The Steorn 300: Free Energy Engineering

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The process of selecting the Steorn 300 started some months ago and it now looks like it is beginning a new phase where the 300 will be given access to the online community that is the SKDB Steorn Knowledge DataBase. In the last day an accepted member of the 300 has emerged to blog about this.

The Steorn 300 will be given access to prototype and build free energy devices using Orbo technology. Orbo technology uses specific configurations of magnets that result in a gain of energy.

Establishment science currently views perpetual motion as junk science since it breaks some very important laws of physics - namely the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Regarded as pillars of modern day physics.

The 300 will join the already established OS OrboSphere group in understanding, developing and prototyping the first wave of devices that are self-powered and use no identifiable source of energy.

Orbo technology uses no identifiable source of energy, provides constant clean and emission free energy.

Below is the letter received by the applicant accepting him as one of The 300.

Dear Applicant,

We are now moving to the next phase of The 300 process. This means access to the Steorn Knowledge Development Base (SKDB), our online community where you can research and test our Orbo technology.

Attached to this email are the Orbo Technology Non-commercial License Agreement and the Terms of Service which will govern access to the SKDB. Please read them carefully as you must agree to them in order to participate in The 300. To facilitate your access to the SKDB, you must print, sign and return one copy of the Non-commercial License Agreement to Steorn. Please print, sign and retain another copy for your own records.

Send your signed License Agreement to:

The 300,
Steorn Limited,
Docklands Innovation Park,
East Wall Road,
Dublin 3,

Please note that as part of The 300 process Steorn is waiving all fees and charges that would otherwise be due for membership of the SKDB. You may therefore ignore all references to payments, fees and charges in the documents.

Once we have received your signed, properly executed copy of the License Agreement we will provide you with access to the SKDB.

Thank you again for your continued interest in Orbo technology,

Yours faithfully,

Sean McCarthy



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