Working Magnet Motor: MIBs Threaten MYLOW

Monday, April 6, 2009

IMPORTANT FE TRUTH UPDATE : This story was later later shown to be a hoax. The MYLOW motor used concealed fishing line which was only spotted weeks later after some video analysis.

Update From Sterling Allan /

Mylow phoned me in tears this morning, distraught and very scared.

He said that last night his lawyer (last name Kaplan sp?; starts with a K) brought with him a man in a dark suit and briefcase, who looked and acted very intimidating.

They took his motor, all his papers, and left him with a note warning him to not say anything about this or to tell anyone or to post any more videos but that it was in his best interest to just leave it alone.

Mylow was extremely rattled and cut the call short.

But first, I told him to not go into fear, but to send them love and forgiveness and light and to not let them scare him.

I got on the phone to some of my associates and was recommended that Mylow press charges because a criminal act was carried out against him.

Mylow then phoned back and said that his wife just called him and said that the lawyer and the guy brought all the stuff back in a box, with some of the magnets dislodged from the rotor. They told her, "Don't say anything about this. Just let it drop. It's 'just a toy'; keep it that way. Don't post any more videos on YouTube."

She called the police, who came over to arrest them, but the guy in the suit told the police something, and they then turned on Mylow's wife saying that they could arrest Mylow if he didn't comply.

In a subsequent phone call, Mylow said that he is going to keep the work going forward. "The spirit of Howard Johnson inspires me, and I'm going to bring this forward."

He plans on continuing to post videos and pressing forward with this work.

Way to go Mylow! We're rooting for you.

Everyone, please hurry and replicate this thing. Let's show the world that this is not going to be stopped. They've done this too many times.

Kaplan should not get away with his complicity as a coward to the bullies that for too long have been ruling the playground.

Let's show the world that the day of the bullies' rule is coming to an end.


Sterling D. Allan, CEO



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