"creator" on joining The Steorn 300

Thursday, April 30, 2009

creator (small c intentional) goes on to describe his feelings on being selected and what this technology could mean to the world.

Why am I keeping you apprised of the "blow-by-blow" progress of my interactions with Steorn? I want the public to become more aware of the radically beneficial changes Steorn intends to unleash on the world, and I also want the skeptics and nay-sayers to be able to observe the openness and forthright nature of the Steorn process.

From the beginning, there have been those very vocally skeptical. A failed demonstration in July of 2007 merely added fuel to that fire. Some even have alleged possible fraudulent intent when Steorn announced availability of the "SteornLab" test and measurement products. Interestingly, Steorn's earlier technology business targeted fraud prevention. My perspective is this: "the proof of the pudding is in the eating," and so I (along with a few other reporters who continue to be optimistic) will maintain an open mind as I study the confidential materials that Steorn makes available to me.

I am very keen to "delve in" to the SKDB and start applying it! My online identity, suggestive of my abilities, is "creator." (Please note the lower-case 'c' - I'm not in competition with "The Big Guy" - I just admire His creative handiwork so much that I immensely enjoy imitating Him!) Should I find success in my experimentation based on the Steorn SKDB, then I will more than likely apply for a commercial license and begin producing some real-world products.

I would like to express my appreciation to Steorn and Sean McCarthy for this opportunity to study and possibly contribute to the new Orbo technology. I expect to have a blast as I learn about what Steorn has discovered and as I think about how it might be applied and improved. I consider it a genuine honor to be counted among "The Steorn 300" and to share in this opportunity to bring the potential blessings of Orbo technology to the world!

Dann McCreary (aka creator)

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