What happened to Steorn and Orbo?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There have been lots of web searches for "Are Steorn still alive" and "Steorn 2009" not to mention"Are Steorn still on the go?" and my favourite of all time "What happened to Orbo?".

As you can see yourself from the visiting Steorn's website and forum - Steorn are indeed still around and have not disappeared anywhere. Meanwhile Orbo, Steorn's free energy technology, is a reality that some have not accepted yet and will not allow themselves to get excited about as it's a "too god to be true" technology.

Well, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction and sometimes the bread lands on the floor jam side up. The doom mungers have had it their way for way too long, so it is time to show them the door and welcome the reality of change and what free energy technology will mean in YOUR daily life.

Free limitless energy is able to be tapped and it will bring a wave of new technologies and convenience to everyone.

  • Never having to stop at a gas station.
  • Never having to recharge your mobile phone.
  • Massive Scale desalination providing endless fresh water for drinking and terraforming previously uninhabitable land.
  • The end of Middle Eastern oil dominance /oil / water wars.
  • The removal of the need for a centralized power grid.
  • A real solution to global warming.
  • Mass scale production of Electric cars.
  • Cordless electrical products.
  • 3rd world access to free energy.

Massive change will be on the way when Orbo validation occurs. Just think of the amount of things in your daily life where energy is involved and where having endless free energy on tap will improve the quality of your life.
To the people who say it cannot be done, the flat earth society's membership forms are now available and can be collected from the foyer.

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unifiedtoe February 3, 2010 at 7:25 PM  

I have viewed several Orbo demos. The system operates using outside energy (a battery). It also appears that the system may be creating some energy as a result of an interaction between the rotation of the magnets and the coils. The system is also capable of supporting pickup coils in order to create outside energy however, not without an energy loss to the system itself. If in fact, the system is indeed operating at an efficiency level of 327% as claimed, the following should apply:

1. You should be able to remove the input current and the motor should run continuously.
2. Or, if you use a rechargeable battery, the pickup coils could be used to recharge the battery and the system should run for an indefinite period of time without any outside energy input, barring component failure. The battery should remain charged at 100% if indeed the system is operating at the claimed efficiency level.

It is difficult to accept that Orbo is incapable of operating under it’s own power, given the claim that Orbo is 327% efficient. If indeed the system is operating that efficient, it is hard to believe that the devise has an energy loss of 227% due to heat, bearing contact friction and air resistance. I believe the Orbo System may have been modified to operate using the pickup coils in order to recharge the battery and Steorn had a system melt down when the rotor ceased operation. It appears to me that Orbo may only be a high efficiency rotor motor. Motors are quite efficient now days however, there is always room for improvement. I have been following Steorn (Orbo) for several years now. One BIG question remains. If the Orbo device is so efficient that there is absolutely a gain of energy during operation, why wasn’t something done within the last 2-3 years to capture the energy and prove that the device could indeed run under it’s own power. Heat energy can always be captured and converted to mechanical energy and then ultimately to electrical energy. However, there will always be energy loss to the environment during this process. In order to have Perpetual Motion, there must be ABSOLUTELY NO outside energy source connected to the system and the device must run under it’s own power and at least “overcome friction” during operation. I am convinced that Perpetual Motion can be accomplished however, the Orbo System has failed to have accomplished this endeavor.

M.J. Cote’

unifiedtoe February 7, 2010 at 2:31 AM  

Date correction on the above comment. Date should have reflected:



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