it's looking for an equilibrium but can't find it, then stops. When it stopped, he said it sucked the rotor magnets off the disc, smacking them into the stator magnet. Before that, he said it made about 12 revolutions."

"In suggesting that he jump on a plane to come here to San Jose to Thursday night's presentation at San Jose State University, he was a little skittish. He'll need to get off work, he wants his wife to come, and she's used up all her paid vacation for the year, and he's never been outside of Chicago. But he said he would start making some calls and get back to me."

"So now we can now say that that stator magnets HS811N from apparently work on Mylow's motor. Mention the promotion code "PES" to get a 5% discount. I've been talking to Felix there. Now we just need to verify a rotor magnet source that will work. The ones that Sean is using look pretty close. Sean, you ought to get the HS811N and give it a whirl.I'm going to start working up a story page at PESN. "

"@X1003, give me a call so we can arrange to get Mylow a flight.
@ Everyone. Help us keep up to date and accurate. It's going to be getting a lot of traffic. Post notice of your replications on the Replications page, and a one-liner on the "updates" page."

"Build a feature page for your replication if you're going all out like CLaNZeR and carbonc_cc, etc. See how their pages are made and just copy the format using your info. The image upload link is near the bottom of the left hand navigation column."

Exciting times!




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