The Steorn SKDB 300 moves forward

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Email reveals that the Steorn SKDB 300 plan is progressing nicely.

We are moving increasingly closer to the full commercial launch and worldwide introduction of free energy technology - still considered a heresy by establishment science and academia.

According to an official Steorn email revealed today by this site the closing date for applicants wishing to be part of "The SKDB 300" was Friday 17th April. FE Truth can confirm that there is information pertaining to the email that absolutely confirms it's authenticity. We have other folks who have since came forward with the same email also.

At the start of the year Steorn set out to establish a 300 strong group of established engineering companies and qualified individual engineers. This group will be given the opportunity to engineer, build, and prototype Orbo technology in a specialized online collaborative environment called the SKDB before the full public launch. Public launch is considered Phase2.

This first group, known as "The SKDB300" (Steorn Knowledge Database 300), will join the already long established internal "OS OrboSphere" group (of which FE Truth is a member).

The SKDB will begin a pre-commercial development phase to facilitate a faster introduction of "real-world products". Entry to the SKDB300 is free for any accepted suitably qualified engineering applicants. The 300 will be required to sign a development license. This license enables the holder to engineer and build Orbo powered systems. Should the license holder wish to commercialize any product they develop using Orbo free energy technology they will be required to upgrade to a full commercial license.

These systems will utilise specific configurations of magnets which produce overunity performance - ultimately producing free, clean and constant energy.

The Orbo energy revolution draws ever nearer.



Anonymous,  April 20, 2009 at 4:27 AM  

Yawn, is this year over yet? I don't expect anything to happen and nothing will. This stupid site will still be regurgitating everything Sean says. The only 'truth' I've heard and can verify is from Mary, Mike, Joshes, Nova, ZPE, BC, RB, Oak, etc.,etc.

Delusional folk, EMan, 007, Babcat, Sean and other crazys simply lie and fill the world with false hopes and dreams.

The Administrator April 20, 2009 at 1:54 PM  

First of all, 2009 is the year that Steorn have identified for public launch of their Orbo free energy technology.

You said: "The only 'truth' I've heard and can verify is from Mary, Mike, Joshes, Nova, ZPE, BC, RB, Oak, etc.,etc.

You were of course referring to the resident debunking community on Steorn's forums who couldn't find their own ass in a well lit room.

The only people that are delusional are folks like yourself who deny the existence of free energy.

When Orbo is launched, then we'll see who is delusional then. :-)

ben April 30, 2009 at 9:14 AM  

You're on, I think, year 5 of "when Orbo is launched, we'll see then". And you continue to believe. Because, all anyone has to do is say they've invented free energy, and you believe. Unquestioningly, blindly, and totally. Even after 5 years of pathetic theatrics and play-acting and lies. You still believe.

And, when Steorn is long gone and Orbo is forgotten, some other idiot will come up with the same bs about free energy, and you'll believe it all over again. Because that's all you do. Your empty brain is there to be filled with whatever nonsense appeals to you.

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